ABC Dance War Casting Call!

August 6, 2008 02:00:07 by Paulene Hinds

Are you ready to rumble? Well Bruno and Carrie Ann obviously are and have sent out a nationwide casting call for their second season of Dance War. Once again they put their reputations on the line and battle it out to create the ultimate perfromance group.

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Dance War’s Zack Wilson Scores HSM3 Job!

May 1, 2008 07:35:12 by Jennifer_Brown

Zack-Wilson-ABCThere’s no possible way any woman with a pulse who watched Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann would not remember Zack Wilson on Bruno’s team. Hint: he was the super-cute guy who tapped into his inner sex-machine toward the end of the competish, helping propel Team Bruno to the win.

Apparently, High School Musical 3 director, Kenny Ortega remembered Zack, too. Recently Wilson was hired by Ortega to serve as stand-in for HSM3 star Zac Efron. Wilson’s job: learn Efron’s routines when Efron is too busy with other projects to make it to rehearsal and then teach them to Efron. It’s a perfect gig for Wilson, who is a quick learner and who claims to have been originally inspired as a dancer by Ortega’s work. Wilson must have impressed Ortega as well, as he’s now been given a spot dancing during a few scenes in the movie.

As for the two big reality stars in Wilson’s life… Dance War mentor Bruno Tonioli and Dancing with the Stars pro dancer (and Wilson’s ex-fiance) Julianne Hough both openly report to be very proud of Wilson.

Are you a High School Musical fan? Check out Reality TV Magazine’s coverage of High School Musical: Summer Session!

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ABC Keeps on A-Dancin’…and A-Swappin’…and A-Movin’ That Bus

February 29, 2008 10:09:43 by Jennifer_Brown

ABC LogoBetter keep that bus warmed up, Ty — ABC isn’t letting go of its hit reality shows any time soon.

ABC recently announced renewals of five unscripted shows, including the popular and dramatic Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Also on the list is Wife Swap, Supernanny, The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette. And, of course, reality TV wouldn’t be the same without ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, also renewed.

Likewise, viewers can expect to keep laughing over those hilarious home videos, as ABC has renewed a 19th — yes, I said 19th!!! — season of America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Not on the list of renewed shows is Dancing with the Stars spin-off, Dance War (C’mon, I really liked that show!).

Check back with Reality TV Magazine for dates and times of the shows as they’re announced.

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Team Bruno Wins Dance War

February 18, 2008 09:34:01 by Jennifer_Brown

Team-Bruno-Courtesy-RealityTVMagazineFor nine singers and dancers, it all comes down to tonight. Zack, Kelsey, Lacey, Phillip, Bradley, Chris, Qis, Mariel, and Elizabeth — otherwise known as Team Bruno and Team Carrie Ann — have been working tirelessly for weeks just to get to tonight, the season finale of Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. They’ve all been spending tireless hours in the studio and survived the emotional ups and downs that come with live competition, just for a shot at being crowned America’s next “super group,” and being awarded the recording contract with Hollywood Records.

We spend the first several minutes of tonight’s season finale episode reliving the contestants’ journey to the stage. We get to remember Chris’smicrophone mishaps andmalfunctions, Bruno’s indignation when Carrie Ann calls his team a “chorus,” and Bruno’s accusation that Team Carrie Ann is “gimmicky” and relies on props such as a Pavarotti handkerchief.

Soon it’s time for the dancers to do their thing. And for host Drew Lachey to do his. Dudded up in a dapper tux, Drew takes lead in singing Steppin’ Out, backed up by the contestants. Drew even does a little dancing himself, which is oddly impressive, and the number is entertaining enough. At the end, just as Drew and the gang have the audience whipped into a frenzy, he brings out Bruno and Carrie Ann, who are both excited to get down to finale business, Bruno promising that his team will do their “best to entertain you.”

We catch up, via video,with Team Bruno, just on the heels of their first win over Carrie Ann’s team. They celebrate with a pool party, but too soon are back in rehearsal. Bruno is extra-critical of them this week, not giving them any leeway for mistakes in their performance. While he says the team he now sees before him is exactly the team he’d envisioned when the show began, Zack hints that Bruno is expecting them to outdo themselves this week. They hit the stage with a ramped-up version of These Boots are Made for Walking, and man if they don’t do an even better job of it than last time. Kelsey is gorgeous in those Daisy Dukes and Zack makes sexy cowboy an art form. Bruno says, “This is blossoming!” and calls Zack “one of the most gifted persons” he’s ever worked with. Carrie Ann calls the performance “fantastic” and tells Kelsey, “Jessica Simpson ain’t got nothin’ on you, girl!”

Next we get some behind-the-scenes time with Team Carrie Ann, still reeling from their loss of Allysa. Even effervescent Bradley seems subdued. But the team is going to work hard in the studio, if for no other reason than Bradley’s family is coming in to watch tonight’s performance. The group chooses to give an encore performance of Papa was a Rolling Stone, and once again Mariel proves herself to have THE bestvocals of both teams combined. Carrie Ann says that the team, which had been “raw” when they first got together, has come together as an amazing team. Bruno calls the performance “more entertaining and engaging than ever.”

Oddly, the announcement of the Dance War winner isn’t the only exciting thing happening in tonight’s performance. Scattered throughout the program is Kenny Mayne’s Dance Center, where Kenny, Jerry Rice, and Lisa Rinna are announcing the 12 new cast members of the upcoming Dancing with the Stars 6. Check out Reality TV Magazine’s report of the announcement here.

To give Dance War’s winner the best shot at hitting the ground running, Dance War has given each of the teams original songs. This week the teams have gone to the recording studio to lay down the tracks, and tonight they givedebut performances of their new singles. First up is Team Bruno, whose song “Falling in Love” is totally catchy. Team Carrie Ann’s song, Come with Me, has tons of radio potential, but strangely didn’t give the vocal punch you’d expect. The choreography, though, dawg, was H-O-T!

Finally the time has come to announce the winner of Dance War. Eliminated contestants, Tony, Charity, and Allysa are standing by to root their teams to victory (Charity claims she watches “at home like a proud mom!”). Drew gathers up the teams on stage and announces…the winner of Dance War is…Team…BRUNO!

Team Carrie Ann looks crestfallen. Carrie Ann burrows into her contestants’ arms and then turns a triumphant face to Drew, saying how proud she is of her team (and she looks genuinely proud, too).

Team Bruno is barely-controlled mayhem. Bruno wraps the contestants in a group hug, then clasps his hands together and thanks the audience (and us) repeatedly. “I’m so delighted I’m at a loss for words,” he says. He and his contestants get mobbed by fans in a cloud of celebratory confetti.

Reality TV Magazine is your source of Dance War news. For other great reality TV news, please feel free to visit SirLinksALot: Dance War.

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RTV Predicts: Our Writers Call the Week Ahead

February 17, 2008 10:12:46 by Jennifer_Brown

Piers-Morgan-Courtesy-NBCWhether they’re singing, dancing, selling, or surviving, America is watching and talking. Whose designs will impress at Bryant Park? Who will form an island alliance? Who will gain weight this week? Who will be fired? We’ve asked our writers, who’ve been watching all of your favorite shows faithfully, for their predictions about the week ahead. Here’s what they had to say:

Joe, on American Idol:

1. At least one of the mystery top twenty-four semifinalists, whose auditions were not aired, will have a breakout performance. American Idol fans will rally around this contestant as an underdog favorite, because he or she received little previous screen time.

2. Simon Cowell will use the word “dreadful” or “karaoke” in describing at least half of the top twenty-four performances.

3. Paula Abdul will get weepy eyed during at least one of the guys performances and she will stand up and yell “touchdown” after at least one of the girls performances.

4. The judges will empathize with Carly Smithson over the tough week she’s had in the press, but her previous record deal with MCA will not be specifically mentioned. Performance-wise Carly will do great, and she will make it to the next round.

Jen, on Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann:

No matter which team wins the War, we’re promised some dance routines (and revealing outfits) that will wow this week.

Bruno will come out cocky and ready to put down Team Carrie Ann’s “lack of” dance skill and call their routine “gimmicky.” Carrie Ann will cry when she talks about how great her team really is (and Elizabeth will cry right along with her).

In the end, Bruno’s team will win — although it’ll be a close call as both teams are incredibly talented and fun to watch.

Jen, on The Biggest Loser Couples:

My, my, my, the men have lost again?! Well, I don’t think that losing streak will last much longer. We know that the teams will go home and that someone will succumb to the pressure to eat (and will also ignore his or her trainer while away from campus). But I think that someone will be Paul, whose zest for life will probably be more than he can resist in the celebratory feeling of homecoming (plus, he’ll be missing Kelly something fierce).

My prediction is that Team Black will find themselves in the Elimination Room this week and that Paul will be sent home.

Jen, on Celebrity Apprentice:

Can Piers keep battling EVERYONE and still stay in the game? That’s the real question this week. Personally, I think The Donald likes Piers’ arrogant, no-nonsense attitude, and that’s what’s kept Piers from being called on the carpet by the big guy. But eventually even The Donald will have to face the fact that Piers doesn’t play well with others. Will it be enough to send him home? Not this week.

Okay, we all want to see Empresario win, if for no other reason than we want to see poor Marilu finally pull off a victory. And I think maybe this will be their week. But who will go home from Hydra if Empresario wins? I’m betting Lennox, who is so easy he’s easy prey…for Piers.

Check back with Reality TV Magazine throughout the week for recaps of your favorite shows and to see how our predictions hold up.

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Who Will Win Dance War?

February 17, 2008 12:00:30 by Jennifer_Brown

Drew-Lachey-Courtesy-ABCWeeks upon weeks ofdancing through nerves. Hours upon hoursof intensestudio training. Working, dancing, even when sleepy, hungry, emotional, or frustrated. It all comes down to this for Team Bruno and Team Carrie Ann. In this week’s finale episode we will find out which team will win the War and be awarded the Hollywood Records contract.

The episode will begin with Drew Lachey singing the opening number, and theeliminated contestants coming back to cheer on their former teammates as they perform one last original number. America’s votes will be revealed and a winner announced.

So who will win the War? It’s unusual for America to be presented with a reality TV voting choice for which there really is no clear-cut winner. Each team is incredibly talented and the contest really could (very fairly) go either way. But someone must be crowned victor. Will it be…:

Team Carrie Ann (Qis, Bradley, Chris, Elizabeth, and Mariel):

For a while there it looked like this team was unstoppable. With formally-trained dancers Bradley and Allysa andprimo vocalist Mariel they turned outperformances thatsquashed Team Bruno time and time again.

Carrie Ann is a gambler, however, her artistic visioncausing her to lead her team to “riskier” numbers such as Big Black Horse…for a country number and the sultry yet somewhat dull INeed to Know for Latin Week.While still amazing performances, they might hold her back with an audience who just wantshigh-energy action.

Who willsave this team? Qis (as long as they keep himbare-chested and out front) and Elizabeth (who is not the strongest talent on the team, but is so cute you can’t help go withwhatever she’s doing anyway).

Team Bruno (Zack, Phillip, Kelsey, and Lacey):

Bruno Tonioli has “taken more punches than Rocky,” he told Drew Lachey last week. But still he comes back swinging and hisgroup has managed to rally and finally pick off a member of Team Carrie Ann.

When it comes to flat-outperformin’ skillz, Team Bruno has it.Overall, the teamis better at both singing and dancing, and Bruno’s a stickler for tradition, which is quite possibly what saved their bumslast week.

Bruno seems to have cracked the mystery of what thisteam was missing — he coaxed a sexier version of Kelsey out for These Boots…on Country Week and helped Zack tap into his sex appeal (andhow!)last week for Latin Week.With the amazing chemistry this team has seemed to have found,they’re going to be tough to beat. They turned out twoterrific performances lastweek that could very well take them to the top.

Believe it or not, declaring a winner won’t be the only exciting announcement happening on this week’s episode. ABC will also be making a live announcement of who will be the cast of the season 6 Dancing With the Stars, in a special edition of Kenny Mayne’s Dance Center. Mayne will join up with fellow season 2 contestants Jerry Rice and Lisa Rinna to reveal which 12 celebs willbe dancing across our TV screens come the March 17th premiere.

Catch the Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann season finale on Monday, February 18, 8:00 PM (ET) on ABC.

Dancing with the Stars 6 premieres Monday, March 17, 8:00 PM (ET) on ABC.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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Dance War: Carrie Ann Cuts Allysa

February 11, 2008 08:14:38 by Jennifer_Brown

Carrie-Ann-Courtesy-ABCEl bailar caliente esta noche, bebÃ! Tonight’s Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann brings us Latin Night, and some of the hottest dancing we’ve seen to date.

They start the show with a bang — and a group performance. Last week the teams complained that group rehearsals were tough chemistry-wise, but boy it sure isn’t showing here tonight. Mariel’s voice is amazing, and the dancing’s on fire.

We get a quick behind-the-scenes look at Team Carrie Ann’s celebration after last week’s win, which involved a few cucumber slices, a mud wrap or two, and a steamy sauna as they get a royal spa treatment as a prize. Back in the studio, things aren’t quite so laid back. Mariel worries that the precise demand of Latin music will be tough for her, and she must look to Allysa for help. Problem is, Carrie Ann thinks Allysa’s “lazy” in rehearsals (Allysa calls it strategy — looking out for numero uno rather than helping everyone else). Qis worries that his athletic build will inhibit his Latin form, but with some help from teammate Bradley he works it out.

Carrie Ann admits that Latin week has worried her from week one, calling it “the most challenging and most ambitious number so far.”

For their first dance, Team Carrie Ann performs Miami Sound Machine’s Conga. The vocals — especially the girls’ — are H-O-T and the dancing’s pretty great (although the all-white costuming seems like a pretty strange choice for the colorful and fiery nature of Latin dance). After, Carrie Ann cries, “You guys nailed it!” and even Bruno has to begrudgingly say, “I really, really, really enjoyed it.”

Bruno’s team is still reeling from their losses, but are resolved to turn bad fortune into a challenge — a challenge they plan to meet. They spend some time doing outreach for the Down Syndrome Foundation of Los Angeles, dancing and playing with their fans. The day lifts their spirits, which is good because Bruno (who claims he’s “taken more punches than Rocky”) expects them to turn up the burners on their dance this week. Zack, in particular, Bruno feels, needs to bring out the sexy (Bruno, I couldn’t agree more!). Zack struggles, but seems determined to find his inner sex kitten. In the meantime, Phillip gets a surprise visit from his mother, who flies in to catch the show. “I’ve missed your hugs,” he tells her. “Now I can perform.”

Team Bruno performs to the song Sway and hot-chihuahua, does Zack sizzle up the stage. Phillip, in his showy style, also brings it. Bruno calls it Dancing with the Stars and American Idol combined and says his hard work with Zack paid off. Carrie Ann, however, thinks Phillip was the stand-out performer in this number and says she believes there’s “more in Zack” (um…are you looking for volunteers to bring it out, by chance…?).

We get an intermission treat — the High School Musical stage production of We’re All in This Together. Great singing, fun dancing, an all-out performance, and the pre-teens in the audience are thrilled.

Team Carrie Ann then takes the stage again with a backdrop of a fence. They perform a slow, sexy number to Marc Anthony’s I Need to Know. It’s entertaining, especially when Qis gives a little rhythm on a box, but the singing’s a little flat and the song a little…slow. Carrie Ann tears up after the performance, recounting how hard the team worked and saying how impressed she is with the way this team has come up with their own style. Bruno, however, thought the dance took too long to get into and criticized Carrie Ann once again for being gimmicky.

But now it’s Team Bruno’s turn to hit the stage again — can they outdo I Need to Know? They dance to Whine Up, and AT LAST we get to see Phillip and Zack shirtless (holy cow, that’s not a six pack, that’s a keg!). The guys show off some major athletic ability and the girls show off amazing vocals. The routine is quick and exciting, in Bruno’s words: A pop group performance. Carrie Ann’s response — a high five for Bruno.

It all comes down to the vote results over last week’s Country Week performances. Drew Lachey gathers the teams and announces that the winner of last week was…Team Bruno! Bruno crumples to the floor…laughing? Crying? Praying? Hard to tell. Carrie Ann just crumples — definitely crying her eyes out. “I’m devastated,” she says.

Carrie Ann chooses to keep Qis, Bradley, Mariel, and Elizabeth, leaving Allysa and Chris to sing it out in the bottom two.

After a moving duet of Enrique Iglesias’ Hero, Carrie Ann chooses Chris, tearfully sending Allysa on her way.

Allysa says all she ever truly cared about was the team and urges viewers to still vote for them because they, she thinks, deserve it.

Next on Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann:

It’s the season finale, as we find out who wins the War.

Be the first to find out who will be dancing on the next Dancing with the Stars as the cast is announced live.

Reality TV Magazine is your source of Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann news. For more great reality TV news, please feel free to visit SirLinksALot: Dance War.

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RTV Predicts…Our Writers’ Takes on the Week Ahead

February 10, 2008 12:00:45 by Jennifer_Brown

Michelle And Jeffery LampkinWho will be in and who will be out? Who will stay and who will go? Who will survive and who will live to dance another day? Who will be fired? Our writers have been watching all of your favorite shows and have made their predictions for the reality TV week ahead.

Joe, on American Idol:

1. Last year, there weren’t very many strong country or rock singers in the top twenty-four on American Idol. Because of the incredible success of Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry, American Idol will not make the same mistake again. There will be several strong country singers and rock singers in the top twenty-four this year.

2. The addition of musical instruments in the Hollywood round will definitely play to the advantage of those whocannot only sing but can also play. Look for several of the breakout performances to be from those whoare also playing an instrument.

3. When the final cuts are made look for the judges to torment some of the contestants by pretending like they didn’t make the top twenty-four when they actually did. Even though they do this every year, at least one contestant will completely fall for it. When the contestant realizes they are actually in the top twenty-four, they will let out a loud shriek “I love you, Simon!” and run over and give the British judge a kiss.

Lisa, on Make Me a Supermodel:

They can’t possibly get any more naked, so I predict next week they’ll be modeling ski wear. And possibly scuba outfits.

I also predict that Katy will finally be on her way out, after being picked on constantly this week.

Jen, on Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann:

Yep, I think Bruno pulled off a win this week. Kelsey’s super-hot rendition of These Boots, combined with Carrie Ann’s gamble of “contemporary country” will give Team Bruno the extra edge they need. Carrie Ann will be forced to send someone home, and I’m predicting that someone will be Mariel, both because her dance moves are “too small,” and her romance with Qis is distracting.

Jen, on Biggest Loser Couples:

Dan is really going to flounderafter the loss of his mom, and if he doesn’t rally, Mark & Jay will pick him off next. I think the Black Team will be bolstered by last week’s weigh-in win and will make a good run at it again this week. I think they’ll be successful and the Blue Team will find themselves in the Elimination Room again. Dan is my choice for this week’s sent-home Loser.

Jen, on Project Runway:

This week will be Sweet P’s make-or-break week for sure. Her lack of self-confidence has had her struggling throughout the entire competition, and last week’s WWE challenge has got to have been her last lucky break. This week, I predict Sweet P’s confidencewill fall short again and, like parachute pants and pleather, she will be “out.”

Jen, on American Idol:

Okay, yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say it. I think this season’s winner will be a female. Although we’re due for a guy who can take the win and make it big, I just don’t think any of the guys whohave gotten through to
Hollywood really have both the pipes and the Wow! to go all the way.

I predict that this season’s
Hollywood performances, however, will be the bomb, baby, as contestants bring out their guitars and drums and keyboards and rock out.

Jen, on Celebrity Apprentice:

Piers is a marked man. He’s managed to make nearly everyone (save for maybe Trace, who I don’t think could dislike anyone if he tried) an enemy. If the guys end up in the boardroom, Piers had better watch his back.

However, Empresario is looking pretty defeated, and I doubt they can pull off a win at this point. I think they’ll be the ones in the boardroom, and Omarosa will be fired.

And it will be a “cool color” tie-wise for The Donald this week. I predict blue, gray, or green.

Don’t forget to catch recaps of all of these shows on Reality TV Magazine, and see how we did!

Photo Courtesy: Reality TV Magazine

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Dance War: We’re All in This Together

February 8, 2008 09:12:22 by Jennifer_Brown

Dance-War-Courtesy-ABCTeam Carrie Ann has been unstoppable. Bruno’s still reeling, no doubt, from this week’s loss of yet another dancer, handsome and talented Tony. This week Carrie Ann is going to try to hammer the final nail in Team Bruno’s coffin, as they enter the last elimination round before the finale.

Dance War is going to have to work hard to one-up last week’s country round, which had women all over swooning, “Yippee-ki-yi…yo,baby!”over Qis in his cowboy duds. So this week they’re bringing out the big guns: High School Musical.

Word has it that the cast of High School Musical’s touring stage production will be gracing the stage of Dance War this week, performing We’re All in This Together (Hmmm…I wonder if ousted dancers Tony and Charity will be singing along at home…?).

No word on what the theme of the night will be, but I’m guessing that for Team Bruno it’ll be Dance Desperation, as he tries to rally his four-member team to a win over Carrie Ann, still six dancers strong. A third dancer will be sent home as the season winds down to its finale. Get your dialing fingers limbered up — you’ll be voting on the ultimate winner of Dance War Monday night.

Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann airs Mondays, 8:00 PM (ET), on ABC.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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Dance War: Yee-haw! Tony Rides off into the Sunset on Country Week

February 4, 2008 09:38:52 by Jennifer_Brown

Dance-War-Team-Bruno-Courtesy-ABCStill reeling from the loss of Charity on last week’s episode of Dance War, Bruno is hoping that tonight’s country theme will be a gimmee for Team Bruno, which boasts three out of five members who hail from the South. Plus, it’s Zack’s birthday today, so what could go wrong?

Yet Carrie Ann is riding high on last week’s win. We get a backstage pass into Team Carrie Ann’s celebration, which includes a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’, not to mention a good old fashioned mechanical bull ride to kick off Country Week.

But has the win gone to the team’s head? Rehearsals this week are lackadaisical, and the performers seem to have a hard time focusing. On top of that, it looks like we’ve got a budding romance on our hands, between Qis and Mariel. Carrie Ann has her eyes on the big prize, though, and calls the team out on the carpet, forcing them to focus and leave the goo-goo eyes off the dance floor.

It seems to work. Team Carrie Ann comes out strong, with an iconic performance of The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Okay, not too taxing vocal-wise, but who cares? They’ve got Qis up front in a pair of leather pants and a suede vest with no shirt on underneath (hoo-doggies, I could look at that all day long!). It’s a super-strong performance; Carrie Ann says Qis stands out, but Mariel still looks too small. Bruno says that Chris was not on top form tonight, and that he always looks like he’s “chasing the choreography.”

So what can Team Bruno do? Down one member, and Bruno feeling responsible for the loss, the team is hurting. But they’re strong on country in this group, so they should be naturals at this, right? They come out with Life is a Highway, dedicated to eliminated performer Charity, with Phillip up front playing the guitar. It’s an energetic performance, but not particularly strong on dance, which is a shame because the vocals really weren’t there either. Ever-loyal Bruno, however, believes that Phillip has grown as a performer and this routine showed him off. Carrie Ann thought the “performance was fantastic,” but the vocals weren’t so hot.

Before we move on to the second performances of the night, we get two special treats. First, we meet sexy Londoner, Matt Grant, otherwise known as this season’s Bachelor. Matt calls the decision-making on the Bachelor “ridiculously hard,” but is tight-lipped about details, only to promise that the new season will have “25 smokin’ women!” Our second treat is a performance by country star Taylor Swift, who sings her hit Our Song, and gives some pats on the backs of tonight’s performers.

Team Carrie Ann delivers a “contemporary spin” on country music in the second performance, with Big Black Horse and a Cherry Tree. Elizabeth steals the show with her sexy song and dance (but don’t think I didn’t notice Qis bare-chested under his suit coat,yee-haw!!!). Carrie Ann thinks the team nailed it, but Bruno wants to know where the dancing was. He calls the performance a fashion show and thinks the team took the easy way out.

And then Team Bruno blows us away with a hot rendition of These Boots are Made for Walkin’, with Kelsey on lead in her little daisy dukes and all sorts of attitude. The vocals are, again, just okay, but the dancing is spot on, especially when they “walk it out” halfway through the song. Bruno calls Kelsey the “surprise of the night,” but Carrie Ann feels they stole “walk it out” from Team Carrie Ann’s last week’s performance.

It’s time to reveal the results of last week’s votes. The winner,again,is Team Carrie Ann. Bruno looks even more shocked this week than last, and calls the decision “shocking,” “unacceptable,” and “ridiculous.” “It’s the unfairest night in television history,” he complains (while, at home, English teachers everywhere call it the “unfairest” use of a non-word such as “unfairest” in television history). Bruno keeps Kelsey, Phillip, and Lacey, forcing Tony and Zack to battle it out. After the one-on-one battle, he chooses to keep Zack (happy birthday, Zack! Bruno got you a second chance!).

There are no tears in Tony’s eyes, as he graciously thanks Bruno for everything he’s taught him and vows that this will be a “stepping stone” in his career.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann news. For other great reality TV news, please feel free to check out SirLinksAlot: Dance War.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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