Inside TV Magazine – A Magazine for TV Fans Premieres

April 23, 2005 01:11:10 by Joe Blackmon

Inside_tv_magazine_1After searching for three days and visiting more than ten stores, we were finally able to locate a copy of the new Inside TV Magazine.  We found the object of our quest buried behind some copies of Entertainment Weekly at a Kroger grocery store.  Fortunately, the reward proved to be well worth the hunt.

Inside TV Magazine is a new magazine from the publishers of TV Guide, and it premiered on newsstands on April 21, 2005.  Much of the early journalistic response to Inside TV Magazine has been to question if the world really needs another celebrity magazine.  However, after reading a copy, we’re glad to say Inside TV Magazine is unlike any other celebrity magazine on the newsstands today.  While we enjoy picking up People, In Touch Weekly, Us Weekly, or Star to find out the latest scoop on Britney’s baby or Brad & Jen’s relationship, Inside TV offers something completely different. 

For fans of TV, Inside TV Magazine fills a gaping void that had previously existed in the world of print magazines.  Inside TV Magazine provides an in-depth and informative look into the world of television shows and their stars.  Inside TV Magazine has several regular feature sections such as "7 Days" (a viewing guide), "Inside Story" (celebrity stories), "First Look" (upcoming shows), "Classic TV" (a look back at older shows), and our personal favorite "Reality TV" (needs no explanation).   

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Inside TV Magazine Launching

April 13, 2005 12:29:02 by Joe Blackmon

Inside_tv_magazineInside TV Magazine is a new magazine launching in late April 2005.  Inside TV is from the publishers of TV Guide.  Inside TV will focus on TV shows, TV celebrities, and style.  Inside TV should appeal highly to reality TV fans as unscripted reality TV shows make up a large portion of current TV programming.  TV Guide has already gained a reputation for providing in-depth interviews with recently eliminated reality TV contestants so Inside TV Magazine should be a great source of info on reality TV shows and stars.  Inside TV will be published weekly and retail for $1.99. 

Order a subscription to Inside TV Magazine online.

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