New Reality Show Challenges Contestants to Hold Their Lunch…

May 1, 2008 07:09:54 by Jennifer_Brown

G4-TV-LogoYeah, for all you big-talkers out there who claim you’ve got an iron stomach, it’s time to put up or shut up! G4TV has created a new summer reality series that will put those claims to the test–and then some!

The show is called Hurl, and the concept is simple. Four contestants on each episode will gorge themselves on All-American foods such as macaroni and cheese and chicken pot pies and then will test their ability to keep it down. Sound too simple? Well, they don’t just have to keep it down–they have to keep it down while doing particularly full tummy un-friendly activities, such as bull riding, belly flopping, and…erp…riding tea cup-style carnival rides.

Anyone who survives the first test will be sent back to the table to load up again, with the goal being to eat more than their challengers and keep it down again through another physical challenge, this time including a “rogue element of danger” (hmm… are you thinking what I’m thinking? Bungee-barfing!!!). The last man (or woman) standing (as opposed to kneeling over a bucket) will be crowned a true Iron Gut and will win a prize.

An official release date for Hurl has not yet been set, but sources predict a summer run for the show.

Photo Courtesy: G4 TV

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