Made And True Life Return To MTV With New Episodes

December 6, 2008 07:00:27 by Joe Reality

MTV Made Logo

MTV has announced several new episodes of Made and True Life. The episodes will air back-to-back on Saturday, December 6 from 1 PM to 8 PM ET/PT. The episodes of Made are entitled “Home Coming Queen,” “Rock Star,” “Hip Hop Dancer,” and “Basketball Player.” The episodes or True Life are entitled “I’m In A Love Triangle,” “I Have PTSD,” and “I’m Competitive With My Friends”

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MTV Airs Three New Episodes of Made

March 6, 2008 04:01:01 by Jennifer_Brown

MTV Logo Courtesy MTVWhether it’s Pop Star, Figure Skater, or Wrestler, MTV’s Emmy-winning show, Made can make it a reality for regular people. On Saturday, March 8th, it’s doing it again, this time “making” a Rock Star, a Debater, and a Pro Wrestler.

Made chronicles the triumphs and pitfalls of young people as they’re matched up with mentors and coaches and are “made” into something they’ve always dreamed they could be.

Made: Rock Star (10:00 AM) — High school brainiac, Andrew Hisel, wants to participate in the school’s “Battle of the Bands,” but has never played an instrument before and has zero stage presence.

Made: Debater (11:00 AM) — In an episode that includes an international journey to Korea, cheerleader Aja Gerrity wants to ditch the ditzy persona and join in with the “smart kids,” by becoming a debater. First she’ll have to battle friends, hectic schedules, and stage fright to get there.

Made: Pro Wrestler (12:00 PM) — Motor City Machine Guns Alex Shelley and TNA Wrestling’s Chris Sabin team up to help self-proclaimed “choir queer,” Chris Hendricks go from picked on to power-puncher. Hendricks, whose sick of being the “weak gay kid” plans to show everyone that he, too, can hold his own in the wrestling ring.

Catch the three new episodes of Made on MTV, Saturday, March 8th.

Photo Courtesy: MTV

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Made Features Hockey, Snowboarding, Pageants, And Hip Hop

February 16, 2008 01:05:33 by Joe Reality

Made Courtesy MTV

Made is returning to MTV with four new back-to-back episodes with a wide variety of topics. The four Made episodes will feature young people going through life-changing journeys. From princess to ice hockey player, from bubbly blonde to snowboarder, from tomboy to pageant queen, and from nerd to hip hop dancer are the transformations that take place. The Made episodes will air on Saturday, February 16 from 10 AM to 2 PM ET/PT.

These four episodes are entitled “MADE: Ice Hockey”, “MADE: Snowboarder”, “MADE: Pageant Queen”, and “MADE: Hip Hop Dancer”. ”

Made: Ice Hockey tells the story of Samantha Bradley. Samantha has been pampered all her life, but she wants to face her fear of sports. Samantha will be made into an ice hockey player, and she will play with a girl’s hockey team.

Made: Snowboarder tells the story of Tara Weldon. Tara is a bubbly blonde whowants to show her family and school friends that she’s not a ditzy girly girl. Tara will be made into a hardcore snowboarder. Professional snowboarder Jesse Csinsack will train Tara over the course of six weeks. After training, Tara will compete in a real snowboarding competition.

Made: Pageant Queen tells the story of Kelly Ortiz. Kelly is a tomboy, but she wants to go from being just one of the guys to being more girly. Kelly will be made into a pageant queen. Coach Jacqueline Bradley will train Kelly over the course of six weeks.

Made: Hip Hop Dancer tells the story of Hallie Willm. Hallie is nerdy girlwho is tired of being overlooked for the athletic girls in her school. Hallie will be made into a hip hop dancer. After learning to be a hip hop dancer, Hallie will compete in her school’s talent show.

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It’s a Made Marathon!

January 10, 2008 12:31:39 by Jennifer_Brown

Made Courtesy MTVOn Monday, MTV whet our appetites with a new episode of its Emmy Award-winning show, Made. We got to watch ballerina Whitley be “made” into a tough boxer on Made: Boxer. Saturday, MTV gives us more Made. In fact,Saturday MTV will air a Made Marathon.

First up we’ll see Made: Rapper (11AM ET), where Talib Kweli will turn Colin, a history-loving trombonist, into a hip hop giant. Will Colin make the transformation in time for his junior/senior dance and impress his peers? Foshizzle!

At 12PM, we’ll see Made: Ballerina, and clumsy brainiac, Sarah. Ballet master, Robert Sher-Machherndl, will be Sarah’s coach, turning Sarah from bookworm to ballerina.

Next, Bryce is determined to win his school’s talent show in Made: Dancer (1PM). He’s a class clown with an urge to waltz into the winning spot, going from goofball to ballroom dancer.

At 2PM MTV will be turning Tomboy with a ‘Tude, Jessica, into a feminine figure skater in Made: Figure Skater. Will Jessica get past her scheduling nightmare and grueling physical tasks in time to get a date to Homecoming?

Finally, 17-year old Erick gets made in Made: Soap Star (3PM). With the help of All My Children’s Jacob Young (rich hottie JR Chandler), Erick strives for an opportunity to audition for a role on All My Children.

View full episodes of Made, and find out what happens after the show on

Made will air Jan. 12, 2008, 11AM – 4PM ET, on MTV.

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MTV to Air New Episodes of Emmy-Winning “Made”

January 7, 2008 05:29:35 by Jennifer_Brown

Made Courtesy MTV

Ever wish you could drop your old life and totally transform yourself into something new? Ever wish for a makeover that will turn you into something you’ve always dreamed you could be?

That’s what MTV’s Emmy Award-winning series, “Made,” is all about — chronicling the life-transforming makeovers of several young people. Those participating in Made get a coach/mentor to help them become someone else.

Back for its 8th season, Made will air tonight (Jan. 7) at 10PM ET, with the episode, Made: Boxer. During this episode a princessy ballerina, Whitley, will be transformed into a tough boxer who no longer must rely on friends for protection.

This will be followed by a Made marathon, to air on Jan. 12, 11AM – 4PM, ET, on MTV.

Watch full episodes and check out “Life After Made” on

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Made Returns To MTV With Four New Episodes

November 18, 2007 12:01:00 by Joe Blackmon

Made, the Emmy Award winning series, is returning to MTV on Sunday,
November 18 from 11AM to 3PM ET/PT with four brand new episodes.  The
four new episodes are entitled “Made: Brainiac,” “Made: Model,” “Made:
Geek to Chic” and “Made: Triathelete.

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Made Returns With Three Episode Marathon

June 29, 2007 12:04:00 by Joe Blackmon

On the heels of a recent Daytime Emmy Award win, MTV’s "Made" returns
displaying what driven, focused young Americans are capable of once
given an opportunity! "Made" and the stories shared in each episode
inspire and empower young adults to take chances and achieve
insurmountable goals.   On June 30th beginning at 12pm ET/PT,  MTV
unveils the next installment of "Made"  with a special three hour

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