A Reality TV Titan Shows up in Daytime TV

February 26, 2008 11:49:26 by Jennifer_Brown

Titan-Courtesy-NBCHey, soap and reality fans! Another reality TV star is going to pop up in your daytime drama soon.

American Gladiator, Mike O’Hearn (AKA: Titan) will be hopping over to Salem to portray the role of a helpful bartender in NBC’s popular soap, Days of Our Lives.

In the episode,O’Hearn will try to sober up Chelsea Brady (Rachel Melvin), but when Chelsea ignores his attempts and flees the bar, he will advise Shawn and Belle Brady (Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison) to contact Chelsea’s grandmother, Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) in order to find Chelsea.

This is not O’Hearn’s first foray into acting. He has enjoyed roles in National Lampoon TV — The Move, as well as in Barbarian, Keeper of Time, Tumblers, and Captain Ultimate.

In addition to acting, O’Hearn is something of a celebrity in body-building circles. He’s the four-time Mr. Universe champion, four-time power-lifting champion, seven-time Fitness Male Model of the Year, and was also Iron Warrior: Decathlon of Strength Strongman Champion.

O’Hearn is not the first reality TV star to cross over to daytime TV. American Idol’s Constantine Maroulis has enjoyed a role on The Bold and The Beautiful, and most recently (today, as a matter of fact), Dancing with the Stars’ Maksim Chmerkovskiy made an appearance on ABC’s All My Children.

NBC’s American Gladiators season two will be coming soon.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays at 1:00 PM (ET) on NBC. Catch Titan in daytime action on Friday, March 14th.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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American Gladiators Winners Are Evan Dollard And Monica Carlson

February 17, 2008 07:17:42 by Joe Reality

American Gladiators Winners

On the American Gladiators season finale, the final two male contenders and the final two female contenders squared off against the gladiators. The male winner of American Gladiators was Evan Dollard. Evan Dollard is twenty-five years old, lives in Chicago, and is a youth athletic instructor.

Evan Dollard defeated high school teacher and wrestling coach Alex Rai to claim the American Gladiators title. Evan also lost his mother to brain cancer a few years ago. After finishing first in the Eliminator to win the competition, Evan said, “I wanted this to be a special moment for my family, for my friends, for everyone watching at home, and especially for my mom. I love her. I was doing that for her.”

The female winner of American Gladiators was Monica Carlson. Monica is thirty-two years old, a mother of twins, and a sports model. Monica Carlson defeated life wellness coach Shanay Norvell to claim the American Gladiators title. After finishing first in the Eliminator to win the competition, Monica said, “Oh my gosh, I feel amazing. I’m so tired.” Monica’s husband and two twin daughters joined her on stage to help her celebrate her victory.

As the winners of American Gladiators, Evan Dollard and Monica Carlson each receive one hundred thousand dollars and a brand new Toyota Sequoia. They also win the right to become Gladiators on the next season of American Gladiators.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for American Gladiators news. For other great Reality TV news, please feel free to check out SirLinksAlot: American Gladiators.

Photo Credit: Reality TV Magazine

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American Gladiators Semi-Finals Conclude

February 11, 2008 01:01:56 by Joe Reality


Last week, Reality TV Magazine reported that Shanay Novelland Evan Pollardbecame the first two contenders to earn a spot in the American Gladiators’ finals. This week, the American Gladiators’ semi-finals round concludes with one more male contender and one more female contender earning a spot in the finals.

In tonight’s episode, the two male contenders are 25-year-old high school history teacher and wrestling coach Alex Rai from Rosemead, California and tri-athlete and youth minister Andy Konigsmark from Pasadena, California. The two female contenders are 32-year-old mother and former Portland Trail Blazer dancer Monica Carlson from Milwaukie, Oregon and reigning Miss Fitness America and rehab physician Dr. Venus Ramos from Huntington Beach, California.

American Gladiators airs on Monday, February 11, 2008 from 8 PM to 9:30 PM ET on NBC. The two hour American Gladiators finale airs on Sunday, February 17, 2008.

Photo Credit: NBC

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American Gladiators – Evan and Shanay advance to the finals.

February 5, 2008 12:14:09 by Rich

American Gladiators Logo NBCTonight’s episode was the first Semi-final round! Shanay Novell was paired up with Siene Silva, while Evan Pollard competed against Anthony Abbatemarco for the men. The winners of the competition tonight would advance to the finals.

The women started off with Hit and Run with Siren, Crush, Venom, and Hellga, trying to send them into the water with a hit of the demolition ball. Shanay, in red, was first using a combination of ducking under the demolition balls and crawling under them. Shanay managed to avoid any hits crossing the bridge to score four times during the competition. Siene, in blue, also completed four trips using nearly the same strategy however she did take a hit to the back during her third trip. A glancing blow did not come close to putting her into the drink.

Powerball was the first challenge for the men tonight. Facing Toa, Militia, and Titan, the two competitors gave them a good fight and a good game. When the whistle sounded the speed Evan showed in his first competition was very evident. Racing past the gladiators, and being blocked and knocked down only a few times, he quickly took the lead. Anthony showed a few good moves to get past the gladiators. He was tackled hard and suffered a slight injury to his knee, which he shrugged off and kept going in the competition. As time nearly ran out, both competitors started taking jump shots at the canisters to no avail. When time ran out they both scored six points.

Siren took to the ring in Hang Tough to keep the women from successfully getting across the course to the opposite platform. Siene was first to try her luck swinging out onto the rings. Siren wasted no time in coming right at her, wrapping her up, and taking her for a ride into the water below. Shanay did not fare much better as she tried her best to avoid Siren, to no avail. Attempting to swing around Siren, she ended up with the gladiator sitting on her shoulders in a rather unique move. After several seconds she went for a short fall into a wet place with Siren still sitting on her shoulders. Wolf faced off with the men next in Hang Tough. Evan took his chances first and seemed to lose his momentum early on. Avoiding Wolf he made a move away only to change direction suddenly getting past the gladiator and to the opposite platform to score ten points, but only just ahead of Wolf. Anthony tried his luck against Wolf managing to avoid the gladiator the first time. Both Wolf and Anthony seemed to lose momentum, hanging on to a single ring, which allowed the competitor to wait out the clock earning five points.

Siren, Crush, Venom, and Hellga, line up in Gauntlet to keep the women from getting through the course. Siene faced off first and when the whistle sounded went right at the gladiators. Taking a decent hit she managed to get past the Siren, moving quickly past Crush, but having a bit more trouble with Venom. Getting past the third gladiator she had to get past Hellga. Hellga managed to get her knocked to the mat and leaned on her to make escape more difficult. Siene scrambled on and through the wall to score ten points in this competition. Shanay went after the gladiators with the same gusto as Siene, quickly moving past Siren and Crush. She had a bit more trouble getting past Venom, and Hellga, but with a few seconds to spare she managed to get through the wall adding ten points to her score.

The men took pugil sticks in hand against Titan in Joust. Evan was first up against the gladiator in this event. Putting up as good a fight as possible with Titan pummeling him with the pugil sticks, Evan held on for quite awhile. Getting in a couple of good hits of his own he soon found himself going for a drop into the water when Titan landed a solid hit throwing him off balance. Anthony fared only a little better against Titan, also putting up a good fight but soon found himself following Evan into the water. The women also took to the platform, with Crush issuing a good beat down on both women. Shanay faced her first and took a long series of hard hits, never really getting a good offense going. Knocked to her knees on two occasions, Shanay was able to wait out the timer and score five points. Siene also took a good drubbing from the gladiator managing to keep her balance, but not able to put up a good offense either. Knocked to her knees, Siene leaned forward to try to get back up with her hands on the gladiator’s platform which was an instant disqualification by the referee.

Evan was paired with Wolf and Anthony paired with Toa for the Wall. Evan’s speed and agility showed quickly as the whistle sounded for both men to start. In the seven second head start, Evan got half-way up the wall before Wolf could start his pursuit. Anthony did not get up as far but managed a decent lead. Wolf didn’t have a chance as Evan was first to get to the top before the gladiator could get close enough to even try to pull him off. Evan added another ten points to his score for getting to the top first. Toa got a bit closer to Anthony, but not close enough, as the competitor also got to the top of the wall for five points. The women were next to the Wall as their final event where Shanay faced Venom while Siene was paired with Siren. The women did not maximize their head start as the gladiators caught up to them fairly quickly. Venom caught up to Shanay approximately half-way up the wall latching on to her and pulling her off the wall quickly. Siene got a bit further up the wall before Siren caught up with her was well, and she went for a fall into the water to join Shanay at the bottom.

The final event for the men was Pyramid where Justice and Mayhem wanted to keep Evan and Anthony from getting to the top. Evan went up the pyramid against Justice where he tried to find a way past the gladiator while staying out of reach. Anthony charged right up the pyramid, being dragged to the bottom on two occasions by Mayhem. He did manage to get into the scoring zone but not to the top, earning five points as Mayhem took him to the bottom again. Evan found an opening getting past Justice to the scoring zone. Nearly getting to the top, Justice got a hand on his foot and down the pyramid he went earning only five points as well.

The Eliminator decided who would progress to the Finals. Shanay and Siene were first into the course, Shanay having a two and one-half second head start. Both women got over the wall, under the fire, and hit the cargo net neck to neck. Shanay got to the top of the net first and onto the barrel roll before Siene got to the top. The hand bike was a challenge as Shanay fell into the pit and had to climb out. She managed to get out of the pit, over the balance beam and a start up the pyramid before Siene could get across the hand bike. Shanay slid down the zip line, took the travelator on her first try, and finished the course with a time of one minute, fifty-one seconds.

Anthony and Evan were next, with Evan having a five second head start. Both men got up the wall, swam under the fire, and ended up at the cargo net at the same time. Evan’s speed was a big factor as he got up the net, down the barrel roll, finished the hand bike, and was going over the balance beam before Anthony got to the top of the cargo net. Climbing the pyramid, traversing the zip line, and up the travelator on his first attempt, Evan finished the course in one minute, twenty-three seconds to advance to the Finals.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for American Gladiators news. For other
great Reality TV news, please feel free to check out SirLinksAlot: American Gladiators.

Logo: Courtesy of NBC

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American Gladiators Semi-Finals Kick Off

February 4, 2008 01:01:47 by Joe Reality


It’s time for the semi-finals of American Gladiators. The first run of the new American Gladiators with hosts Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali is speeding toward its conclusion. The first round of the semi-finals kicks off tonight with two males and two females competing for their spot in the finals.

In tonight’s episode, the two male contenders are rock climber and retail manager Evan Dollard and 27-year-old New York City firefighter Anthony Abbatemarco. The two female contenders are fitness trainer Shanay Norvell and gymnastics instructor and power-lifting champ Siene Silva.

The one hour and half long first round of the American Gladiators semi-finals airs on Monday, February 4, 2008 from 8 PM to 9:30 PM ET on NBC. The second round of the semi-finals airs next Monday, and the two hour American Gladiators finale airs on Sunday, February 17, 2008.

Photo Credit: NBC

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American Gladiators Features Teacher Versus Former Dancer

January 28, 2008 10:00:24 by Joe Reality

American Gladiators Logo NBC

American Gladiators continues its eight episode run on NBC. Hulk Hogan of Hogan Knows Best and Laila Ali of Dancing with the Stars host the show. In each episode of the series, two male and two female contenders face off against each other for points. However, a group of gladiators don’t make it easy for the contenders.

In this week’s episode, the two female contenders are forty-six year-old high school teacher Toni Oppliger and twenty-eight year-old medical sales rep and former dancer for the New York Knicks Kim Marciniak.

The two male contenders are twenty-five year-old high school history teacher and wrestling coach Alex Rai and thirty-five year-old chiropractor and former Army distance runner Mark Baker. American Gladiators airs on Monday, January 28 from 8 PM to 9 PM on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC

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American Gladiators: Alex Makes It Into Final 8!

January 28, 2008 08:00:56 by Rich

american-gladiators-logothumbnail.jpgThe four competitors in tonight’s episode were fighting for a spot in the final eight and be part of the semi-finals. Toni Oppliger [Athletic Director, 5â⬠5", 121lbs] was a competitor on the original show returning for a second chance. Kim Marciniak [Cheerleader, 5â⬠3", 116lbs] set out, in blue, to see that she did not have a chance at winning this competition. For the men Alex Rai [History Teacher, 5â⬠8", 150 lbs] in blue competed against Mark Baker [Chiropractor, 5â⬠11", 185 lbs] in red.

The women faced off against Stealth, Siren, and Venom, in Powerball as their first competition. When the whistle sounded it immediately became a very physical event. Toni was taken down repeatedly by the gladiators with body jarring tackles. Kim did not fair much better, being taken to the mat several times. Near the end of the event she did manage a very good spin move to break a tackle and get a ball into one of the canisters. When time expired Kim had managed one additional score while the gladiators kept Toni scoreless. The men then squared off against Titan, Mayhem, and Toa, in Powerball. When the event started, Alex showed incredible speed as he raced past the gladiators to quickly score twice. Mark used a rather unusual tactic of taking jump shots at the canisters to avoid being tackled by the gladiators. While not entirely successful, Mark did managed to sink two of his shots for a total of four points. Alex was able to get one more ball into a canister for a total of six.

Joust was next up for the women who faced off on the platforms with Siren. Toni gave a good showing, trading blow for blow with the gladiator. She was forced back to the far edge of her platform once however never seeming to be off-balance. Siren gave a good showing but took a shot to the back sending her for a short drop into some cold water. When Kim stepped up to face Siren it appeared Siren struck the first blow before the whistle. The referee blew the whistle several times to no avail. The gladiator went to her knees on the platform immediately regaining her feet. That was all it took when the referee announced the gladiator was out due to both knees being on the platform and giving Kim ten points.

Militia faced off against Alex in Earthquake as the men’s next event. Alex’s wrestling skill was not quite enough to overcome the size difference between the men on this moving platform. He managed to avoid being pushed off the platform even causing Militia to lose his helmet. Alex latched on to the gladiator’s leg and Militia responded by simply grabbing one of the support ropes while swinging the leg over the edge. Alex hung there for a few seconds before Militia shook him off. Mark wasted no time when the whistle sounded. He went right after the gladiator, and in a quick six seconds, took him over the edge of the platform to the mats below and a ten point award.

The women hit the rings against Fury in Hang Tough. Toni got off to a slow start being unable to get to her second ring until after several attempts. As Fury closed in on her she finally got a rhythm which allowed to her to fight off the gladiator. She got stuck far from the platform and despite the gladiator giving it her best, Toni hung on until time expired to earn five points. Kim got off to a much better start swinging out into the course to find a way past Fury. Unfortunately for her Fury caught her quickly and using the Scissor Squeeze took both of them into the water below. The men faced Hang Tough and the irrepressible Wolf. With the same speed he showed in Powerball, Alex worked his way past Wolf, who ended up way out of position to stop the competitor, to make it to the platform and ten points. Wolf never got close enough to even touch Alex during this event. Mark took to the rings next and tried to find a way to get past Wolf as well. Missing a ring, Mark ended up holding on to his ring giving Wolf a chance to catch up. Taunting the competitor, Wolf joined him on the ring, prying his fingers off and sending them both into the water below.

The Assault, with Hellga manning the gun for the gladiators, challenged the women next. Toni took to the course getting to the first position and firing the sling shot with no problem. Racing to the cannon she managed to get it loaded while avoiding Hellga’s missiles but again missed the target. Toni got to the sand pit and found the arrow for the crossbow. Hitting the smoke screen she raced to the fourth position and loaded. It appeared Hellga was having a gun problem so Toni got almost an unmolested shot, missing again as time ran out. Kim’s run at the course no more successful. She got to the sling shot sending off her shot almost immediately, almost as if she didn’t even try to aim. Dodging the tennis balls coming at her, she got to the cannon and missed with that shot too. Making a quick move to the sand pit, finding the arrow, and another quick run to the crossbow, Kim got off her shot just as time ran out.

The final event for the men before the Eliminator was Hit and Run. Justice, Titan, Mayhem, and Wolf, faced the competitors trying to knock them off the bridge. Alex was first to take his chances going at a full run when the whistle sounded. He completed two trips without a demolition ball coming anywhere near him. During the fourth run, he had to dive under one ball, getting back up at a run to finish the trip. Going across for the fifth time he dove and slid under one of the balls nearly sliding off the bridge. When time ran out he had completed a record seven trips earning fourteen points. Mark was a bit more conservative in his approach. Using more caution he slowly traversed the bridge completing his first trip fairly easily. Starting back across his foot slipped between two of the planks causing him to fall and using valuable seconds as he freed himself. He continued to be cautious and finished a total of three trips for six points when time ran out.

The women were first into the Eliminator in this competition. With a one-half second head start, the two competitors started nearly together. Toni hit the wall, getting up and over with very little problem, and into the water on the other side for her underwater swim. Kim, on the other hand, had a great deal of difficulty with this first obstacle failing to get up the wall in her first few attempts. While her opponent struggled, Toni got under the fire and started up the cargo net. The barrel roll was relatively easy for her but the hand bike proved a challenge as she fell into the pit. Kim was still trying to get over the wall with no success. Toni climbed out of the pit, over the balance beam and started up the thirty foot pyramid as Kim finally reached the top of the wall to continue on. Taking the zip line in stride, Toni fell on her first two attempts at the travelator, grabbing the rope on her third attempt. Fighting her way to the top she finished the event in three minutes, forty-four seconds, which was not good enough to make the final eight.

The men’s run through the Eliminator gave Alex a four second head start over Mark. Alex took the wall with no trouble and was quickly into the water on the far side. Mark had no trouble with the wall either, getting over and into the water as Alex started up the cargo net. As Alex went across the hand bike Mark was finishing the barrel roll right behind him. When they both got the pyramid, Alex was reaching the top as Mark started up from the bottom. Alex went down the zip line and up the travelator on his first attempt finishing the course in an amazing one minute, thirty-eight seconds. This put Alex into the final eight and taking Molivann out!

See you next week here at Reality TV Magazine for the Semi-Final Competitions!

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American Gladiators: Calling All Buff McStuds!

January 24, 2008 10:26:41 by Jennifer_Brown

American-Gladiators-Courtesy-NBCIf you’ve been pining for your opportunity to put on a shiny spandex uniform and introduce America to your “gun shop,” guess what — the opportunity’s here!

American Gladiators is heading out on an open casting call for contenders and Gladiators for season two of the blast-from-the-past hit series that’s taken reality TV by storm.

If you think the contenders (and Gladiators) you’ve seen so far are just a bunch of girly-men and wimpy-chicks compared to you, now’s your chance to show your stuff. Casting calls will take place at the following locations:

Saturday, January 26
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Gold’s Gym-Venice Beach
360 Hampton Dr.
Venice, CA. 90291

Saturday, February 2
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
University of Colorado at Boulder
Student Recreation Center
355 UCB
Boulder, CO. 80309

Saturday, February 2
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Gold’s Gym – Tech Ridge
235 Canyon Ridge Dr.
Austin, TX 78753

Saturday, February 2
10 AM – 4:00 PM
Crunch Fitness
Grand/Wabash Location
38 E. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL USA 60611

Saturday February 9th, 2008
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Pure Fitness
3029 N. Alma School Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85224

Saturday, February 9th, 2008
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Crunch Fitness – 38th St.
144 West 38th St.
New York, NY 10018

Saturday, February 9th, 2008
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Universal Orlando Citywalk
6000 Universal Blvd
Orlando, FL 32819
*Follow American Gladiator Sign to Registration
*Parking is $11
*No Overnights, Arrive no earlier than 8:00am day of event
American Gladiators pits everyday athletes against hardbodied Gladiators in games of strength, skill, and endurance. Plus, you could like, get to swim through fire and throw someone off a swinging pedestal and stuff.

“To all those gladiator-maniacs out there we are looking for strong, determined individuals from all walks of life who have a lot of heart and soul,” said Hulk Hogan, host of ‘American Gladiators.’ “If you think you have what it takes we look forward to seeing you bring the heat – brother!”

For more information, visit www.nbc/casting.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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American Gladiators – Adonis bumped out of Final 8!

January 21, 2008 10:57:47 by Rich

American Gladiators - Wolf

Tonight’s episode of American Gladiators was the first time one of the four previous winners could be knocked out of the final eight. With the usual gusto and great action, this episode was not a disappointment by any means. Evan (Retail Manager, 5′ 10″, 160lbs) was pitted against Son Nguyen (Fire Fighter, 6′ 0″, 165lbs) for the men. The women boasted Christine Kim (Mortgage Broker, 5′ 3″, 117 lbs) and Jennifer Blum (Lawyer, 5′ 6″, 155lbs) in this contest.

The men were first into the fray facing off against Titan, Mayhem, Toa, and Justice in Gauntlet. Dressed in red, Evan fought his way past Titan, Mayhem, and Toa with relative ease. Justice, on the other hand, managed to hold him up despite a great scramble move up the side of the course to get past him. With time running out, Evan managed to get past the gladiator broke through the wall to earn ten points. Son, dressed in blue, tried a very nimble leap frog move past Titan which was nearly successful. Son backed off and then got past the big gladiator, as well as fighting his way past Mayhem and Toa. Justice managed to take him down and hold him from getting past until time expired.

The women started tonight’s action with the Wall. Venom was tasked to chase down Christine while Siren was matched with Jennifer. With a seven second head start, both women ran to the wall and started up moving well. The gladiators, when they were set loose, wasted no time in going up the wall right behind them. Christine was the first to be caught as Venom got her by the foot. Trying to fight the gladiator off to no avail she went for a plunge into the water below. Jennifer was caught by Siren and stubbornly tried to keep her hold on the wall. With twenty seconds to go she very nearly managed to hold out for the clock before Siren pulled her off the wall to join Christine for a swim.

The Pyramid pitted Son and Evan against Wolf and Justice. Facing off with Justice, Son tried to get past his man and managed to get into the scoring zone once. Justice tackled him down to the bottom of the pyramid once, threw him bodily down several times, and successfully kept him from remaining in the scoring zone. Evan faced off with Wolf, and was taken down quickly by a great flying tackle move. Trying to find a way against Wolf by crossing with Son, he found himself with another trip down the pyramid from a second flying tackle. As the time ran out neither man managed to score in this difficult competition.

Earthquake put the women on the moving platform facing Crush. Jennifer was first up and immediately went after the gladiator. Grappling with each other they quickly were down on the platform as Crush tried to shove her over the side. In a great move, Jennifer grabbed onto one of the support ropes and hung on trying to beat the clock. Crush put her foot on the competitors’ head and pushed until she lost her grip falling to the mats below. Christine took to the moving platform next also going right at the gladiator. After grappling for several seconds, she found herself taken down onto her back. Crush tried to pick her up to dump her over the side but was fought off by her opponent. As they wrestled near the edge, Christine managed to kick out of the grip going to the opposite side of the platform. This maneuver along with time running out earned her five points.

Evan was first into the Assault course against the skill of Militia. Getting quickly to the first position he managed to get a shot off with the sling shot. Just missing the target as Militia continued to fire missiles at him, he raced to the second position. Militia nearly got his man when the shot bounced off the barrel of Evan’s cannon. Firing back he hit the target surrounding Militia with a burst of smoke and a ticket backwards into the pool. Son did not fair quite as well in this course. Getting to the first position he misfired the sling shot causing his bullet to bounce harmlessly across the course floor. Moving to the turret he was just barraged by Militia as one shot went past his head, bounced off the barrel of the gun, and a third got him in the head. The women were next into this course with Jennifer taking her chances first. Nearly hitting the target with her sling shot attempt, she scrambled to the next position in a hail of missiles. Loading her cannon, Jennifer managed to hit the target sending Siren for a smoky ride into the water behind and scoring ten points to increase her lead. Christine got to the first position and got her shot off but missed the target. Moving to the cannon, She turned the protective barrier the wrong direction and was exposed for several critical seconds. Turning the barrier, she managed to get the shot off missing a second time. Christine dodged Siren’s shots to get to the sand pit, hitting the smoke screen she got to the crossbow. As time ran out she was working on loading the crossbow ending her run on the course.

The men’s Wall competition was not really a competition as much as a way to show up the gladiators. Evan took to the wall against Wolf and Son against Toa. With their seven second head start they started up the wall quickly putting distance between them and the gladiators. The gladiators never got close enough to even consider laying a hand on them. They both went up the wall like it was nothing and gained the top, awarding Evan ten points and Son five points.

The final event for the women was Hit and Run. Crush, Stealth, Fury, and Hellga were the gladiators tasked to remove the two women from the bridge with demolition balls. Christine had a very good run, if not a lucky one, as she ran right into the one hundred pound balls not once, not twice, but three times and remained on the bridge. She managed to complete five trips before time ran out and avoided going for a swim. On her fifth trip she took a solid hit managing to keep her balance and shrug it off. Jennifer on her first run took a ball right to the head which did not deter her. Using a duck under strategy she completed four trips before getting hit solidly and put into the drink on the fifth.

The men’s Eliminator challenge was nearly no challenge at all. Evan started with a nine second head start and never gave an inch. He was already swimming under the fire when Son hit the wall and struggled to get over it. Evan made short work of the cargo net, barrel roll and hand bike starting up the pyramid as Son started the hand bike. Son fell off the hand bike and that sealed Evan’s victory as he hit the zip line, went up the travelator on his first try. Coming through the wall with a time of one minute, twenty-nine seconds, he removed Adonis from the final eight and boasted the best time thus far in this competition. The women were next up in this competition. Jennifer started with a two and one-half second head start. Jennifer struggled up the wall and managed to get over and into the water first. Both women got to the cargo net at almost the same instant and both struggled up the net. Christine got to the top first and onto the barrel roll where she lost one shoe, and took off her other! Both women fell from the hand bike, Christine getting up the pyramid before Jennifer climbed back up from the pit. Christine fell on her first attempt up the travelator allowing Jennifer to catch up. Both competitors looked exhausted as Jennifer finally got up the travelator and through the wall with a time of four minutes and seven seconds. Both women will not be going into the final eight.

Check in with us next week here at Reality TV Magazine to see who makes it to the final eight and who is going home!

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

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American Gladiators Features Fireman Versus Rock Climber

January 21, 2008 01:01:27 by Joe Reality

American Gladiators Logo NBCAmerican Gladiators has been a big hit for NBC. The show is hosted by Hulk Hogan of Hogan Knows Best and Laila Ali of Dancing with the Stars. In each episode of the series, two male and two female contenders compete against each other for points, while facing off against gladiators

In this week’s episode, the female contenders are lawyer and women’s football player Jennifer Blum and tom-boy and mortgage broker Christine Kim. The male contenders are fireman Son Nguyen and avid rock climber and retail manager Evan Dollard.

American Gladiators airs on Monday, January 21, 2008 from 8 PM to 9 PM.

Photo Credit: NBC

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