Brad Johnson Takes First Round Of Last One Standing

October 4, 2007 09:28:10 by Joe Blackmon

Brad_johnsonn the premiere episode of Last One Standing, six athletes travel to
Brazil.  The athletes live with the Kalapalo tribe and receive wrestling
training.  A professional lightweight strongman named Brad has
the biggest muscles, and the tribe designates him as the chosen one.

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Last One Standing Premieres On Discovery Channel

October 4, 2007 12:01:00 by Joe Blackmon

Last One Standing takes six athletes (three American and three British)
and immerses them in the most remote tribes in the world.  The six
athletes live alongside and train with indigenous tribespeople as they
prepare to represent their host tribe in raw and intense competition.
From death-defying Zulu stick fighting in South Africa to an arduous
foot race in the Mexican mountains (wearing only handmade sandals)
these men push their physical and mental limits to see who will be the
last warrior standing.  This new 12-part series premieres Thursday,
October 4, at 9:00PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel.

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