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Hotness Alert! Chad Rogers Transforms From Cute Boy To Sexy Hunk Of Man!

July 29, 2014 09:00 AM by Christine McDow

Exclusive... Chad Rogers Paddles His Day Away

When former Million Dollar Listing LA star, Chad Rogers, walked away from the show in order to focus on his fast moving career he also took time to focus on himself.   Chad committed himself to eating better and working out regularly, believing that he would one day be fit and in great shape. You won’t believe what Chad looks like today. Keep reading to see his transformation and read in his own words how he has grown.

When Chad Rogers left the show he looked much like he does in the picture above.  While he was trim, he was not muscular.  He looked good in suits but just okay with his shirt off.  While he has continued to focus on his real estate business, he has also focused on his body, and making it into a body many guys envy, and many ladies want.  He definitely proved that if you want to look your best, and put in the work to do it, you can accomplish it.  Check out what he looks like today in this exclusive photo that has only been seen on Chad’s Instagram!


We asked Chad how his life has changed since he left the show and started spending more time on himself.  He told us, ”Since leaving the show 4 years ago I’ve been able to focus on my business which has grown tremendously. I’ve sold approximately $250,000,000 in real estate over the last 4 years. Additionally, I have made health and fitness a priority and a big part of my lifestyle.”

But how has Chad changed as a person since leaving the show.  He has a reputation of being self absorbed and superficial, but does he live up to that reputation?  In his own words Chad is the “happiest” he has ever been.

“My perception of life has taken on a different meaning since leaving the show. I used to measure success externally with making a lot of money and being famous. Now success to me is based strictly on internal happiness. When I focused on my health through fitness and diet, all aspects of my life came together. I’ve made genuine friendships, I look and feel amazing, I’m selling more real estate than ever, and have inspired many people through my journey. I’ve reached the highest level of success because I’m the HAPPIEST I have ever been. I have learned through past relationships that it is important to encourage people to be who they are. A healthy relationship is where two people can have their own lives and friends, yet know they mean the world to each other. I have much more responsibility now than I did during the show.   When I am not working, or working out, I devote most of my free time to my 1.8 lb. Chihuahua Starla who I love with all of my heart.”

It sounds as if Chad Rogers has definitely grown up since leaving the hit Bravo show that made him famous. What do you think Chad should take on next?

Photos: Chad Rogers
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