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Inside Job? Speculation Grows That Khloe Kardashian Orchestrated The Theft Of Lamar Odom’s Jewelry

July 23, 2014 06:13 AM by Lisa Princ


A few months ago, Twitter or Facebook fans were surprised to learn that Khloe Kardashian‘s home was robbed, and many of Lamar Odom’s jewelry items were stolen. Considering that only Odom’s items were stolen, speculation is now growing that it was an inside job, and perhaps, Khloe had something to do with it!

It has been months since Khloe Kardashian’s home was robbed of many items that belonged to Lamar Odom, amid the couple’s separation, yet the police still have not narrowed down any suspects. When it originally happened, rumors began to surface claiming that the Kardashians thought it was someone within their circle, but again, nothing more ever came from that. Now, folks are beginning to wonder if maybe, just maybe, Khloe Kardashian had something to do with the theft?

Here is our two cents. First of all, Khloe had access to the items, and it could have been the perfect revenge against Odom, who had cheated on her and chose his drug habit over her. However, would she actually do that? Of all the Kardashian kids (aside from Rob), Khloe seems to be the most level headed and normal, so personally, we can’t see her orchestrating the theft of Odom’s items. Lastly, Khloe has made it clear that no matter what, she still loves and cares for Odom, so why do that to him?

So, just what does Lamar think of the theft? According to a source close to Odom that spoke to Radar Online recently, Lamar has his suspicions as well. “Lamar doesn’t think anyone close to him, or anyone he knows could have stolen the jewelry. He believes that the theft was orchestrated by a Kardashian family friend, or even a family member,” the pal explained.

Now it’s your turn to sound off fans! What do you think of the theft of Odom’s jewelry? Whodunnit? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear from you. Comment below to share your thoughts with us.


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