January 21, 2008 09:55:44 by Mary

carrie-ann-bruno.jpg ABC aired the third episode of Dance War tonight after every promotional ad leading up to this series hinted that the real ‘war’ would begin this evening when former “Dancing with the Stars” judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli finally got the chance to showcase their respective amateur dancing and singing troops against each other hoping that all of America would like their team the best. While Inaba and Tonioli may well be ready to engage in war between each other it became clear early on that they wanted nothing less than perfect peace and harmony between their group players as they relied on vocal, choreography and team attitude coaches to help pump up their respective dream teams to focus on winning.

Hopefully, if you missed last week’s episode, you caught the show tonight because ABC devoted the first 30 minutes of this week’s 90 minute episode by recapping what happened last week. Basically, we were reminded that Inaba and Tonioli teamed up after going through hours of auditions to select 14 final contestants. Those 14 contestants had an opportunity to perform for Inaba and Tonioli and 2 out of those 14 were sent home last week. After the initial cut, Inaba and Tonioli then selected 6 performers—3 males and 3 females—each for their respective teams. For the record, Team Carrie Ann is comprised of Allysa, Bradley, Chris, Elizabeth, Mariel and Qis and in Team Bruno’s court are Charity, Kelsey, Lacey, Phillip, Tony and Zack. We are once again reminded that from now on, it’s the viewers who will decide the ultimate fate of the teams and force Inaba and Tonioli to narrow the playing field by sending one of their own team members home when their team draws the short end of the stick when the final number of votes is tallied each week.

Drew Lachey who continues to remain rather lackluster in the hosting department (he needs just a little more wit) introduces Inaba and Tonioli. Bruno encourages his gorgeous team to bring it on while Inaba hugs her team members and characterizes them as a slick, lean song and dance machine.

In the opening momentsâ⬔after last week’s recap and the coaching introductions, both teams assemble and perform an opening act together. Then, it’s down to business. We catch a glimpse of Bruno introducing his team to their new funky red dance studio where they will obviously be working very hard for the duration of the show. His team members are impressed with the studio but they don’t get all that much time to explore the space as Tonioli gets them down to business right away. With only 6 days to train for their opening acts, there isn’t much choice. Initially, Tonioli had reservations about Phillip because in his mind, Phillip had the least experience of all his team members. When Phillip struggles with a hoarse voice, Tonioli brings in his vocal coach to work with him but he is clearly concerned that Phillip is so untrained that he may have burnt out his voice already.

The show must go on as they say and Team Bruno takes the stage for their opening number. Zack, Tony and Phillip rush out in suits, vests, blue shirts and hats with Charity, Kelsey and Lacey wear slick coordinating black and blue sheaths with stilettos and stockings. They perform to “A Little Less Conversation” and Tonioli is clearly happy with the results. While Phillip did not have as much of a vocal presence as did Tony and Zack, Tonioli admits that his fears about Phillip’s voice were totally unfounded. Lachey asks Inaba what she thinks about Team Bruno’s performance and she admits she is very impressed but stresses her team will be going in a very different direction. At this point, we are not seeing much of a war just yet.

We then get a glimpse of Inaba introducing her team members to their dance studio. It’s an airy open studio featuring brick walls and large arched windows. Her team members recall Inaba handing them song lyrics to learn moments after she selected them last week and when she tests them on how hard they studied, they largely fail her test. She tells them they have to know their lyrics almost as soon as they get them because they will quickly have to move on to the next task at hand. It’s clear that Inaba is not going to be easy on these kids. Nonetheless, they get it together and perform to “Run it” once they hit the stage. Allysa, Bradley, Chris, Elizabeth, Mariel and Qis wearing casual outfits that contrasted in the color department give the performance their all but Chris experiences some technical difficulties when his microphone kicks out. Inaba is happy with their performance despite the technical difficulties and Tonioli applauds Chris for going through the motions as if nothing was wrong. Tonioli then sparks a war of words between himself and Inaba when he mentions that the dance content in their routine was not the best. Inaba defends her team by stating they do not need 8 million steps to prove their abilities as dance performers. She then stressed that each week her team will go in a different direction.

Team Bruno takes to the stage again performing to S.O.S. Tonioli calls his team’s performance irresistible and stresses how hot Kelsey was during this difficult number. Tonioli loses it when Lachey asks Inaba what she thought of the S.O.S. number. Inaba claims Team Bruno sounds like a chorus with nobody stepping up to the lead. Tonioli tells her that this is only the beginning for his group of players and continues to explain what a difficult number this was to perform.

For the last time tonight, Team Carrie Ann returns performing “Call Me” and they completely rock. Inaba could not be more thrilled. She claims they nailed it and mentions how far Allysa has come. Team Carrie Ann clearly has some strong female voices on her team—Mariel alone could carry them. Tonioli is more than impressed with the girls on Inaba’s team but he believes the guys are slicker in the choreography department.

The show closes with one last group act and everyone begging for viewer votes and Inaba and Tonioli claiming how difficult it will be to send one of their own members home if their team doesn’t get the most votes. Inaba can’t afford to lose one member of her dream team and Tonioli, who claims his team members are like his kids is not ready to ax anyone either, so it now comes down to the viewers who will ultimately force either Inaba or Tonioli to cut a team member next week. The team coach with the fewest number of viewer votes will be forced to send a team member home and that is most likely when the war between Inaba and Tonioli will truly escalate.

Photo: Credit: ABC

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Viewers Weigh In On Dance War Bruno Vs Carrie Ann

January 21, 2008 02:01:46 by Joe Reality

Kevin FoleyOn last week’s Dance War Bruno Vs. Carrie Ann, the two team captains picked their six performer teams from among fourteen contestants. Corina from Southington, Connecticut and Maxx from Memphis, Tennessee were sent home.

On this week’s Dance War Bruno Vs. Carrie Ann, Team Carrie Ann and Team Bruno will compete with live singing and dancing numbers on the dance floor. Viewers will also be given the chance to weigh in for the first time and choose their favorite group.

The final teams for “Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann” are as follows:

Team Bruno: Charity, Kelsey, Lacey , Phillip, Tony, and Zack.

Team Carrie Ann: Allysa, Bradley, Chris, Elizabeth, Mariel, and Qis.

Dance War Bruno Vs. Carrie Ann airs on Monday, January 21 from 8 PM to 9:30 PM ET.

Photo Credit: Kevin Foley

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RTV Predicts…Our Writers’ Takes on Idol, Dance War, and More

January 20, 2008 09:21:11 by Jennifer_Brown

Carrie Ann Inaba Courtesy ABCAdmit it — you’re guilty of wondering what will happen next week on your favorite reality shows. You are a fan, after all. You may even have your own opinions on just what will happen next. Well, so do we!

We’ve asked our writers to give their reality TV predictions for the upcoming week.Idol, Dance Wars, Celebrity Apprentice… — you’re watching them, and we’re watching, too. Here’s what our writers have to say about what will happen next:

Joe on American Idol:

1. Paula Abdul will continue to agree with Randy Jackson on every performance.
2. San Diego will bring out some of the freakiest auditions yet, as contestants show up in a variety of outrageous costumes.
3. Charleston will bring out plenty of country singers that Simon Cowell will hate, but Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul will put through to Hollywood.

Mary on Dance War: Bruno vs.Carrie Ann:

Carrie Ann Inaba will wear a longer dress this week. Mary says,”Carrie Ann Inaba’s dresses couldn’t possibly get any shorter. She could barely sit down on Monday! Carrie Ann kept tugging on her glittery mini dress whenever she sat down.There was no way she could have worn ‘thigh-high’ hosiery under that cute little black number she was wearing. She cannot go shorter at all.”

Jen on Amazing Race:

The pace will be frantic, Ron & Chris will lose their foothold, Nic & Gramps will all but drop out at some point, and TK & Rachel will practically waltz across the finish line. (Read my full analysis of the final three here).

Jen on Biggest Loser Couples:

At this point, two teams are playing on borrowed time: Paul & Kelly and Jenn & Maggie. It’s doubtful that either team would survive another plunge below the yellow line, but if they end up there together, I’d say Jenn & Maggie have a better chance than the latter team (people will only fear for Paul’s life for so long before they begin to fear for their own elimination).

That being said, Jackie & Dan are due a slow weight loss week, which Paul & Kelly can only hope for, because if Jackie & Dan fall below the line, they will be O-U-T!

I’ll predict…Bette-Sue & Ali will take the top spot in the weigh-in and earn the “Biggest Loser Team of the Week” title. Paul & Kelly will be out (Bob will smile and say, “That’s such a shame. I thought they’d go all the way. Let’s meditate on this.” Jillian will respond with, “Why are you sitting down while you’re telling me this? Get up and get back to work!!!”)

Jen on WifeSwap:

We’re due a filthy mom, aren’t we? Enough of the drill-sergeant mommies, we needa good, old-fashioned dirty mom. I predict a disgusting house in this episode.

Jen on Celebrity Apprentice:

With Gene Simmons gone, Piers’ ego will grow to epic proportions. He will be unable to hold himself back and will insult (in that British way, where people end up thankful for the insult) just about everyone that he can.

Again, this week we’ll see a guy go home, only this time from Team Hydra. The ladies will enjoy their first win and the guys will, unfortunately,lose either Tito or Trace.

The Donald will wear a pink tie this week. And a blue one.

Reality TV Magazine recaps all of these shows, and more. Check back throughout the week to read our writers’ recaps after the shows and see how we did.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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Dance War Introduces “Team Bruno” and “Team Carrie Ann”

January 15, 2008 05:39:04 by Mary


ABC cut some of the mystery out of how their new show Dance War would work when they aired the second episode of the 7 week reality series last night during a 90 minute episode which featured Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli selecting members of their respective teams. Drew Lachey told the audience their votes would matter during the next episode and then took some time to explain that one of the 7 final guys and one of the 7 final girls would be going home tonight.

The final 14 took to the stage in the opening moments of the episode in a group performance singing and dancing to a medley of disco tunes which lead off with the old favorite “Get Ready”. Lachey then briefly spoke to Carrie Ann and Bruno about their strategies for selecting their teams. Bruno stated he would almost be building a football team where each player would have to be in synch with every other player. He stressed that the end result in his mind would be total teamwork. Carrie Ann on the other hand was basically clueless about the football thing and wanted her team to blend effortlessly on the dance floor. She wanted her team to simply demonstrate soul.

First up were the final 7 guys who were split into two groups to perform. The first four, Maxx, Qis, Chris and Bradley performed a Backstreet Boys number dressed in suits wearing cute hats. The second group of guys, Zack, Tony and Philip then enter wearing jeans, T-shirts and leather vests as they perform to “Hard to Handle.” After the performances, Carrie Ann and Bruno banter back and fourth about how everyone did. They both agree, the final three, Zack, Tony and Philip represent the 3 strongest voices on stage. Both of them want Zack, Qis and Bradley on their teams but we know it won’t play out all that easily.

Lachey returns to the stage with a couple of envelopes for Carrie Ann and Bruno. Bruno lets Carrie Ann pick her envelope first which reveals that she will be the first to choose a team member. Carrie Ann jumps right in stating she wants some heart on her team. She selects Bradley and states she will build her team around him. With 6 of the 7 left, Bruno then picks Zack as his leading man. We go back to Carrie Ann who selects someone she claims she did not consider initially. She picks Chris because she believes he has the voice of an Angel. Finally, Bruno selects Tony because he managed to touch his soul. Maxx, Philip and Qis are left standing and are told they must perform again at the end of the show knowing that one of them will be sent home.

The seven girls, Allysa, Kelsey, Corina, Lacey, Charity, Elizabeth and Mariel hit the stage next dressed in glittery mini dresses, stilettos and boots to perform to Donna Summer’s “Bad Girl.” They then split into two groups with their foursome consisting of Charity, Corina, Allysa and Kelsey. The four girls perform to “The Beat Goes On” dressed in black and white dresses and white go-go boots. Drew Lachey clearly had a thing for the boots. Next up was Elizabeth, Mariel, and Lacey who managed to wow Carrie Ann and Bruno with their rendition of “Lady Marmalade.” Bruno claimed these three are ‘dream girls’ in the making and Mariel totally blew Carrie Ann away. Selecting the girls would clearly be a tough job for the team captains.

This time out, Bruno gets first pick and he goes for Lacey because he wants a ‘diva’ on his team. Carrie Ann immediately goes for Mariel because she’s got so much soul. Bruno then selects Kelsey based upon the fact that she’s such a strong, solid dancer and according to Bruno, she’s also hot and sexy. Carrie Ann makes the final pick and goes for Elizabeth who she says is not the best all around performer but she’s got a solid voice and has managed to demonstrate that she’s got fire. Allysa, Corina and Charity will have to dance one more time for a shot at remaining on the contestant roster.

The three girls perform to Destiny Child’s “I’m a Survivor” and the final 3 guys perform to “End of the Road” by Boyz to Men. Bruno again gets to pick his final two team members first leaving Carrie Ann in the awkward position of eliminating two players after selecting her final two. Carrie Ann is aware that she will be making dreams and breaking hearts all at the same time. In the end, Bruno selects Philip and Charity and Carrie Ann chooses Qis and Allysa. A disappointed Max and Carina are the first two to exit the show. Carina, the 22 year old from Connecticut was clearly grateful for the experience and says she won’t ever forget Bruno and Carrie Ann. Maxx who hails from Tennessee told the audience the experience was a phenomenal one for him as he expressed his gratitude to Carrie Ann and Bruno.

Drew Lachey finally stressed how important the audience votes will be in subsequent episodes and the show ended with Carrie Ann dancing with her team members (Allysa, Bradley, Chris, Elizabeth, Mariel and Quis) and Bruno shaking his booty with Charity, Kelsey, Lacey, Philip, Tony and Zack).

While the alleged war atmosphere this show promises remained rather low key in tonight’s episode with Carrie Ann and Bruno engaging in some friendly bickering while selecting their team members, one can only imagine that things will heat up as the two go head to head fighting to protect their professional reputations as Team Bruno goes up against Team Carrie Ann to capture the winning title.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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Carrie Ann Inaba And Bruno Tonioli Choose Teams On Dance War

January 14, 2008 06:30:22 by Joe Reality


On the premiere episode of Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann, thirty contestants were whittled down to only fourteen contestants. On the second episode of the series, Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli will pick their teams of six performers each from among these fourteen contestants.

The fourteen contestants include:

Allysa, Fresno, CA
Bradley, Nashville, TN
Charity, Nashville, TN
Chris, San Bernardino, CA
Corina, Southington, CT
Elizabeth, Riverside, CA
Lacey, Jackson, MS
Kelsey, West Monroe, LA
Maxx, Memphis, TN
Mariel, Chicago, IL/Salt Lake City, UT
Marqis, Los Angeles, CA
Phillip, Sterling, VA
Tony, Honolulu, HI/Washington, DC
Zack, Saratoga Springs, UT

Two of these fourteen contestants will be sent home. Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann airs on Monday, January 14 from 8PM to 9:30PM ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Bob D’Amico

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ABC Launches “Dance War” Premiere

January 7, 2008 11:14:37 by Mary

Thirty talented and gutsy performers with both singing and dancing skills were invited by dancing judges Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno Tonioli to return for Hollywood callbacks for a chance to land a slot as one of the final 14 on ABC’s new show “Dance War” which made its two hour debut Monday night. Inaba and Tonioli (not to be confused with Obama and Hillaryâ⬔but face itâ⬔this is war) are best known for their roles as judges on ABC’s hit show “Dancing with the Stars.” In their new venture, these former dance judges will compete against each other on Dance War by forming and molding their own individual teams made up from a pool of amateur performers with the real kick being that the viewers will ultimately decide which former Dancing with the Stars judge brings the best group act to the stage.

The Dance War debut featured clips from the initial auditions which led Inaba and Tonioli to New York, Los Angeles and
Nashville to view hundreds of hopeful performers strut their stuff. Those trying out initially had to dance in groups of 15. If they stood out during the group dance they were then invited back that same day to do a solo performance where they had to sing and then put the microphone down to demonstrate their dancing ability to randomly selected background music. The pressure seemed to be nothing to some but enormous for others. In the end, Inaba and Tonioli managed to garner what they characterized as their technical performers from New York, their polished performers from Los Angeles and their diamond in the rough performers from Nashville. They both seemed to love the raw talent Nashville had to offer.

Speaking of those diamond in the rough performers, the host of Dance War, who happens to be season two winner of Dancing with the Stars Drew Lachey attempted to toss Carrie Ann and Bruno a curve when he dressed in a hick like outfit and sang “My Girl” in an extremely low baritone voice. Before he had a chance to dance for too long, Carrie Ann was on to his disguise and was amused when Lachey claimed he only did this to see how those auditioning really felt. Naturally, it didn’t take Lachey too very long to find out that those competing for a spot on Dance War have to feel totally ridiculous.

After the open auditions, 30 final contestants were selected. The elated group of winners were taken to Hollywood where they endured a grueling couple of days with both Inaba and Tonioli coaching them through intense vocal exercises and grueling choreographic moves. Inaba stressed she was lookingfor more than just talent. She wanted to see determination and proof of endurance to say the least. Once the initial Hollywood routine was over, more cuts were made and the group was eventually whittled down to the final 14 contestants.

As one might expect, those pouring their hearts and souls into the audition process only to discover they didn’t make the cut were crushed as many were convinced this was their big chance. Everyone had a story. Three friends from Louisiana, Megan, Mary Alice and Kelsey took the journey to Nashville together to audition. They were convinced they would be heading off to Hollywood together. All three of them initially attracted Inaba and Tonioli’s attention during the group dance back in Nashville but in the end, Mary Alice was cut leaving Kelsey and Megan with mixed emotions after learning they made it all the way to the Hollywood callbacks. During the end process, only Kelsey made it to the final 14 and Megan and Mary Alice have been forced to watch from the sidelines. One young rejected performer exuded wisdom when she said, “That’s entertainment…so I guess I gotta deal with it.” Just about any seasoned performer can tell you that for sure.

For the record, the names of the final 14 contestants selected are Allysa, Bradley, Charity, Chris, Corina, Elizabeth, Kelsey, Lacey, Mariel, Marquis, Maxx, Philip, Tony and Zack. It isn’t likely that the road ahead of this group of hopefuls will be an easy one but just making the cut to this point is pretty extraordinary given the intensity and passion Inaba and Tonioli are trying to instill in them.

Interestingly enough, the chemistry between Inaba and Tonioli to date has been relatively warm but we have only seen them together for a couple of hours and for the premier edition of Dance War the two were essentially on the same team with their goal being to select the show’s initial competitors. One can definitely presume that these two former dance judges will bring some heated excitement to the stage once their rival teams are in action pitted against each other. During the conclusion of the Dance War premier, Inaba and Tonioli came out together before the final 14 took the stage together for the first time and the sparks began to fly when host Drew Lachey asked them who would win this competition. They each insisted they intended to win with Inaba stating she would go for the underdogs on her team and Tonioli insisting he was going to create a unique team who would win the hearts of America.

It simply wouldn’t be a war without two opposing leaders determined to beat the odds and if those leaders can dance, all the better as they say!

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Dance War Bruno Vs Carrie Ann Holding Casting Calls

September 2, 2007 12:02:00 by Joe Blackmon

It was inevitable that the hit ABC reality TV series "Dancing with the Stars" would eventually spawn a spin-off.  Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba, two of the three "Dancing with the Stars" judges, will soon battle it out on the dance
floor to create the ultimate performance group on a new, live, one-hour
primetime reality series. The new series will be called "Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann."

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