Face Off 4 Recap: Bearded Ladies & Candy Creatures

February 6, 2013 11:11:17 by Ryan Haidet

Only Face Off could mix bearded ladies and candy to create an amazingly entertaining hour of television.  Based on the previews alone, this challenge is the one I have been most excited about because of the short, teasing glimpses at some of the finished products — especially the crazy creature with the sharp-toothed chewing stomach (check it out above!).  Don’t lie, that’s the one you’ve been looking forward to since it was teased in the preview at the end of season three’s Halloween finale.  While the final makeups resulted in some really stunning creativity and outstanding work, it also proved a bit disastrous for a few of the contestants.  It even put one contestant in a really sticky situation when his gooey, melted gummy guy got stuck to the floor during the makeup application process.  On top of all that, another contestant packed up their makeup kit as the fourth person booted from the show.  Who was it?  All the details are inside this article!  Plus, we have 38 more sweet pictures from this episode alone of all the candy creations that you might actually get a cavity just glimpsing at them!

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Face Off 4 Recap — Welcome To Hell

January 30, 2013 09:38:11 by Ryan Haidet

The 12 remaining Face Off contestants were forced to face their demons — literally.  “Welcome to Hell,” host McKenzie Westmore said to all of them as they arrived in the desert to learn about their next Spotlight Challenge.  Working in teams of two, each randomly paired duo selected a demon from a specific culture with the task of bringing the evil being to life.  The aspiring special effects makeup artists loved the concept of the challenge, but little did they know there was a big twist that would suddenly change their entire designs.  In the end, the finished demonic makeups from frozen hell were far superior to the superhero disasters from last week’s episode.  Not only do we have all the details inside this article, but, as always, we’ve got more close-up photos of the finished makeups than you’ll find anywhere else.  Jump in and enjoy!

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Face Off 4 Recap: Superhero Disasters

January 23, 2013 09:34:29 by Ryan Haidet

After working in pairs for the first Spotlight Challenge of the season, the 13 remaining contestants on Face Off season 4 worked solo this time around with the task of creating an original superhero.  After swinging by Comic-Con for motivation, the aspiring special effects makeup artists immediately started bringing their creations to life.  Although I’ve never been a big fan of superheroes or comic books, but I thought this challenge was pretty cool because the winner’s creation would be placed in the pages of a future DC comic.  But after seeing all of the finished makeups, I doubt DC is thrilled with offering the opportunity because none of them were impressive whatsoever.  I would actually argue that the creations from this episode were collectively the worst in the show’s history.  How did all of the finished makeups look?  We’ve got close-up pictures of every single superhero disaster creation inside this article!

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Face Off 4 Premiere Recap: True Talent Explodes As New Season Debuts

January 15, 2013 09:02:58 by Ryan Haidet

It’s the biggest season of Face Off ever as season four kicked off with 14 brand new aspiring special effects makeup artists battling it out to be crowned champion and the winner of the $100,000 grand prize.  More importantly, the winner gets the amazing exposure and potential ticket into Hollywood.  While I don’t feel this premiere episode is the strongest the show has ever seen, it was still a total blast to watch true talent explode on the screen.  I’m still amazed by the stellar work these folks are able to create in such a short amount of time, which is why I will continue to argue that this is one of the best reality shows currently on television.  Since its inception, Face Off has consistently been a fun ride filled with exciting personalities and tension-filled moments.  Tonight’s big battle kicked off the season by putting the new contestants through a pair of royally tough challenges, which left one eliminated from the competition and another shining as a true star.

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Face Off 4 Review: Premiere Delivers Solid Start With Royal Battle

January 14, 2013 08:00:43 by Ryan Haidet

I was lucky enough to be given a press preview disc of Face Off season four’s upcoming premiere — and what a treat it is.  The upcoming edition, which has a 90-minute debut on Tuesday, features 14 all-new aspiring special effects makeup artists in one of television’s best reality shows that features absolute talent.  While this season’s premiere episode isn’t as exciting as last season’s unpredictable turn of events in which Joe quit the competition, it is still a fun example of reality television at its finest.  Within minutes of the 14 newbies gathering together, the competition begins with a big battle of royalty.

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Face Off 4: Meet The New Contestants

December 4, 2012 08:00:06 by Ryan Haidet

A batch of 14 newbies are ready to battle in television’s epic monster mash as Face Off returns to SyFy for its fourth season on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 9 p.m.  SyFy.com has posted bios on the new contestants — which includes a guy who has been dating a former Face Off contestant.  Get the gory guts on the new contestants and read about a strange cast-announcement mystery by cutting deep into this story!

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Face Off 3 Finale Recap: Winner Crowned In Live Halloween Episode

October 31, 2012 08:27:42 by Ryan Haidet

For the first time ever, the Face Off winner was crowned based on America’s vote during a live one-hour finale on Halloween night.  The entire cast, well, all of them but quitter Joe who voluntarily left in the first episode, reunited together to watch either Derek, Laura or Nicole rewarded with the title of Face Off champion along with $100,000, a new Toyota and the opportunity to be a guest lecturer at the Makeup Forever academies in New York and Paris.  Who is the new champion?  The details are inside…

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Face Off 3 Recap: The Final Challenge Takes A Halloween Twist

October 31, 2012 01:42:14 by Ryan Haidet

After weeks of competition, it all comes down to this:  Laura.  Nicole.  Derek.  The final three Face Off contestants squared off in their last challenge of the season battling for the $100,000 grand prize and title of champion.  The task for the epic final challenge was actually a really neat concept with a Halloween twist.  More details and close-up photos of all the finished makeups are inside!

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VIDEO Exclusive Interview! Face Off’s Beki Ingram Dishes On Season 3, Halloween Passion

October 31, 2012 07:00:31 by Ryan Haidet

Every Halloween season, one former reality star likes to lurk inside the Bloodview Haunted House in Broadview Heights, Ohio (just south of Cleveland).  The night we stopped by Bloodview to chat with Beki Ingram from Face Off season two, she was dressed in a black costume portraying a “shadow demon.”  During our exclusive interview with Beki, she offered behind-the-scenes details about different elements of Face Off.  With the third season about to crown a winner, it’s the perfect time to check in with Beki.  Dive inside this story to watch our exclusive interview to hear everything Beki has to say, including why watching season three makes her “anxiety ridden.”

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Face Off 3 Recap: Crime Scene Creature Challenge Determines Final 3

October 24, 2012 01:16:47 by Ryan Haidet

Roy, Nicole, Laura and Derek: The final four Face Off season 3 contestants.  This week’s episode sent one more packing and left us with the final three who will compete for the grand prize in next week’s finale.  For this week’s challenge, the aspiring special effects makeup artists found themselves in Griffith Park face to face with four different over-the-top, bloody crime scenes — each with a murder victim who “died” in a not-so-normal way.  Each contestant had to choose one of the death scenarios as their motivation to create the creature that likely caused the gruesome death.  For a show based on special effects makeup, this was a really cool concept.

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