Deal Or No Deal To Have Its First Million Dollar Winner

August 11, 2008 04:00:16 by Joe Reality

Howie Mandel

If you watched the finale of Last Comic Standing, then you already know that Deal Or No Deal will finally give away the million-dollar top prize in the upcoming season. Deal Or No Deal host Howie Mandel made a special surprise appearance to deliver the news.

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Deal Or No Deal Model Casting

August 10, 2008 02:00:47 by Paulene Hinds

Howie Mandel

NBC’s hit show, Deal Or No Deal is currently casting new models to join the current cast.

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Deal or No Deal Gets a Presidential Visit…

April 21, 2008 07:36:50 by Jennifer_Brown

Howie-Mandel-DOND-Courtesy-NBC-1Military fans won’t want to miss this week’s Deal or No Deal, as the show features an Army hero and a Presidential visit.

Captain Joseph Kobes, from Sumner, Washington, will play against the infamous Deal or No Deal banker, hoping to win the $1 million briefcase to help his parents pay off their house. Kobes, who won a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service in Iraq, served three tours of duty, one of them after he sustained injuries from a truck explosion.

Kobes will get a very special visit while on the show. President George W. Bush will make a surprise guest appearance to deliver a message to Kobes personally.

LeTia Soney from McKinney, Texas, will take the stage after Kobes. After Soney and Kobes have both finished playing their games, each will get to spin the Deal Wheel, which could double (or triple!) their winnings… or cut their winnings in half.

This week will also mark the first episode where viewers will have a chance to vote for the next Briefcase Model.

Deal or No Deal airs Monday, April 21st, at 8:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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Viewers Will Choose the Next Deal or No Deal Model…

April 18, 2008 07:24:57 by Jennifer_Brown

Deal-or-No-Deal-Models-Courtesy-NBCIn yet another twist to make NBC’s Howie Mandel-hosted game show, Deal or No Deal, exciting, NBC has announced that the show’s newest briefcase model will be chosen by viewer vote.

Beginning Sunday, April 20th, for eight consecutive episodes, viewers will be presented with groups of three models vying for the open briefcase model slot. Viewers can text their votes (texting instructions will be given on air), sending one model from each episode to the semi-finals. A “wildcard” model, chosen from the pool of models previously voted out will join the finals. The contest will end June 24th, as viewers vote for the one model who they think should take the spot on the stairs.

NBC has sweetened the pot for potential voters. Not only will a texted vote get you a shot of your favorite model for your cell phone wallpaper, but will also enter you in a contest to win $10,000. That’s right–in each episode, two viewers (one from Eastern and one from Pacific time zones) will win $10,000.

On Wednesday, June 25th, the winning model will be revealed at 8:00 PM (ET), just before the premiere of The Baby Borrowers.

The models competing for the job are:

Britten Kelley, Cincinnati, Ohio; Tami Donaldson, Hollywood, Florida; Cora Skinner, San Luis Obispo, California; Nicole Panattoni, Murrieta, California; Kylah Kim, Dallas, Texas; Jennifer Hall, Perm, Minnesota; Casey Durkin, Boston, Massachusetts; Ravyn, New York, New York; Roxanne Siordia, Oceanside, California; Lindsay Christiansen, West Des Moines, Iowa; Krista Coyle, Chico, California; Amy Weller, Bizbee, Arizona; Nafeesa Defioras, Scottsdale, Arizona; Celine De Sauvage, France; Ashleah O’Shea, Santa Rosa, California; Sasha Formosa, Hoboken, New Jersey; Natalie Walker, Melbourne, Australia; Lisa Byrnes, Scottsdale, Arizona; Monica Flores, El Paso, Texas; Desiree Anderson, Switzerland; Leilani Mau, Alameda, California; Elizabeth Ashley, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Carrie Prejean, San Diego, California and Miki Black, Springfield, Illinois.

Voting begins on Deal or No Deal’s Sunday, April 20th episode on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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Deal or No Deal Uses the Force…

April 7, 2008 11:02:24 by Jennifer_Brown

Howie-Mandel-DOND-Courtesy-NBCAs if Deal or No Deal’s infamous “Banker” isn’t villainous enough. On April 28th, his seat will be taken by one of the most notorious sci-fi villains of all time.

In this special “Star Wars” edition of Deal or No Deal, the Banker will be replaced by Darth Vader, as Star Wars die-hards, Elise McCrillis and Brad Flinchum duel one another in a winner-take-all grudge match. Each player will play a solo game; whoever has the most money at the end of the night will take home the winnings of both games (potentially close to $2 million!).

As McCrillis begins her solo game, she’s surprised to find that the models have been replaced by Star Wars Imperial Storm Troopers, and that she has a “guest supporter,” Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia). For Flinchum’s game, the models are dressed as Princess Leia (circa Return of the Jedi “slave” Leia). He gets surprise supporters, too: Chewbacca and R2D2.

Who will fare better against Darth Vader and take home the big bucks? Catch this special Star Wars episode of Deal or No Deal on Monday, April 28th at 8:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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Deal or No Deal’s Got a New Mission

February 26, 2008 09:49:08 by Jennifer_Brown

Deal-or-No-Deal-Courtesy-NBCLast night, married contestants Nate and Sarah Harrison proved that 50/50 still ain’t good enough on Deal or No Deal, as they played the final episode of Deal’s Million Dollar Mission.

In the Million Dollar Mission, Deal or No Deal put an extra $1 million case on the board for every contestant who failed to take home the big prize. After trying twice to give it away with 13 cases on the board (that’s a 50/50 shot of taking home the mil), the folks at Deal put the Mission to bed.

On to the next mission, then!

Deal or No Deal will be hitting the road, taking the popular game show on a world tour, to countrieswhere “sometimes tweaked” versions of the show is aired. On the itinerary is Estonia, the Philippines, and South Africa, where host Howie Mandel will lead Americans throughslightly different versions of the game, playing according to local rules rather than the American rules.

Well, we can always hope that jetlag will bring that cranky banker off his game.

Deal or No Deal airs Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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Last Shot for Deal or No Deal’s Million Dollar Mission

February 22, 2008 08:27:25 by Jennifer_Brown

Deal-or-No-Deal-Courtesy-NBCThe folks at Deal or No Deal havebeen desperately trying to give away $1 million dollars, to no avail. So far, Deal or No Deal’s Million Dollar Mission has failed to find the contestant who can and will go all the way for the top prize.

Monday, February 25th, will mark Deal or No Deal’s last shot at the Million Dollar Mission, as couple Nate and Sarah Harrison take on the banker and a board filled with 13 $1 million cases. That’s a 50/50 shot of taking home $1 million, thank you very much.

The banker, cocky as ever, boasts, “Face it America. You can’t beat me. A lemur would have a better chance of winning the million.” But will Nate and Sarah prove him wrong?

Deal or No Deal reinstated its Million Dollar Mission in January 2008 by adding an additional $1 million case to the board for each previous contestant who did not go all the way, in hopes that someone will take home the $1 million grand prize and, more importantly, beat that banker.

Nate and Sarah Harrisonplay Deal or No Deal and wrap up the Million Dollar Mission on Monday, February 25 at 8:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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Will #13 Bring Luck for a Deal or No Deal Contestant?

February 14, 2008 11:36:10 by Jennifer_Brown

Deal-or-No-Deal-Courtesy-NBCWhen firefighter Ryan Gleghorn failed to bring Deal or No Deal’s Million Dollar Mission to its end this week, it opened up a chance for yet another contestant to bring home $1 million.

On next week’s Monday episode, Katie Henslin of Forest Lake, Minnesota, will face a Deal or No Deal board filled with an unprecedented 13 $1 million cases, giving her a 50/50 chance of taking home the big prize.

In an ever-ratcheting game of cat-and-mouse cruelty between Banker and player, Katie is forced to play a harrowing game. Her husband, Pete, afraid of heights,will beplaced on a hanging platform,and raised every time Katieopens a case holding $1 million. How high will Katie let her husband go before calling off the game?

The Million Dollar Mission is Deal or No Deal’s plan to reach a goal of sending home a player with the $1 million grand prize. For every contestant who doesn’t take home $1 million, Deal or No Deal will place an extra $1 million case on the board for the next player.

Over the history of the show, 11 contestants have held the $1 million in their case, but all have taken the Banker’s “deal” and foldedrather thantaking home the money. The highest “deal” thus far has been $471,000 (not a million, but not too shabby, either).

Deal or No Deal airs Mondays and Wednesdays 8:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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Oklahoma Firefighter Brings the Heat on Deal or No Deal’s Banker

February 12, 2008 11:38:25 by Jennifer_Brown

Deal-or-No-Deal-Courtesy-NBCDuring the past few weeks we’ve seen so many contestants on NBC’s Deal or No Deal come so-close-yet-so-far from bringing home that ever-elusive million dollar grand prize.

But host Howie Mandel is nothing if not determined, and the Million Dollar Mission continues this week as Oklahoma firefighter, Ryan Gleghorn, faces a board with 12 — count ‘em, 12! — million dollar briefcases. We saw Ryan open all but four of those cases last night. Will he be able to take the heat and continue on to the end? Will he (finally!) be the first contestant ever to take home the $1 million?

Deal or No Deal reinstated its Million Dollar Mission in January 2008. For every contestant who does not win the big prize, Deal or No Deal will add an extra $1 million case to the board for the next contestant, in a fierce determination to see a contestant go all the way.

Deal or No Deal airs on Wednesday, 8:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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Deal or No Deal: Lucky Eleven?

February 5, 2008 03:28:07 by Jennifer_Brown

Deal-or-No-Deal-Courtesy-NBCDeal or No Deal is downright determined to send someone home with the $1 million grand prize. They’ve even created the Million Dollar Mission to help things along a bit. But still, to date, they’ve yet to find that big winner.

Monday, February 11th, could be the day they find their winner. In a special 90-minute episode, Philadelphia-native, Tamika Kendall, will face a Deal board holding an unprecedented 11 $1 million cases.

Over the history of the show, 10 people have chosen $1 million cases, but none have gone “all the way” to take that $1 million home. In September 2007, Deal or No Deal created the Million Dollar Mission, during which contestants received an extra $1 million case for each contestant ahead of themwho didn’t take home the big prize. The Mission went for eight weeks, but still no winner. Still hoping for that big winner, Deal or No Deal reinstated the Mission in January 2008. Tamika will be the 12th contestant in the Million Dollar Mission line.

“I have been on this mission for someone to win a million dollars since the show premiered in 2005,” said host Howie Mandel. “Given that this contestant will start the game with 11 $1 million dollar cases, there’s a very good chance my mission may be deemed successful.”

The special 90-minute episode of Deal or No Deal will air Monday, February 11th, 9:30 – 11:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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