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Braxton Family Potheads: The Braxton Sisters Try Marijuana In Jamaica

August 30, 2014 11:42 AM by Stephanie Gustafson


Marijuana is certainly a popular theme on today’s hottest reality shows! Less than a month after seeing Kris Jenner and her mom high on marijuana gummies, Facebook fans had the opportunity to witness a major toke session on Braxton Family Values.

As of last week’s Braxton Family Values episode, the famous Braxton sisters seemed incredibly stressed out. Wise mom Evelyn decided that the solution to this crazy tension was a sister outing in Jamaica. She explained, “Toni is going to Jamaica. She’s going there for her show. I think y’all need to take a trip.”

Evelyn told her daughters to “embrace one another” and “let it go.” Clearly, the girls decided to take their mom’s advise — with the help of Jamaican marijuana! Towanda, Toni and Trina were especially enthusiastic about this activity, with Trina advising Tamar to “inhale like Bill Clinton.”

The Braxton sisters are incredibly entertaining while sober, but even more so after they’ve indulged in “the forbidden smoke.” Instead of engaging in the usual petty arguments, the sisters began to giggle like schoolgirls, going into hysterics at the mere mention of glaucoma. They also experienced a very predictable case of the munchies. This worried Tamar, as she’d recently worked hard to drop ten pounds. Even more worrisome, however, was the prospect of a return to the usual bickering and Twitter drama, which, according to Trina, was bound to happen the moment the special sister vacation ended.

We’ve included a brief video of the Braxton family’s marijuana adventure. Feel free to check it out and, when you’re finished be sure to tell us what you think in the comments section below!


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Photo Credit: We TV

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