High School Reunion: Adieu, Farewell and Goodbye

April 9, 2008 08:58:17 by DA Southern

High School Reunion and the Night at the PromAs we get ready for the prom and our final peek into the lives of the JJ Pearce of Richardson, TX Class of ’87, we hope we will have some resolution to the frenetic relationships that we have seen in the house, but we know, in our heart of hearts, all will probably not be answered.

Day 10 hits us like a fresh Hawaiian morning as the classmates prepare for the last moments together as the reunion comes to a close with the announcement of Prom on the bulletin board. Kat was so excited as she said, “Who wouldn’t want to go to another Prom again” as we were then treated to Glenn saying, “My senior Prom sucked.” Classic stuff!

The house encouraged Glenn to get into the mood as they all headed to the beach for some fun in the sun. Everybody seemed to be relishing their final day together as the gang seemed to bond together, especially without Steve and Lana in the mix. Mike was free to court Heather to his heart’s delight and Sean and Kirstin seemed to be on the road to a solid relationship.

One of the neatest stories that certainly seemed to get lost in the Lana-Steve drama was the fact that Glenn and Jason, who were arch enemies in High School, had become really good friends. Jason even was seen saying that Glenn and he would probably be friends from here on out. Sweet, very sweet.

Back at the ranch, Matt was thinking about his wife who had recently passed away and his new found relationship with Yvette. Poor Matt was unsure as to what the next step was not only with Yvette but with relationships in general, and you could tell he wasn’t ready to leave. We then saw Matt and Yvette talking by the pool and both agreed that their relationship was deeper than each could probably admit.

Sean and Kirstin were having dinner when Sean popped the big question,No, not that, but the “Will you go to Prom with me?” question. Shucks, folks, I’m speechless. Of course she said “Yes” but I just can’t get a bead on Sean. I swear that guy is all over the place.

Day 11 started with DeAnna getting a “Hall Pass” and Justin was “Shocked” when she asked him. Not really, but he was wondering why she was pursuing him so hard because he was not sure if he wanted to get serious. Wait, isn’t this the same guy who couldn’t get her to look at him in High School and was excited to go out with her a couple of days back? The answer is “Yes” for those who forgot their scorecards.

DeAnna said that she asked Justin on the date because she hoped he would ask her to Prom while at dinner. What is this, High School? Oh, yeah, it is. Sean was curious why he was her victim of choice and he deliberately toyed with the poor girl’s emotions as he waited forever to ask her.

Day 12 slapped us in the face as Matt bounded up the stairs to see Yvette, his drink of choice at the reunion, and FINALLY asked her to go with him. She said “Yes” and Matt relaxed and Rob, who has been quiet as of late, asked Cheryl, who we have hardly heard a peep from, to the Prom. I guess that leaves Glenn and Jason going together to the Prom since everybody else has paired off. Boy, those two really ARE friends now. Well, Kat went with them too.

The guys and girls looked good all dressed up and were whisked away to their final evening together at the Prom. The gang was just having a great time dancing and eating, but, come on, you know it would not last. DeAnna said that there was even a ballot box to vote for King and Queen and Kat said that she, Jason and Glenn would probably win.

In one weird moment, Kirstin took Sean out to talk to him and gave him an engagement ring,No, it’s not like that. It was the ring that he had given her once and she had then broken off the engagement but I guess she had not returned it. Sean looked confused, as were we. Look it up, it is all on the scorecard! Sean did tell her that he loved her, but that was the extent of it.

The 80′s group, The Motels, even showed up to sing their song,you know the one about lonely something or another. Justin then took DeAnna out and gave her the “It’s not you it’s me” line and took her back to the party saying that he just “wasn’t where she was” and I have no idea what that meant. Sad, very sad. A heart crushed on the lava rocks of Hawaii by a former guy who couldn’t get a date and, at the Prom, for God’s sake.

Rob and Cheryl seemed to be having fun and Rob was surprised how much she chatted him up during the evening. Rob was glad to have the time with Cheryl and just as the boys and girls seemed to have it all, Steve walked in. (Insert cricket sounds here)

The mood suddenly shifted and it looked like we might just have a brawl yet. Steve was there to make one last attempt at reconciliation with Mike and Mike told Steve that he certainly had male accoutrements for coming to the Prom and he finally agreed to “let bygones be bygones” and Steve was welcomed into the fold. Well, bless his heart.

The announcement of King and Queen finally arrived and Rob was crowned winner and his Queen was Cheryl, which shocked her. Rob felt a special kinship with his Queen as the night slowly wound down and the kids all returned to the days of the 80′s one last time as they danced and partied the night away, only this time nobody got in trouble for drinking.

Packing day seemed somber as the gang prepared to leave and Matt and Yvette took the opportunity to have some final moments together. Matt must have been talking to Justin because he told Yvette that what they had was a deep friendship and nothing more and you could see Yvette visibly change. Matt just wasn’t ready to move on from losing his wife so quickly.

Glenn and Jason gave each other a big hug as the rest of the gang said their final goodbyes. In the grand scheme of things, Sean and Kirstin probably left with the strongest bond and we were left with Mike and Matt chatting about each of their individual paths.

The dramatic scenes from the series all played out as the credits rolled and a classic 80′s song played us out as we saw the final black SUV pull into the Hawaiian sunset with the last of the Class of ’87 of Pearce High School of Richardson, TX.

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High School Reunion: Mike and Lana Call a Truce While Hostilities Wind Down

April 2, 2008 09:36:28 by DA Southern

Justin and DeAnna of TV Lands High School Reunion

Remember what I said previously on High School Reunion; Lana is mad at Heather, Mike and Steve. Yvette may break Matt’s heart. Steve may go home. Justin may not continue to build the relationship with his dream girl, DeAnna. Lana is crying about something. Mike is happy about Heather and, more importantly, to bring your scorecards because I wouldn’t be passing out anymore. Well, class is back in session.

We pick up the action on Day 8 with our beleaguered Steve by himself on a lounge chair. The other guys were still not adapting to Steveïs presence as they were seen accessing the situation when Mike came into the room and agreed to ask Steve if he would consider leaving the house. Mike went into Steve’s room to have the most civil talk to date with him and they discussed the possibility of him leaving early, which I don’t think he was going to do.

Lana was still steaming that she saw Mike kissing Heather and stated that she ‘felt gypped’, but we are not sure why. I guess that she did not have the possibility to screw Mike over some more, but that is only a guess. Mike announced that he was taking the guys golfing, and when I mean guys, I mean everyone except Steve. Don’t know if that was a great idea because Steve could sway the girls his way and then at Tribal Council could wait, wrong show. Wow, this show is worse than High School.

Steve was really starting to crack under the pressure and he might leave after all. Steve was on the balcony alone when DeAnna approached him to chat him up a bit. The cliques will not take kindly to DeAnna’s overture, that is for sure, and to make matters worse, Steve announced that it was his birthday, which elicited a hug from DeAnna and trouble on the horizon.

Kirstin got a ‘Hall Pass’, which means that we will have to suffer through another date between her and Sean and her begging for a chance to redeem herself. This time, it will involve horses and horsing around as a reluctant Sean agreed on the date. The scene quickly shifted to the stables and our intrepid duo’s attempts to ride into the sunset together. Oh, brother, kissing on horseback was happening as we saw the two making progress on the dusty trail of love. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Back at the ranch, Mike was thrilled to get what looked to be a ‘Hall Pass’, finally. He quickly scoped out Heather for the date and you could see Lana fuming in the background at her being gypped again, I guess. Heather was happy to be alone with Mike, but not half as happy as Mike as we saw him skip to go and get ready. The guys helped him to prep for the big date and seemed happy for him, since he had only had detentions so far. As Mike greeted Heather and lovingly grabbed her, Lana was looking soo gypped.

Back on the trail, Sean and Kirstin were talking about the relationship and if it could endure the test of time and Kirstin said “She wanted to be at home cooking dinner” and then the tears started to stream, which Sean took to mean that she was committed to him. OK, insert ‘gullible guy’ joke here of your own choosing.

Back at the house, an evening birthday celebration was given to Steve from DeAnna and I swear you could hear crickets chirping in the awkward silence that followed.

The scene shifted to the date with Heather and Mike and Heather was wondering why the two of them had never kept in contact. We even learned that Mike had actually attended a dance with her in High School, which makes it even odder that he ended up with Lana. Mike said that he was finally happy to be at the reunion as he inappropriately grabbed Heather’s body and she liked it.

We had a quick scene between Steve and Lana. Of course, she always looks to be on the verge of busting into tears as Steve is seen telling her that “They can just be friends” or “It’s not her it’s him” or something along those lines. Lana says that she needs Mike in her life and it is hard to choose between them. Actually, there really is no choice as Lana is divorced from Mike and Steve has chosen his friendship between him and Mike over her. I just don’t know if poor Lana is watching the same show as we are.

Day 9 opened with the group having fun and chatting until Steve walked up. Then, dead silence as they all uncomfortably shifted in their seats and looked at Steve. I mean, the guy just cannot cut a break with this group. Steve announced that the situation was between him and Mike and that he didnït appreciate everyone involving themselves in the middle of it and he was leaving the house. The group just watched as the poor guy sadly walked away as we realized that, in the end, Steve was right, but sometimes you just canït take High School out of the person or the clique.

Lana finally apologized to the group about the mistakes with Mike and Steve and Mike said it was the first time she had ever apologized. Jason, the bully, who has actually been the softest guy at the reunion, told Lana that she needed to deal with Mike because of their kids, which she agreed. To make matters worse, Lana received a ‘Hall Pass’ and you knew she would ask Mike to go. The only question that had to be answered was whether he would accept it or not. Mike told Heather to keep the ‘Hall Pass’ frame that Lana had given him as he walked away leaving us to wonder if he would accept it or not.

Late on Day 9 the gang was all in the hot tub area when we learned that Jason was skittish on marriage and that DeAnna was all for it, having been down the altar several times and that Matt and Yvette were going out again on another ‘Hall Pass’ date. Yvette was going to discuss the ‘boyfriend’ issue and Mike and Lana were going on the date after all. Yvette and Matt seemed to be slightly more circumspect on this dinner date as Yvette told Matt about the boyfriend. Matt was crushed as he saw any hopes of a future dashed on the Hawaiian lava rocks and Yvette saying that she wanted to make a right decision with a man the next time around as far as marriage went.

Back at the house, Kat was talking to DeAnna about Jason and how good they looked together. Jason was being extremely coy with DeAnna as they snuggled on the couch together and Jason told her that they would just have fun together, which might be guy talk for “after this show is over, I will see you at the next reunion and probably not before.”

Mike and Lana were at dinner and Lana ‘officially’ apologized for all of the sins she had perpetrated during their time together and told Mike that she still loved him. Mike looked so uncomfortable and agreed that if nothing else, their relationship would be better.

Day 10 arrived early at 8:21 AM and Lana could not help herself by announcing that she was leaving the house early because she missed her kids and had accomplished her goals for the reunion with Mike. Kat said that she was sad to see Lana leave but that she knew it was a right decision for her. Lana certainly left an impression on the group and her relationship with Mike seemed to be on the road to recovery as we saw her ride away in the early morning Hawaiian sun.

With all of the drama gone, you would think that the final episode will be a gentle farewell between the classmates of JJ Pierce High School class of ’87, but you can bet the fireworks are not over yet. We will watch the finale to see who ends up with who and if we will be satisfied with the ending. This is, by the way, reality TV, so we will not expect it to end as we think.

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High School Reunion; Lana Cracks and Matt Attacks

March 26, 2008 09:08:28 by DA Southern

Yvette and Matt of High School ReunionTV Land’s High School Reunion was at it again as another ex-classmate was introduced into the beach house; Heather, the hottest girl from the JJ Pierce Class of ’87 from Richardson, TX, or so she was dubbed.

We begin our journey at the Reunion Estate around 11:00 AM on Day 6 as Lana is shocked when the detention between former husband, Mike and Steve, the former lover, was about to begin. OK, I will be passing out scorecards to everybody so you can follow along. The rest of the house were as anxious as Lana to see what would happen between the men as we quickly switched to the Detention setting.

Steve was still trying to apologize to Mike, but Mike seemed not to want any part of it. Who really is the bigger man here? Mike was still shocked that Steve carried on the affair behind his back and said he would not forgive him as he turned and walked away. Steve went back to the house and had lunch with the gang like everything was good and it seemed as if the tension had subsided a bit, but probably not.

Sean and Kirstin arrived back from their ill-fated date and Kirstin tried to be as positive as she could be, but you could tell by the looks on both of their faces that things were not good between them. Sean just couldn’t get past the fact that Kirstin had broken his heart in the past.

Another “Hall Pass” was issued, this time to Matt, which meant Yvette, too. Matt seemed to be excited to be with Yvette but she was a little unsure about the “overnight” aspect of the date as we saw them packing for the trip. Mike was seen complaining that the ratio of “hot” girls was a little off balance as a black SUV drove up to deposit the next victim, Heather the Heartbreaker. We learned that she was the class “Wild Thing” and you could certainly see that the guys were happy to see her. If you must insert your own joke here, feel free. Lana was not happy to see her, even to the point of not even making an attempt to say hello. We are assuming there is bad blood between them and are sure to find out soon.

We catch up with Matt and Yvette as they started their “Hall Pass” on the beach with a day of surfing and fun and Matt bit her butt…OK, I said it. He took an opportunity when he found her butt in his face while surfing. Matt said that he was starting to have feelings for Yvette and I am sure the butt-bite incident had nothing to do with it.

Back at the house, Heather was already bringing a sense of fun back into the house that the tension between Steve and Mike had sucked out. It was funny to see Mike flirting with Heather at a luau the classmates attended and Lana looking upset about it. It was just like being back in High School. To top it off, Heather and Mike went for a walk on the beach and hugged while Lana and Kat watched and whispered about it.

Lana asked Steve how his meeting with Mike went and Steve seemed fairly optimistic. Did he see the same show I was watching because I didn’t see it. The other guys seemed to think pretty much the same thing as you could see that the tension was not gone, just hidden for the time being. Lana wanted to have a talk with Mike alone, which he declined, as Steve wandered into the hornet’s nest for some male bonding with some of the other guys.

Poor Steve could not catch a break as Sean tore into him for being morally bankrupt and said that he wondered how he hadn’t had “His ass whupped!” by Mike. Steve was a little put off that Sean had involved himself in such a personal matter as the rest of the fellas sauntered in to join the fun.

The other guys chimed in with some general feelings about the situation while Lana was in the other room with DeAnna chattering away as well. It finally came to a head when Mike came in and told the guys that the situation between him and Steve was what it was but that he had “Dealt with it.” Lana, never one to not be involved in every tragic situation at the house, actually had the nerve to ask Steve to leave. When confronted by Lana, Mike said that he wouldn’t ask Steve to leave but wouldn’t mind if they both left.

Back at the date with Matt and Yvette, Matt was really relaxed with her as we learned that Yvette had a boyfriend at home. Let that sink in! Poor Matt, who lost his wife recently and was finally opening up to a woman, was about to have that shell permanently reattached to him forever. After being with Matt all night, the next morning had Yvette feeling very conflicted about her boyfriend situation and what to do about it and Matt.

Day 7 opened up to us early back at the house as Steve was still fuming about the attacks from everybody the previous evening. Lana was still trying to reach out to Mike as he continued to shun her. Kat was telling DeAnna that she and Justin looked good together and Justin was telling the guys that he was confused as to the direction to take with DeAnna.

Our latest new arrival, Heather, was seen reading the bulletin board and saw that more new arrivals were headed to the house. Of course, Lana, was so thrilled, as always, at the prospect of someone new entering her realm of joy. The SUV emptied out three jersey-wearing girls from the class of ’86 who ran into the house to announce some sort of “Powder-puff” football game between the classmates.

We were quickly taken to the game as we saw the guys come running on the field dressed as cheerleaders. Face it, some traditions should have been left in the past. The game went off pretty rough for a “Powder puff” game, (I guess that is the point), as Kat was telling of her various “crushes” she had on the pretty girls and the ’87 girls reigned victorious in the game.

Back at the house, Kat and Mike arm wrestled for Heather’s affections, which Mike easily won. Lana was stirring up even more trouble as she complained to Sean about some lack of affections she had for Mike and was seen going to tell him. As she went searching for Mike to tell him the fantastic news, she naturally flipped when she saw him kissing Heather in the hot tub. I told you I was passing out scorecards, now use them, darn it.

Next week, Lana is mad at Heather, Mike and Steve. Yvette may break Matt’s heart. Steve may go home. Justin may not continue to build the relationship with his dream girl, DeAnna. Lana is crying about something. Mike is happy about Heather. Bring your scorecards because I won’t be passing out anymore.

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Exclusive Interview with High School Reunion’s Kat!

March 21, 2008 03:50:44 by Jennifer_Brown

Kat-Courtesy-Ronan-Zilberman-TVLandAttending a 20-year high school reunion is frightening enough for most people. Add to the mix a plan to “come out” during the reunion, living withclassmates you haven’t seen for 20 years,and televising the whole thing, and you’ve got one horrifying experience.

But for High School Reunion’s Kat, the experience was one she’ll never forget.

“I was actually really scared,” Kat tells Reality TV Magazine in a recent interview. “I think I was more excited than scared and then once I got to Maui, that’s when all the anxiety started to kick in. But for me it just ended up being amazing.”

Kat’s plan, to reveal to her former classmates that she’s a lesbian, ramped up her fear of what might happen. But, she reports, she was pleasantly surprised by the reception she received from them.

“I absolutely achieved what I’d hoped to achieve. Coming out to my classmates was a terrifying thing to do. I was so hidden and closeted and scared in high school. They accepted me with open arms just as I had hoped. It made my trip really pleasant and successful. It’s always nice to get acceptance from the people you grew up with.”

Still, some of her former classmates couldn’t help but test her dedication to her sexuality. As we saw in episode 2, Kat spent some time with Rob, testing the waters of a “straight date.” The date, Kat reports, didn’t sway her to the “straight” side as Rob had hoped.

“It just didn’t feel comfortable,” she says. “I wasn’t in the driver’s seat like I’m used to being in. It’s something I don’t know if I want to experience again.”

But whether any of the other JJ Pearce grads will take a shot at swaying Kat to the other side during the show, Kat won’t say. “As far as there being any more attempts,You’re going to have to watch and just see what happens,” she says.

Kat, who admits that she’s “jealous, in a good way” of teens who can come out of the closet today without fear, has nothing but good feelings about her stint on reality TV.

“We all keep in touch,” she says, adding that she and Justin are currently trying to convince reality show The Amazing Race to film a reality star version of the show and cast them in it. “We’re all just really great friends. We’re,a big family now. It was such a bonding experience.”

High School Reunion airs on Wednesdays at 10:00 PM (ET)on TVLand.

Photo Courtesy: Ronan Zilberman/TVLand

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High School Reunion; Pipsqueak Love and A Backstabber’s Remorse.

March 19, 2008 09:13:34 by DA Southern

High School Reunion's Steve the Backstabber

The JJ Pierce High School Class of ’87 from Richardson, TX in TV Land’s, High School Reunion, is in full swing as our local villain, Steve the Backstabber, was seen arriving at the end of our last episode.

You know the stuff will be flying and, probably, hitting the whirling wind machine as it gently turns to cool the house guest and, more importantly, Lana and Mike, as the ripples of the failed tryst began to weave its way to the other classmates.

Day 4 started for us at 9:21 AM as we again saw Steve arriving and hugging Lana. Mike immediately left the area as he tried to deal with all of the emotions as they rushed back to him. The first confrontation with Steve came when Steve told Mike to remember the last thing he said to him the last time they saw each other, “That he loved him.” Hey, I thought he liked Lana. Now, I’m really confused.

After a few heated moments with Mike and several of the other classmates, Steve tried to spin the entire incident with Lana by saying that Mike wanted to set him up with her. Mike was incredulous and then came the dreaded words that would ignite a firestorm in the house when Steve said, “I’m not in your house now, Mike. I’m not going to bow down to you, boy.” The other guys rallied around Mike and Rob even said that, “Had this been High School, those would have been fighting words.”

Steve felt attacked and Glenn tried to cozy up to Steve when he realized that Steve was going to be his roommate. In the other room, Yvette tried to calm Matt down as he felt the need to come to the aid of his friend. Glenn was back in the room with Steve when Lana came into see them and to reconnect with Steve. You could tell that Lana was still very fond of Steve, even to the point of defending his honor to Glenn as Glenn tried to tell Steve to try to get along with everyone in the house.

Lana and Steve left together as the rest of the classmates watched in shock. The two ended up on Windmill Beach to discuss the situation as Steve was concerned about hostilities breaking out between him and Matt, but was confident that he could take him. I am actually starting to feel sorry for poor ole Steve, but, it is early.

Later in the morning Steve decided to try to apologize again to Mike. Poor Steve entered the hornet’s nest that was his former classmates to try to bring resolution to the incident with Lana and Mike. He was making a fairly honest attempt to reconcile the friendship between him and Mike, but, in reality, Mike was probably being more immature through the whole process as the rest of the classmates thought Steve to be a little brass and not as humble as he should have been. Steve continued to dig a deeper hole as he told Rob that Lana had actually thrown herself at him and that he succumbed to her womanly whiles. OK, not so classy. I take it back. I don’t feel sorry for Steve now.

Kirstin was talking about her “Hall Pass” with Sean and how it was a chance to show him that she was ready to commit to his money, I mean, a serious relationship. The pair headed off to another part of Hawaii to rekindle their love and Kirstin told him that she really wanted to be with him, but you could see that Sean was unsure.

Back at the house, Justin and DeAnna were looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, but what fun is that when we can have some more “Steve causing extreme tension” action. That’s much more fun than yucky love! Steve was still trying to defend himself to Cheryl while Glenn was talking to Mike. Mike told him how he had helped Steve through a hard time but that Steve started dating his ex-wife, Lana.

As the sun set on another day at the house, Lana was talking to Rob about how she hooked up with Steve, that they were both single and she didn’t see anything wrong with it. Rob listened but could not contain himself any longer as he told Lana that he thought Steve was creepy and a real jerk and that she still had feelings for him. Lana got mad, because Rob was right, and charged off to her room.

Rob decided that Steve was sucking the life out of the house so he decided to streak and jump into the pool to get some life back into the house. Then the rest of the guys decided to get naked and jump into the pool as well. DeAnna, feeling the thrill of the Hawaiian air on her skin, joined in with the guys, which gave Justin a whole new feeling towards her. No, not that. Where is your mind?

Steve was having second thoughts about even staying at the house but thought it really necessary to try to apologize to Mike, which was fairly admirable. Back at the pool, the naked DeAnna and Justin were hugging and what had to be the funniest statement uttered during the show, DeAnna said that she “thought something had changed between them.” Insert your own comment here.

Day 5 at the reunion had Justin getting a “Hall Pass” and, of course, asked DeAnna if she wanted to go, hoping to carry on the pool escapades, no doubt. The day must have been fairly uneventful as the next action happened at 9:05 PM for us and we saw the gang gorging themselves while poor Steve was off by himself. Rob was actually feeling bad about excluding Steve and invited him to dinner and made a pretty decent toast to the group as tensions seemed to diminish.

Justin and DeAnna were off on their date at the Westin Villas as we catch the action at 9:24 PM. Justin, still thinking himself in High School, couldn’t believe he was with the popular girl and that she was “into him.” Needless to say, the date was going very well with DeAnna making very overt moves to help Justin realize that they had a future together.

Back at the other date, Sean and Kirstin were still trying to sort out what feelings they had for each other. Kirstin was still trying to convince Sean that she had changed but Sean was fairly confident that she would not be with him during tough times, like she had done in the past.

The house seemed to have a fairly relaxed atmosphere as everyone was hanging out in the hot tub. Kat was talking about her lesbian experiences and then reached out to Matt about the loss of his wife and how he dealt with it all. Yvette was extremely touched and tried to comfort Matt as much as possible and you could see that the two had connected.

Back at the date with Justin and DeAnna, dinner was over as they headed to their room with a flower-covered bed with a huge bathtub that they found themselves in when Justin said (to us) that, “He thinks they are going to do it.” I don’t know what he means by that, but I guess we will see. The next morning arrived and they were in bed together. I wonder if they did “it?” They both had robes on and they kissed some more, so, I guess so.

The “Hall Pass” date between Sean and Kirstin was so bad and you could see that it would be very doubtful if, after the reunion, they would ever see each other again. Sean even said that he did not believe that she was not someone who would be there through the tough times for him. You have got to wonder what these “tough times” were with this guy.

Back at the house, poor Lana was still trying to defend her relationship with Steve to Jason as she was truly living up to her name as “The Drama Queen.” Steve finally was going to get his time with Mike as the pair of them got a “Detention” and was to meet for an hour to work things out. Poor Mike, this was his second detention. Maybe it is him who is causing all of this strife. Steve was hoping to move on with Mike and Mike was not willing to kiss and make up, but alas, we won’t see what happens until the next episode.

With budding relationships and a possible scuffle, of course we will be seeing a new classmate coming into the mix on the next episode of High School Reunion and RealityTVMagazine.com has it all for you.

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Photo Courtesy of TV Land.

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High School Reunion; Bullys, Backstabbers and Millionaires, Oh My!

March 13, 2008 07:46:00 by DA Southern

High School Reunion Mike and Lana Confront Their DemonsI didn’t know what to expect when I first learned about High School Reunion on TV Land but, I was surprised, to say the least.

I don’t know why. What a better way to have instant drama; put a bunch of different types of people together who already have a history, add preconceived notions, a pinch of maturity and what do you get? That is what we will be exploring at the Hawaiian retreat with the JJ Pierce High School Class of ’87 from Richardson, TX in TV Land’s, High School Reunion.

In the first episode we got a chance to meet the first bunch of classmates; Matt the Jock, Mike the Rebel, Lana the Drama Queen, DeAnna the popular girl, Rob the stud, Justin the pipsqueak, Kat the lesbian, Jason the bully, Yvette the girl next door, Cheryl the outsider and Kirstin the spoiled girl, as they get reacquainted with each other.

We pick up this week where we left off at the end of the first episode with the gang reminiscing about the ’80′s and Yvette accepting a “Hall Pass” date with Matt, the former jock who had lost his wife to kidney disease 6 months ago. Matt was nervous because he had not even attempted to date since losing his wife and was unsure how to deal with Yvette.

Matt and Yvette arrived at their date location around 8:27 in the evening for dinner at the beautiful Westin Hotel in Maui. Yvette was telling Matt how much she admired him for keeping in contact with friends from High School and how she hoped that their kids could be friends as well. You could see Matt’s awkwardness as he explained that he still struggled with letting his guard down around women.

Back at the retreat house, those crazy kids from the ’80′s were discussing when they lost their virginity and, of course, Lana and Mike were at odds once again when Lana informed the group that she had lost her virginity to her first boyfriend, which was not Mike. Rob, the stud, was really attracted to Kat, the lesbian, especially since he found out that she was bi-curious.

Back at the date, Matt and Yvette seemed to be adapting to each other fairly easily and Matt really seemed to start to open up to her as he realized that he may be ready to move on.

Reunion Day 3 found changes ahead for our intrepid bunch as Mike and Lana immediately started in on each other early in the AM. The newly discovered, Detention Pass, did not help matters any when Lana was informed that she was the first recipient of what we are sure will be very unpleasant disruptions in their day as they would have an hour to discuss an issue with someone in the house.

Lana was visibly upset at the prospect of having to spend any “alone” time with Mike as we saw Mike get his detention pass as well. Back in the kitchen, Kirstin was telling Kat about the on-again, off-again relationship she had been having with a former classmate, Sean, for the past ten years. Kirstin told Kat that they were engaged but she broke it off because she was unsure as to the future with him,which means he will probably show up soon.

At detention, Mike showed up to lovingly greet Lana,OK, not so much,as we find out that Lana slept with Mike’s best friend, Steve, which means he will be showing up later, as well. Mike and Lana were fairly civil to each other for the first time in the show as Lana told Mike that she was married. Lana asked Mike not to hate her as Mike explained that it had been a year and a half since she had slept with Mike’s ex-best friend.

Poor Mike. It seems like someone really had it out for him on this show with the ex-wife and the ex-best friend both showing up as we hear the Phil Collins song, Another Day in Paradise, playing in the background. The two seemed to reach a civil discord as the detention ended and they headed back to the house.

Early afternoon found Yvette chatting up the date with Matt with DeAnna and Mike talking about the detention as Jason announced that new arrivals were on the way. Jason was thinking that there were no computer nerds in the group so that must be who was coming into the house and DeAnna was laughing as the guys seemed to be “defending their territory” and said that they had all kind of bonded and that new arrivals would upset the mood of the house.

Matt was thinking that the worse scenario would be to have Steve come into the house because of what he did to Mike and you could tell that there was not going to be peace on earth with any new arrival. A dramatic entrance on a motorcycle had the entire reunion gang wondering who was behind the mysterious helmet as we had our first glimpse at Sean the millionaire. Sean was indeed the nerd who became successful in the software business and wanted to come to the reunion to see if he could work on the issues with Kirstin.

Everybody warmly greeted Sean as he adapted to the group and it was funny as you saw the High School demeanor immediately overtake Sean, not like that hasn’t happened to the rest of us.

Kat got a “Hall Pass” and was informed that she was to take a man to the beach. Kat immediately picked Rob and Rob was honored to “represent the male species”, whatever that meant. A funny conversation between Justin and Rob had Justin wondering who had been with more women and if Rob could kiss her, and, of course, a bet was placed.

Kirstin showed Sean around and Jason received a detention to resolve issues with a former classmate who Jason told us that there were many. Mike said that could be half the school as Jason laughed and Justin said that he could see that Jason had changed but should face his demons.

Kat and Rob were frolicking on the beach when Rob asked why she picked him. Kat said that she seemed to have the best banter with him and was shocked that she was with a guy at all. Kat flattered Rob as Rob painted Kat’s thigh and the two seemed to be having a decent time on the beach as Rob schemed to kiss Kat. Wait, isn’t that a candy bar? He did, by the way.

Detention started for Jason as he waited at a gas station for his prior victim as we had our first introduction to Glenn, the high school geek. Glenn explained that Jason had beat on him at a convenience store once and Jason didn’t even remember it. Jason apologized as Glenn said that he had withdrawn from many of the High School events because of the incident. Glenn was shocked that Jason didn’t even recall the incident and wondered how the rest of the house would treat him.

Rob and Kat returned back to the house and Kat informed us that she was glad that she went out with a guy but was sure she was still a lesbian. Way to represent the species, Rob! A car delivering, “can’t get over it” Glenn, and “now mellow” Jason returned to the house to intro Glenn and a true “silence that you could hear crickets chirping” moment occurred as Jason introduced Glenn to the rest of the gang.

Glenn’s preconceived notions about what may or may not have happened so far at the house hampered his ability to enjoy the moment as everybody warmly greeted him and Jason was visibly upset that his actions may have hampered Glenn’s development in life.

Another new arrival was forecasted and Sean was greeted with his own Hall Pass so he could ignite his relationship with Kirstin, which she gladly accepted. Kirstin was glad to have the moments with Sean as she wanted another chance to prove to him that she could be trusted. The guys were all invited on a fishing trip, sans Glenn, to give the guys a chance to bond even further so as to make it even more difficult for Steve, I mean, the new house guest to fit in.

The new arrival, Steve the backstabber, drove up to set up the drama with the rest of the house and as Steve exited the car and we trailed off to the credits, we knew that there was going to be trouble “up thar in them there hills.”

Next week, we will have fun watching the fireworks as the reunion gets interesting and you can trust that RealityTVMagazine.com will keep you in the know.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for High School Reunion news. For other great Reality TV news, please feel free to check out SirLinksALot: High School Reunion.

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High School Reunion: Three New Classmates!

March 12, 2008 09:45:52 by Jennifer_Brown

High-School-Reunion-Courtesy-TVLandHigh school reunions probably rank up there on the list of most nerve-wracking prospects for most people. Imagine having to reunite with old loves, old enemies, old friends, old bullies…on TV.

TV Land’s High School Reunion, which premiered last week, lets us in on the 20-year reunion of more than a dozen members of the JJ Pearce High School class of 1987. It’s a Hawaiian getaway for the jock, the popular girl, the stud, the bully, and the geek, and an emotional reality show for the rest of us.

This week on High School Reunion, we catch up with the schoolmates as their reformed bonds grow ever-closer. Matt and Yvette, in particular, are growing quite close, while former married couple, Mike and Lana hash out their old issues. Kat tries to get a little sumpin’-sumpin’ goin’ on romantically with Rob during a Hall Pass.

And, as if that’s not drama enough, three more old Pearce High classmates will arrive, creating more drama than ever on the estate.

Catch Episode 2 of High School Reunion on Wednesday, March 12th, at 10:00 PM (ET) on TV Land.

Photo Courtesy: TV Land

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