Dog The Bounty Hunter is Coming Back

February 20, 2008 09:30:56 by Jennifer_Brown

Dog-The-Bounty-Hunter-Courtesy-RealityTVMagazineAfter nearly three months off the air, Duane Chapman, AKA: The Dog, will be coming back to A&E with his hit show, Dog The Bounty Hunter, A&E execs confirmed today.

On October 31st, A&E yankedthe top-ranked reality series (and all repeats) from its lineup after the National Enquirer’s website published atelephone conversation between Chapman and his son, Tucker. On the tape, which Tucker had turned over to the Enquirer for a rumored $15,000, Chapman usedracialslurs when discussing Tucker’s new African-American girlfriend.

Immediately after the incident, Chapman began apologizing, telling his fans that he was wrong and ashamed and would do whatever it took to repair the damage he’d done.

“I am deeply disappointed in myself for speaking out of anger to my son and using such a hateful term in a private phone conversation,” he said. “I was disappointed in his choice of a friend, not due to her race, but her character. However, I should have never used that term.”

No word yet on when Dog will be back on schedule, but filming has reportedly begun and A&E officials have confirmed that the show will be returning. Stay tuned to Reality TV Magazine for scheduling information as it comes available.

Photo Courtesy: Reality TV Magazine

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Charges Dismissed Against Dog The Bounty Hunter

August 2, 2007 11:15:14 by Joe Blackmon

A Mexican court has dismissed charges of illegal detention and
conspiracy against TV reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman and two
co-stars, A&E Network has learned.  The court ruled that the statute of limitations in the case had expired, according to Chapman’s legal team.

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Dog Days Of Summer Coming To A&E

August 2, 2007 12:08:00 by Joe Blackmon

Forty years ago, an angry and rebellious Duane “Dog” Chapman dropped
out of school in the seventh grade never to return. Thirty years ago
this summer, Dog began a five year sentence for his involvement in a
murder. After serving nineteen months in a notorious Texas prison, Dog
emerged a changed man – determined to turn his life around and to help
others along the way.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter Could Still Face Extradition

February 17, 2007 01:30:27 by Joe Reality

Dog_chapman_photoA recent unconfirmed report out of Guadalajara, Mexico stated
that a Mexican federal court has denied Duane “Dog” Chapman’s
injunction request and has ruled that the star of A&E’s “Dog the
Bounty Hunter” should be extradited and stand trial for deprivation of
liberty – a charge stemming from Dog and his posse’s 2003 capture of
convicted serial rapist, Andrew Luster in Puerto Vallarta.  More information can be found on A&E’s website.

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Dog The Bounty Hunter To Return For Fourth Season This Spring

January 10, 2007 10:50:31 by Joe Reality

Dog_bountyhunter_returnsA&E’s hit series Dog the Bounty Hunter returns for its fourth season this spring. Despite Dog’s legal run-ins that have made headlines across the nation, Dog and his posse are coming back to risk their necks bringing in fugitives from the law. Capturing fugitives is no easy task, but Dog is a master at it.

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Dog The Family Speaks Special To Air On A&E

September 16, 2006 11:02:00 by Joe Blackmon

Dog_the_family_speaksDog, Leland and Tim Chapman were taken into custody by U.S. Marshals early Thursday morning in connection with charges stemming from their 2003 arrest of convicted serial rapist, Andrew Luster.  Andrew Luster, the famed heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune, was convicted of drugging and raping three women over a four year span.  During his trial in 2003, Luster fled the country to Mexico.

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