I Love New York is Heading to Hollywood

February 21, 2008 09:40:03 by Jennifer_Brown

Tiffany-Pollard-Courtesy-VH1Her name is Tiffany Pollard, but reality TV fans know her better as New York, star of VH1′s reality TV dating series, I Love New York.

Pollard, who’s been looking for love, reality-style, since she was ditched by rapper Flavor Flav on Flavor of Love, finally found it in thesecond season of I Love New York. Contestant George Weisgerber, otherwise known as Tailor Made, stole New York’s heart and asked for her hand and marriage.

So does a return of New York to the TV screen mean things have gone sour with Tailor? Nope. This time New York’s reality show takes a different turn altogether as she heads to Hollywood, not looking for love, but for fame.

The show will be called New York Loves Hollywood and will follow Pollard’s attempts to land acting roles in Hollywood. No word on whether Tailor will be co-starring with his betrothed, but the scouting has begun for established industry professionals to appear on the show.

Read Reality TV Magazine’s interview with Tailor Made here.

Check back with Reality TV Magazine fordates and timeson New York Loves Hollywood as they’re announced.

Photo Courtesy: VH1

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Wedding Bells Sound for New York & Tailor Made

December 27, 2007 09:35:48 by Jennifer_Brown

I Love New York 2 Courtesy VH1

Viewers of the I Love New York 2 season finale may have been disappointed when New York turned down Tailor Made’s proposal, saying she wanted to wait a couple years before making anything final. But boy did those 2 years go by fast!

According to People.com, Tailor Madewill proposeto New York again on the I Love New York 2 reunion show (set to air on Jan 6th) and this time she’ll say yes!Guess there will (at last!) be wedding bells for New York after all.

New York, whose real name is Tiffany Pollard, hasbeen seekinga real love for some time now. She first hit thereality love-show scene on Flavor of Love,vying forrapper Flavor Flav’s heart.When Flavordumped her…twice, she got her own show, I Love New York, where she hooked up with and got engaged to contestant “Tango.” But Tango wasn’t feelin’ it and called off their engagement just a couple months later on the reunion show, opening the doors for I Love New York 2 and suitorTailor Made.

Tailor Made, whose real name is George Weisgerber, told Reality TV Magazine in a recent interview, that he wanted no regrets when it came to competing for New York’s heart. “[New York is] my star crush,” he says. “If you see the compatibility test, we,complement each other very well. She wants a man who can both cherish her and respect her and I think I can offer her both of those things.”

I Love New York 2 will air a reunion show on Jan 6, 2008 on VH1.

Source: People.com

Photo Courtesy: VH1

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I Love New York’s Tailor Made Wants “No Regrets”

December 3, 2007 06:06:17 by Jennifer_Brown

Tailor Made Is In It For Love

He’s not going to win any popularity contests anytime soon – not with the guys in the house or with fans of the show – but I Love New York 2′s Tailor Made swears he’s in it for the right reasons.

Although Tailor believes some of the editing of the show make him look “manipulative or shady,” he believes that the show gives a fair representation of his adoration for New York. “,I’m very passionate and I’m a hopeless romantic,” Tailor tells Reality TV Magazine in a recent interview. “I guess you do see that on the show. I am willing to do anything for love.”

And not for the love of just any woman, either. Tailor wants the love of sexy New York. “I’ve been looking for love and I felt like when I got out to LA and met New York that she was the one for me.” He adds that, while he doesn’t have any problem meeting women, what he does have trouble with is meeting women who have all the qualities he finds attractive. “I’ve been in relationships and found a lot of qualities in different women I’ve dated that I’m attracted to,” he says. But New York has them all: “Independent-minded, strong, dominant, but respectful of a man, physically attractive, great body, beautiful complexion,New York embodied everything I was looking for in a woman.”

It helps, of course, that Tailor’s 11-year old daughter and “best friend” approved of New York as well and is supportive of Dad. “Not that I need her approval, but I run things by her. I seek advice from her. [My daughter] knows me better than anyone.”

Tailor claims that it’s his love for New York that has caused him to do things that have gotten him such a bad reputation with co-stars and fans alike. “Not to sound clichÃ, but I’m a lover, not a fighter,” he says, regarding his habit of cowering away from altercations when things get physical. He claims that he wants to not only win New York’s heart, but to respect her rules as well – and that includes a rule of no fighting in the house.

So why, this has some wondering, would he spit in Mr. Wise’s face, knowing that it would entice a fight with Mr. Wise? “I’m very sensitive to what happened,” Tailor says about the spitting incident. “It is something that I do regret.” He goes on to explain that Mr. Wise started trouble first and was spitting in his face as he was talking to him. “I can only endure that for so long before I’ll blow up.”

Tailor is quick to point out, however, that he went to New York after the spitting incident because he knew she’d be upset about it and that he took his punishment from her “like a man.” And as for Mr. Wise’s reaction? “I don’t fault him for his response,” Tailor says. “In a similar situation I would’ve responded in the same way.”

But Tailor believes that’s where his similarities with the other guys come to an end. “I think a lot of these guys were very much concerned with the camaraderie [of living together],” he claims. “They were all there to have each other’s backs.” He believes that the intentions of some of his competitors are “disingenuous” (they came to the show for a cool vacation and buddies to hang out with, Tailor says), while Tailor is there for the “right reasons,” which is to find love with New York.

“The first and foremost that I can tell you is that I’m truly sincere about my reasons for being in the house,” Tailor says. “[New York is] my star crush. If you see the compatibility test, we,complement each other very well. She wants a man who can both cherish her and respect her and I think I can offer her both of those things. I think I’m the only guy that’s left that can offer her that.”

With the exception of the spitting incident, Tailor believes he’s conducted himself in a way that he will be able to live with after the show is over. “If I didn’t put my whole heart into it, win or lose, I would regret it,” he says. And Tailor Made wants no regrets.

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I Love New York 2 Premieres Tonight

October 8, 2007 12:01:00 by Joe Blackmon

Since Tiffany “New York” Pollard failed to find true love on the first
“I Love New York,” it of course meant that a sequel had to be done.
New York is now back in the dating pool in search of the mad of her

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I Love New York Controversy – Tango’s Reason For Breaking Off Engagement Contradicts Earlier Interview

April 16, 2007 12:51:50 by Joe Blackmon

Tango_turtleBy now, everyone who watched the I Love New York reunion is buzzing
about how Tango broke off his engagement with New York.  The main
reason that Tango gave for breaking up with New York was that he was
upset over watching the show and seeing how New York disrespected his

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I Love New York Reunion – Tango Dumps New York

April 15, 2007 09:17:42 by Joe Blackmon

New_york_reunionOn the I Love New York reunion, all of the guys returned except for
Rico, Jersey, and Pootie.  According to the host La La, they couldn’t
make it to the reunion because one had some issues, one was on
crutches, and one was in jail.  Romance was the first guy to talk to
New York, and he pulled out a stack of magazines that he had appeared
in and threw them on the floor. 

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I Love New York Finale Draws 4.8 Million Viewers

April 4, 2007 06:57:37 by Joe Blackmon

Newyork_tango_photo“New York” didn’t leave anything to “Chance” and found out Tango has love for her.  Monday night’s season finale of VH1′s “I Love New York” drew 4.8
million total viewers, making it the most watched episode of the
season. The series ended up as the second highest-rated season of any
VH1 series ever.

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I Love New York Winner Is Tango

April 2, 2007 11:38:13 by Joe Blackmon

Newyork_tangoIn the I Love New York Finale, New York took Tango and Chance to
Mexico.  In Mexico, New York took both Tango and Chance to dinner.  New
York called Tango out for calling Chance fake, which led to a huge
fight.  Chance broke his glass and threatened to cut up Tango. 

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I Love New York Finale Airs Tonight

April 2, 2007 12:13:00 by Joe Blackmon

Tiffany "New York" Pollard has chosen her final two! "New York"
eliminated "Real" and narrowed her search to the final two suitors
"Chance" (who is Real’s brother) and "Tango." After the last
elimination, New York told her final 2 men to pack their bags because
they’re goin’ to Playa Car, Mexico for an exotic getaway!

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I Love New York Results – Real Eliminated

March 19, 2007 11:56:00 by Joe Reality

Real_eliminatedIn the ninth episode of I Love New York, the three remaining guys received a letter that their moms would be
coming to visit.  The first mother to visit was the mother of brothers
Chance and Real.  New York & Sister Patterson and Chance & Real
& their mom visited a horse ranch.  At lunch, New York ignored Real
and paid all her attention to Chance.

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