Kid Nation: Adios Amigos, We Knew Ye Well

December 12, 2007 07:59:47 by DA Southern

Kid Nation Finale

As we see the sunset starting to crown on the social experiment that was Kid Nation, we find ourselves quickly looking at the adult-less society that was as we looked at a quick retrospect of the season and how the kids came together to build the Kid Nation. And finally, we had a final look at last week’s episode and how the kids thrived and prospered under the direction of Sophia as Sheriff and friend to the town. Even when they returned, the boys were quick to forget the lesson from the Chieftains as they somehow forgot to be leaders, as we watched Greg toy with Zach’s emotions in the hunt for the Gold Star. In the end, we saw a circumspect Alex, our little genius Gold Star winner, contemplate the future of his grandkids as he pronounced the money the Gold Star represented as a “paradox”.

As we see the scene rise on the 38th day in Bonanza City, we see that they final two days will be interesting, if nothing else. The kids arise to notice a few changes in their beloved town and notice that the structure they had been so accustomed to for the past 37 days, was about to cease.

Mike opened the episode by walking through the town alone and saying that, even in all of the strife, he was going to miss the experience and the people. Just as he looked up, he saw the job board on fire and rushed to alert the rest of the town. The kids all raced out to se what could be done, most trying to get some type of water buckets to put it out. After vain attempts, DK finally announced that it was just the job board, not the town and the kids just watched as it burned, many no really knowing what to think.

The next day, Jonathan was holding the journal and telling the kids that the journal had given them all guidance but the kids implored Jonathan to burn the journal and he reluctantly did just that. He then announced that since the job board had burned, there were no more payments or job classes that would be responsible for the division of labor and that, if they chose to, they could do whatever they wanted.

Just when we thought the drunken stupor from the Arcade incident had subsided, what ensued was avarice on the grandest of scales. The kids went into a frenzy to deplete the town of all of its wares by literally ransacking the stores and taking everything in a spirit of greed. We even saw one of the town leaders, Blaine, carrying a case of soda for his very own. The only sane voices we heard were DK and Zach, who both seemed to abhor the carnage that was taking place. Zach and DK were discussing the ramifications of the other kids actions and trying to remain calm and wonder what Bonanza City would be like with no structure.

After the candy riot, there were many that started feeling bad about leaving the town in shambles. The council boys decided to take matter into their hands and implored the kids to wake up and clean the town so as to leave the town better than when they arrived. It seems that there was pride in them thar hills after all.

Day 39 dawned and we saw the mess that remained after the candy riot of ’07 and the kids slowly awoke to start the cleanup. Sophia said that she hoped that it was going to get better and Blaine said that he was ashamed of the way everyone had acted.

The kids, no longer classes, ran to greet Jonathan for the final showdown, or so they thought. Jonathan announced that there would be no showdown but, that there was immediate business to take care of. He announced that the council would have to choose the final Gold Star winner right now. Greg, Blaine, Michael and DK headed to talk it out and DK lamented that it was the hardest decision to make, being that it was the final Gold Star to be given out. The boys talked it over and threw out several names out, with one seemingly on the top of their minds. Jonathan asked the council when they returned for their decision and Greg redeemed himself from last week when he announced Zach as the final $20,000.00 Gold Star winner. Zach was shocked as he was fairly resigned to the fact that he was probably no longer a candidate and broke down as the other kids applauded him.

Jonathan told the council that they had a town to run and the kids ran back to prepare for their final night in Bonanza City. Taylor decided to let the chickens sleep with her in their bunk house and Emilie wanted to be involved with Taylor’s little click by sleeping over night with her BFF’s. Taylor sent Kelsey to tell Emilie that they would hang out tomorrow, but that tonight they just wanted to be together. Emilie was incensed that Taylor would do such a thing and a chick fight broke out…OK,, it wasn’t that bad, but the two little girls were definitely having words. Migle, who has really been an unsung hero stepped in and really brought peace to Bonanza City.

Day 40, the final day of Kid Nation, Jonathan had a final surprise for the kids. He told the kids that there was still gold in them thar hills as he pulled out 3 BIG Gold Stars worth a whopping $50,000. each. Jonathan announced that since there was going to be the final day of their stay, that in order for the kids to qualify for the Stars, they would have 60 minutes to get the town ready for the final party. The kids, working as a group, would have to first make dinner for the entire town. Second they would have to assemble tables for the feast and last, they were to dispose of the trash that had been accumulating in the city.

Jonathan sent them on their way, with the clock ticking and the kids raced through the task of making the pasta for the party which they dispatched in ten minutes. With forty minutes left, they took on the task of the tables which proved to be more of a challenge than they imagined. With a measly fifteen minutes left to do trash the kids raced to the trash heap and with noses turned towards heaven, they raced against the clock. With 2 minutes left, the kids seemed done with the trash and Jonathan announced that all of the trash had to be done. The kids raced against time and DK went down with a bad leg. As the kids raced to ring the bell to win the chance for the Stars, Jonathan said they all had to be at the bell. Several kids carried DK to the finish line as Jonathan raised his hand as the kids literally rang the bell…well, at the bell, winning the chance for three Pioneers to be awarded the Big Stars.

Jonathan said they had won and announced the most heart-wrenching surprise yet and asked the kids what kind of a party it would be without special guest and with that, the families of the kids crested the hill to greet them for what was a very emotional scene.

The kids showed their parents around and the parents all seemed to have the same look of, “I’m glad they were here instead of me.” In a very funny scene, I believe Leila was seen showing her Mom the latrine and saying, “City-slickers” with a whimsical look on her face. Taylor rang the bell to assemble the town and everybody enjoyed the feast the kids had made in the final showdown. Jonathan arrived as the meal was winding down and announced that the final Town Hall meeting was to tak place with the parents in attendance.

Jonathan had the final three Gold Stars and told the council that they had a huge decision to make. Jonathan told them that they were to award the stars to the Pioneers that embodied the Spirit of Bonanza City and sent the boys off for the final time.

The boys, Greg, Michael, Blaine and DK agonized over several of the names and a few that were somewhat of a surprise because they had been not so much standouts, but solid and consistent Pioneers.

Jonathan asked them their decision and Greg announced the first Gold Star winner was Sophia, probably the most solid performer in the entire Kid Nation. Sophia was humbled and shocked to be chosen, but truly was the obvious choice. Greg announced the second winner as 12 year old, Morgan, who was so humble when she said that she so did not deserve it because there were so many others who deserved it more. Morgan’s dad stood up and complimented the council and the maturity of their decision and the way that they had handled themselves. DK announced the final winner as Migle because of the kindness she had shown all since day one. Again, Migle was shocked and Jonathan announced that they were to prepare to leave and to say their goodbye’s. Mike’s mom stood up and were amazed at the kids and how they had come together, which garnered a standing ovation from the adults for the kids.

Jonathan told them as he sent them out that “we will miss you and to keep building a better world” as he sent them out to grab their bags to go. As the kids were saying their tearful goodbye’s, many of the kids reminisced on how they did indeed come together and truly did build a Kid Nation. In probably the most defining statement and a superb way to end the series, our double Gold Star winner, Sophia, probably said it best when she said, “After spending time here with these kids, I have a lot more confidence in the future of this country and in the world.”

After watching the show in its entirety, I can honestly say, “As do I Sophia, as do I.”

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Kid Nation: Where’s Bonanza, Dude

December 5, 2007 08:25:52 by DA Southern

kid nation pic Jonathan quickly caught us up with the events from the last episode as we witnessed the deprivation caused by the arcade’s spellbinding effects after the kids managed to pull of a victory in the showdown that gave them the arcade. The arcade then became like an all night drunk as the kids neglected all of the duties to keep the town running efficiently. At the end of last week’s episode we saw the town council finally trying to set some boundaries when it came to the usage of the arcade, even going so far as appointing Sophia to the title of Sheriff to keep the arcade policed.

Sophia was seen roping off a plot of land in the middle of town just to see if the kids would take an interest in the land that otherwise had no use to them. Sure enough, as soon as she set up her boundaries all 37 kids seemed to want to traverse the land which caused quite a ruckus in the town.

The council boys headed to the journal room to read the holy grail and read that the former occupants of Bonanza City had failed to go beyond their borders which caused them to fail at having true cultural relationships. It is a wonder that the former occupants of Bonanza City lasted a week. The council boys then told the town that they had read the journal and said it implored them to take a walk-about and so they would be leaving and did not know how long. The kids were worried about who would be in charge and the council said that Sophia was the sheriff and would be keeping order. Some of the kids, especially Mike, were concerned that she would rule with an iron fist.

As the boys hit the dusty trail, Sophia started her reign as the official lawman of them thar town and she was the splitting image of a frontier sheriff. She said that her goal was “to keep everyone in check and the slackers out of the arcade”, which meant she probably was going to be a tyrant. As we watched Sophia deal with everybody in a real gentile manner, she was very respectful of everyone while trying to get everybody on board with getting the town running smoothly, which she achieved.

The council boys hit the trail only to stumble upon a tribe of Pueblo Indians who welcomed them into their culture to advise them about leadership. The chief told the council boys that the children are our are future, Teach them well and let them lead the way, Show them all the beauty they possess inside…Oh, sorry, Whitney Houston…anyway, the chief implored the council to respect the kids, which had the boys thinking about giving the star to someone who was not as strong, but excelled in other ways.

Back at Bonanza City, Sophia was proving the insignificance of the council as she pulled the town together and many of the other kids agreed that the town seemed less noisy without the council. Sophia was up on the balcony thanking the kids and telling them that the arcade would be opened and for them to “have fun”. The kids were off doing various things in Bonanza City and we found 9 year-old brainiac, Alex and our “Bill Gates”, Jared, off on a hike discovering the wilds of the prairie. After finding the skeletal remains of what looked to be a cow, the boys lamented not having a carbon dating process available to test the age of the remains as they headed back to Bonanza City. These two should have their own show!

Back at the Native American Tribe’s campfire, the tribal elders continued to give the boys advice about running the town before they sent them back to the city. The chief told them to “Lead by example” and to “Live well”. He ended by telling them to “Live your life on the sacred path”.

Day 36 had us at the showdown without the council, but the kids seemingly up for the task. Jonathan asked the kids if they knew what the Homestead Act was, and smart Jared explained what it was. Jonathan explained that each district was to move their homesteads, as well, with each moving a house of four walls, a roof and a floor and an Alpaca and some chickens and finally their district flag from one spot to another to win reward and they had 60 minutes to do it. Jonathan started them out and Red and Green district started fairly aggressively. Yellow struggled as they had their share of younger girls, including Taylor. Green pulled ahead when they managed to pull two of their walls over at the same time. The Green district managed to pull ahead of Red district and was neck and neck with Red until the very end, but managed to plant their flag to become the upper class. Red, right behind them, became the merchants while Blue and Yellow seemed to be running against the clock. With about 2 minutes left, Blue secured the Cooks class, making Yellow automatically the laborers. The only concern now would be if Yellow, with under two minutes left, be able to manage to move the remainder of their homestead before the clock ran out. With only seconds left, the Yellow planted their flag winning the reward for the kids of Bonanza City.

Jonathan announced that they had won the rewards and had Laurel help him remove a tarp covering the first reward. AS the tarp fell off, a beautiful marble inscribed monument was revealed to honor the Kid Nation’s time in Bonanza City, a forever monument that would stay forever. The second reward was to be balloon rides above Bonanza City that the kids could see the surrounding area of Bonanza City, what Jonathan called a time to reflect on their time there. With the council members gone, Sophia was given the task of choosing the prize for the kids, with a foregone conclusion knowing the very nature of Sophia. In a shock, Sophia chose the balloon rides for the kids to soar over the city.

Jonathan sent the kids back to the city and told them that the balloon rides would be tomorrow. At a night meeting in the saloon, the kids seemed to be melancholy as they starred at their final days in Bonanza City. Zach had a moving tribute to the good times that they all went through as well did Laurel.

The next day rolled around and all of the kids boarded the balloons for their trip up above Bonanza City. As they were all hovering, Sophia was tearful as she reflected on the days she experienced in Bonanza City as did many of the other kids. As the kids were hovering above the city, the council boys arrived to see what they had missed. DK was sorry that he missed the balloon ride as if being with a Native American tribe was not so exciting. Greg and the other council boys were warmly greeted and then were briefly seen speaking about their time with the tribe to the kids.

The “Gold Star Line Up” was seen as we saw many of the kids going before the council to tell who they think should be given the gold star. The main names that were bantered around were, Alex, Migle, Jared and Zach; (Jared and Zach both nominated themselves.) In a strange scene, Zach was nominating himself and started to cry, which started Greg laughing because he though Zach was faking. As we went to break, Zach was seen storming away in disbelief as to how he was being disrespected by the council.

Zach was seen storming back to the council and telling them that he felt disrespected and Blaine and Greg assured him that they had not meant for him to feel that way. After Zach left, Greg was still insistent that he was faking. So much for the wisdom from the tribal chiefs. The rest of the kids gave their opinions and the council boys deliberated with Alex and Jared seemingly being the lead contenders.

Jonathan rang the town hall meeting bell and gathered the faithful for the meeting on Day 37. Jonathan asked the kids about how they were getting along with each other and Sophia stood and stated her displeasure at the lack of communication because of the arcade. Jonathan asked the council what was to be done with the arcade and after a brief pow-wow, they decided to close the arcade as of that night. Greg told them that they would have a campfire tonight to bond for what would be one of the last times.

Jonathan then announced that it was time for the gold star meeting. Greg stood and announced that 9 year old Alex was the winner of the gold star. Alex got his star and announced that the money would be good for his kids and grandkids and that the money was a paradox, which had most of the kids shaking their heads. Alex explained it to them and they still didn’t get it. Alex, Alex, Alex!

In the calmest gold star announcement ever, Alex and his Mother were very calm as they talked of the gold star. In the final scene, we saw the campfire and many of the kids very circumspect about their time in the city and how it was bittersweet to be leaving in three days.

As the credits rolled, Jonathan talked about the Season Finale next week and how the challenges as well as the rewards would be bigger and we saw our little “Bill Gates” exploring the intricacies of a rogue crawling scorpion saying that he wanted to get one for a pet. Come on…You have gotta love that kid!

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Kid Nation: I Just Like The Recess Part

November 29, 2007 01:41:45 by Joe Reality

By DA Southern

In the aftermath of last week’s episode, we once again revisited the surprising council vote as we saw every district elect new leaders in Michael, Blaine, DK and Greg. The subsequent upheaval had several very vocal kids stand up during the town council and complain about the new leadership and particularly called out Greg for his inability to lead by failing to listen to the kids. After Greg said that he would listen to the kids, the Gold star ceremony was held with Laurel winning the gold star and it looked as though the kid Nation may have settled down.

Until the start of this week’s episode, anyway. Immediately we see Taylor with a brown chicken and not wanting any harm to come to the chickens who lay eggs. However, Greg and the rest of the town council boys had decided that it was time for a feast and they decided to kill ten chickens for a feast for the Kids. Taylor was incensed that the chickens were going to be killed because they lay eggs. Gregg immediately retorted that all chickens lay eggs. A melee ensued over which chickens would be killed for dinner. Welcome to this week’s episode of Kid Nation.

Taylor and the girls who were protesting were approached by a level headed Sophia who mediated which chickens Taylor wanted spared, which satisfied Taylor and her posse. Gregg immediately took the chickens and started to get them ready for the dinner by dispensing with their heads. Taylor, still not happy, led a march with two other girls for saving the chickens. Did she eat? We may never know for sure.

As Taylor was on her rampage, we saw 9 year old Alex, Anjay and Jared discussing the philosophical nature of the universe, but enough about 9 year old Alex. The council boys headed to the journal room for the first time and consulted the Yoda of Bonanza City, the Holy Journal. It seems that education -or a lack of it- was an issue for Bonanza City and the council members found History study books about Bonanza City that each district was to study, probably for the showdown. Each council member had to try and convince his district members to study and Blaine was sure that his district, especially Taylor, would not even attempt to study.

The council announced that the kids would have to study and Taylor, as usual, was being quite belligerent about studying while one of the other girls announced that studying would probably have something to do with the upcoming showdown which sent Taylor’s face down.

Alex, the 9-year-old genius was trying to get his district to learn the history and was going way to fast for most of them. Over in the green district, Sophia had the district act out scenes to better learn the history. In the yellow district, anarchy ensued as Taylor and Leila left to go to pet the chickens. Blaine rounded up the posse, know as the town council, and they approached Taylor and told her that since she was making no attempt to study, that she would not partake in the reward should the town win it at the showdown.

Jonathan met the kids to explain the show down and told the kids that it was about history that they were supposed to have studied earlier. Jonathan was alerted that Taylor was the only one who had not studied and would not share any reward, should they win.

Jonathan then told the kids that they would be quizzed on the history they were to have learned. The kids were to use sling shots to pop balloons with the answers of the questions and that the first district that popped three right answers, they would become the Upper class. For the entire town to win reward, the left over ammo would have to fill a jar, so the districts would have to aim carefully.

Jonathan began to question the kids and off they went with the shooting of the sling shots. Green popped their way to the lead and blue quickly popped back into the lead with two quick winning answers. Yellow scrounged their way into the game while the pitiful red district could not even hit the balloons. Green made short of every other district as they became the Upper Class and green quickly secured the Merchant Class. Red managed to tie with yellow and yellow broke the tie to become the Cooks, leaving red to be the lowly Laborers. The districts poured their left over ammo into the jar and red was able to have enough for the kids to win reward.

Jonathan announced that the first choice was a library, which many of the kids, led by Sophia greatly cheered. The second choice revealed by Jonathan was a free arcade, which sent most of the kids screaming for joy. The council retreated to discuss the decision and seemed split as to which of the prizes to choose. DK explained that they only had eight days left, so fun was in store. Greg announced that the council had chosen the arcade, which sent the kids screaming for joy, but that Taylor could not play since her work ethic was so poor.

The arcade was set up and the council announced that everyone would need to work before enjoying the arcade. The upper class immediately went to the arcade since they were immune from working, which had Mike and Jared very unhappy. We see Sophia, who proclaimed herself a 30-year-old in a fourteen year old body, pulling a wagon to collect books to open up a library in Bonanza City, proclaiming that the arcade was not for her. Mike and Jared had finally had enough as we heard Jared say, “Screw the job” as he and Mike went to the arcade. By this time, most of the time was at the arcade, leaving the Taylor virtually alone. Zach encouraged Taylor and asked her to help with the dishes, which had Taylor shouting a resounding “NO”.

Zach goes about his business and we see Taylor giving a look at the piles and piles of dishes and announces that she was going to clean the dishes as clean as they had ever been. Taylor began her longest stint as a worker since arriving at Bonanza City, which garnered the notice of Zach, who looked on with pride, and Greg, who looked shocked to she her working, in spite of hearing “This arcade is so awesome” filtering from the arcade. Hunter, who we had seen saying that he decided not to do the arcade, but instead make his Dad proud by working hard, decided to help Taylor.

The Bonanza City patriarchs, Blaine and Greg, announced that Taylor had passed the test and would be allowed in to the arcade to play and then Greg carried her to the arcade.

Day 34 had Sophia waking up and seeing the town deserted; noticing everybody was up all nigh gambling and playing in the arcade all night like drunken sailors. Sophia said that the arcade was like a drug and DK was regretting the decision of the arcade because the town was not getting any work done. Sophia was even “cooking breakfast for 37 kids” as she said, because everybody was in the arcade. Finally Sophia confronted Blaine about his not making breakfast which had Blaine telling her that he couldn’t go because he had money on the game.

At the town hall meeting, Jonathan asked who liked having the arcade in town, which had most raising their hands. When he asked who didn’t like it, Sophia led the charge by saying that it had become disruptive. DK announced that the arcade would be padlocked until work was accomplished and the council decided to give Sophia the title of Sheriff to keep the arcade policed.

At the gold star ceremony, Hunter was awarded the star and he announced that his father had been out of work and he knew that he could use it. When Hunter called home, his parents were shocked at the value of the star and hunter was given a congratulatory hug by the other kids at the end of the episode.

While the credits rolled, we saw Taylor and Leila with a chicken and a funny comment from Leila saying that either the chicken smelled or it was Taylor’s breath while we learned that next week Sophia will be in charge as the council is away.

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Kid Nation – The Boys Are Back In Town

November 21, 2007 10:30:13 by Joe Blackmon

Written By DA Southern.  We quickly had a recap of last week’s episode as we saw the power shift as three of the four teams welcomed new team members and anger as to the council’s decision running rampant.  With the addition of Blaine to the gold star ranks to the yellow district, we were left with a town council meeting that was in turmoil as Jonathan announced elections once again in Bonanza City and a "to be continued" banner flashed across the screen to set us up for tonight’s edition.

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Kid Nation: There’s Trouble in Them There Hills

November 14, 2007 10:05:42 by Joe Blackmon

BlainegoldstarWritten By DA Southern.  The delicate balance of Bonanza City looks to be upset with a
realignment of the teams as our intrepid pioneers seek to bring back
the glory days of the abandoned western town.  Last weeks Entertainment
episode was profiled as we saw the kids travails to this point and,
again, we saw how the kids are adapting to life in Bonanza City.   

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Kid Nation – To Be or Not to Be

November 7, 2007 10:28:18 by Joe Blackmon

KidnationtalentshowWritten By DA Southern.  A huge Southern Style dinner is on tap for the kids of the Nation of
Kids in Bonanza City and causes one of the kids to yearn for the “good
ole days” back in her own homestead. A thrilling talent show gives the
kids a respite from the game by showcasing some unique talents of a few
of them while one has a shocking announcement surprising some who hear

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Kid Nation Discovers The Root Of All Evil

October 31, 2007 09:58:35 by Joe Blackmon

NathangoldstarWrittne By DA Southern.  We knew this would be a scary episode, but we never expected anything
like this…OK, I got you.  There was no spooky Halloween story
tonight, but it was indeed scary to see how messy Bonanza City has

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Kid Nation – DK Almost Goes Home But Stays And Gets The Gold Star

October 24, 2007 08:23:49 by Joe Blackmon

DkgoldstarOn the sixth episode of Kid Nation, Zach rang the bell to wake
everybody up, and Taylor got upset and yelled at Zach to shave his
una-brow.  The town journal recommended that the town council do
something about their garbage problem.  The town council selected
Sophia, Greg, DK, Taylor, and Leila to help them hall the trash out of
town and bury it.  Taylor and Leila initially refused to help, but
Leila changed her mind and pitched in to help.

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Kid Nation Election Turns Ugly

October 17, 2007 08:16:54 by Joe Blackmon

Kidnation_posterOn the fifth episode of Kid Nation, the town journal advised the town
council to hold district elections.  The kids in town all applauded
when given the news that there would be elections.  The green district
decided that they were happy with Laurel and that no one would run
against her.

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Kid Nation Gets Religion

October 10, 2007 08:10:22 by Joe Blackmon

Kidnation_religionOn the fourth episode of Kid Nation, the town journal advised the
council to hold some type of religious service.  The town council
decided to hold one religious service for everyone and have kids
representing each religion speak.  Some of the kids objected to all of
the religions being in one service.

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