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The “2008 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards” was the place to be as winners and losers of the only awards show dedicated to the most outrageous moments in reality television were revealed in Hollywood. The winners of the awards given were voted by you!

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Deadliest Catch Returns For A Fourth Season

April 15, 2008 01:01:06 by Joe Reality

Discovery ChannelOne of the most popular Discovery Channel reality TV shows is returning for a fourth season. In addition to being a ratings success, the Deadliest Catch was also nominated for an Emmy. The series features five crab-fishing boats, along with their memorable captains and crews.

The five boats are the Northwestern, led by Captain Sig Hansen; the Cornelia Marie, led by Captain Phil Harris and his sons Jake and Josh; the Time Bandit led by Captain Johnathan Hillstrand and Captain Andy Hillstrand; the Wizard, led by Captain Keith Colburn; and the North American, led by Sten Skaar and deckhand-turned-skipper Rick Fehst.

The crab fishermen sail the Bering Sea, as they engage in a very lucrative but also very dangerous job. The crews face extreme weather that consists of subzero temperatures and sixty miles-per-hour winds. On the stormy seas, some of the waves get as high as four-story buildings. Water is constantly splashing on the decks and freezing, which means the crews have to clear the ice with sledgehammers to keep from becoming top-heavy and capsizing.

The fourth season of the Deadliest Catch is unfortunately cursed with injuries. A loose picking hook injures two men, and a fisherman has to end his fishing season early after a life-threatening situation.

The Deadliest Catch airs on Tuesday, April 15 starting at 9 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel.

Photo Credit: Discovery Channel

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