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Did Kim Kardashian Destroy Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey’s Marriage?

August 23, 2014 09:40 AM by Stephanie Gustafson


The Facebook world thinks of her as vain and selfie-obsessed, but few would refer to Kim Kardashian as a home wrecker. That’s the label the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has recently received, however, as new rumors suggest that her dalliance with Nick Cannon has destroyed his relationship with Mariah Carey.

Last March, Twitter followers were shocked when, as a part of a game on Big Boy’s radio show, Nick Cannon admitted that he’d slept with Kim Kardashian. Granted, the America’s Got Talent host also listed an additional four celebrities with whom he’d gotten hot and heavy in the past. Apparently, however, Mariah Carey was most bothered by Kim’s inclusion on this esteemed list.

According to a source for TMZ, Mariah “tore into [Nick] for weeks” after he mentioned his fling with Kim. But an insider for Hollywood Life suggests that Mariah was mostly angry about her hubby divulging personal information on television — she’s definitely not jealous of Kim! “Mariah isn’t jealous of anyone. Mariah is very confident and knows it begins and ends with her! That’s how she genuinely feels. In her mind, no one can hold a candle to her.”

She may not be jealous, but Mariah is a bit worried that, now that she’s 44, she’s about to lose her place in the spotlight. Add this to the fact that Nick is over a decade younger, and it’s easy to understand why the celebrity might be concerned.

Do you think Kim Kardashian could have ruined Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s marriage? We know you have an opinion and we want to hear it, so feel free to sound off in the comments section below!


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