It’s the Final Vote on Make Me a Supermodel!

March 20, 2008 09:27:11 by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelThis week on Make Me a Supermodel, Shannon and Ronnie are up for the vote. Surprise! Shannon’s first time at the bottom is also her last, as America keeps Ronnie on for another week.

There are only four models left, and Holly is the only girl. “I hate you guys,” she says to Ronnie and Perry. She might be the only female, but she’s tired of taking the boys’ insults.

Naomi Campbell makes a surprise visit, and looks over the models’ books. The boys are dumbstruck. “She smells great!” Ben finally manages to say. Naomi likes Holly’s hair, and calls Perry’s shoot “saucy”.

The last photo assignment involves nudity. The models will be getting elemental, and each one is assigned to be earth, wind, fire or water. Legendary photographer and director Matthew Rolston will be shooting. The models aren’t as shy as they were several weeks ago, but Holly is still a little squeamish. “Seeing Ben naked is like seeing your brother naked. It just shouldn’t happen,” she says.

Ben’s up first, as Wind. He shows off his amazing physique under billowing yards of fabric. “That was very good work,” Matthew says. “Ben impressed me very much.” Holly is up next, embodying fire. She’s wearing a bald cap and not much else – Matthew will be adding flames to her head using photo shop. “She’s not as toned as she should be for a nude,” Matthew complains, but he gets his shot.

Perry is startling as Water. He’s looking fierce, with his teeth blacked out into points and a huge ice cube in his mouth. He’s naked, too, but Matthew has him tuck his tail between his legs for the shoot. Perry has one request. He has an “A” on his wrist, a sign of his love for wayward girlfriend Amanda Pagel. Apparently, he believes last week’s tabloid story, because he asks the photographer if he can erase the tat from the shots. He doesn’t want to be reminded of his ex when he’s viewing his awesome shoot. Matthew promises to wipe out any trace of Miss A.

Ronnie is assigned Earth, and he looks like a Greek god. “Masculine grace at its finest,” Matthew says. The models are in for another surprise – that night they attend a gallery party featuring their photos! Everyone loves the pics and the models are riding high.

Time for the final catwalk, and it’s a triple decker. The models will do three looks and three different walks. Niki’s brought in some help, though. Christian Siriano, the winner of Project Runway, is on hand to make sure the contestants look fierce. The models practice their walks, and as usual Christian has plenty to say.

Holly’s confident this week. “I’m gonna kill that catwalk like it’s a lazy squirrel,” she says. Christian likes her too. “She’s a great model. I would probably book her.” Christian also thinks he knows why America loves Ronnie so much. “He’s so cute! Maybe because all the gays are in love with him.” He’s not so sure about the other viewer favorite, Ben. “I don’t think Ben is ready,” he says.

The first walk is underwear, and Holly is cute and almost retro in an orange wig. The boys don’t have much to show in plain black skivvies. They get to have fun on the second walk, though. Ben looks like he’s ready to hunt Easter eggs in a blue bow tie and white shorts, and loosens up enough to do a little skip at the end. Perry goes for a full blown dance number at the end of the catwalk, and Holly is gorgeous in a fluffy, ruffly gown and matching hat. Ronnie’s got shades from the 80′s, but his walk is forgettable.

The third look is a serious one, and the models all do a nice job of elegantly showing off their fancy clothes. Holly’s happy to be out there. “My favorite part about modeling is the catwalk.”

The judges have lots to say to the contestants. It’s the last time we’ll be voting, and America is going to choose the winner this week. Will it be Perry, so sure of himself and newly single? Ronnie, the good looking All-American boy? Ben, the prison guard with a body so hot even Tyson Beckford comments on it? Or will Holly be the last girl standing? Go to right now to vote, and pick who will be made into a supermodel!

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Make Me a Supermodel Goes Goth.

March 13, 2008 08:46:42 by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelAmerica surprised the judges this week on Make Me a Supermodel. Cory Bautista even tells the models that he thinks America made a mistake as it is revealed that Casey will be heading home. Did anyone really think Ben was going anywhere?

Old business aside, the fun starts right away. The contestants are going to live a supermodel lifestyle, and fly to New Orleans for the photo assignment. Ben’s excited, as the Big Easy is his hometown. Tyson also tells the models about a change in the voting procedure. From now on, only two models will be up for the vote.

The models hop off to their rooms to get ready, but Tyson pulls Perry aside. It’s time to show him the tabloid story about his wayward girlfriend, Amanda Pagel. Perry’s shocked. “Is that my house?” According to the story, Britney Spears‘ paparazzi boyfriend has spent five nights in a row at Perry’s house with Perry’s girl.

Tyson tries to give him a pep talk. “This would make any normal man crumble,” he tells Perry. “A supermodel, though? This ain’t nothing.” Perry is not impressed, and Tyson continues. “If this is true, then the best revenge is success.”

“If this is true, then it’s the worst news I’ve ever had in my life,” Perry says. I think he believes the rag mag. He leaves the room shouting, “Whore!”

The models make it to New Orleans and the accommodations are luxurious – and missing a bed. There are two queens for three men. Ben and Perry insist on sleeping together, leaving Perry to his own devices. The competition is getting stiff, though, and Ronnie isn’t as loyal to Ben as he seemed in the beginning. “I’ve got my voodoo doll here, so Perry and Ben, you’re going home!” Ronnie says as he stabs his little doll.

The photo shoot takes place in the iconic Lafayette cemetery, and the theme is Drop Dead Gorgeous. The models will be making Goth look beautiful and using a live crow for a prop. The crow takes a shine to Ben, trying to peck out his eyes and pooping on his shoulder. Photographer Christopher Micaud doesn’t have any complaints. “Ben was strong. I got some good shots of him.”

Shannon and Ronnie have a tougher time. Christopher puts Shannon in a variety of poses but can’t seem to get the shot he likes. Ronnie feels that Shannon is riding on the coattails of her previous success, and notes she has never been in the bottom three. Has her time come?

After their shoot, the models dine at Arnaud’s and stroll down Bourbon Street for a night on the town. Finally, we see a softer side of Perry. He refuses to eat the turtle soup, out of respect for his faithful pet, Clark the Turtle. “Perry wouldn’t try it, the old wussy-head,” Holly laughs. She mocks him throughout the meal.

Ronnie takes time to tell the guys that the girls have got to go. Okay, Ronnie, you want to win. We get it! Stop being so mean.

Everyone does stop being mean to each other and the contestants come together to work with Habitat for Humanity, rebuilding a home for Cherie LeBlanc, a woman who lost her house to Hurricane Katrina. Holly gets worked up. “I really get emotional about people who are less fortunate than I am,” she says. Niki decides Cherie needs a housewarming present, and sends Shannon and Perry to pick something up. They decide on a recliner without any backbiting or arguing. Charity really is good for the soul!

Back at the New York loft, however, everyone reverts to their backbiting selves. “I feel like he only has one look,” Holly sniffs about Ronnie. Shannon agrees, calling him “a Ken doll dressed as a vampire.” Perry’s the only one not indulging in vicious gossip. He can’t – he’s all alone, since his roommates were both sent home.

Having celebrated the attitude and style of New Orleans, Niki tells the models to choreograph a dark story for the runway and act it out. Shannon immediately takes over, declaring herself the high priestess of the bit and making the guys her henchmen. Holly is brilliant as the intended victim, but Perry gets a little cheesy with the props. The judges aren’t very impressed with most of the models.

They decide that Ben and Holly were the best, and seemed genuinely charmed by Holly’s performance. She’s declared the winner. After some debate, Perry is off the hook as well. Now it’s our turn to vote! Who do you think can be made into a supermodel? Choose either Shannon or Ronnie at

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Make Me A Supermodel: Brand Ambassadors

March 6, 2008 10:01:28 by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelToday’s episode begins with a quick goodbye to Frankie. Sorry, but America thinks you are not supermodel material! The other models weren’t exactly sorry to see him go. Shannon spent a few minutes describing his laugh as “a cross between Fran Drescher and a dolphin in a blender,” before admitting, “It’ll be nice not having Frankie around all the time.”

Tyson shows up with an announcement. It’s host and judge Niki Taylor’s birthday, and there’s going to be a party. The models are told to dress to impress, since GQ magazine big shots will be in attendance. The boys huddle up to create a song, while Shannon and Holly make a big red cake.

Adam Rapoport of GQ is not impressed with the girls. “Have a little bit more flavor,” he says about them. “I should want to sleep with them.” Apparently, the guys have enough personality, even if they did embarrass themselves serenading Niki. Their song was a cappella, and it rhymed, and that’s about all that can be said about it. It’s a good thing this show is not “Make Me A Rock Star!”

This week is all about branding, and the photo assignment turns out to be a film assignment. Manu Boyer is going to make a video look book. “Casting will happen on the spot,” he advises, and some models may get left out. “Give it your best,” Tyson adds. “It’s serious now.”

Manu has the models act angry, jealous, and in love. Ronnie and Ben have a quick try at a tryst, but it doesn’t pan out. Holly and Ben are a hotter ticket. In a shocking first, the photographer is not in love with her performance. “Holly was really bad in the beginning,” he says. Shannon and Perry are assigned together, and although sparks fly briefly, there’s no real chemistry. Casey attempts to be… not awkward, but he doesn’t pull it off. The man seems uncomfortable, every time, everywhere and it’s just not working on film.

The models go home for some much needed rest, but they get an early wakeup call from judge Jennifer Starr. “I know it’s 7:30, but you’ve just been booked on a job. You have ten minutes.” The guys and girls manage to throw themselves together and head out for Bloomingdales.

Stephanie, the Bloomingdales rep, wants the models to have an informal showing for the ladies who lunch. She tells the models to know every detail about their clothes, including the price, and sell, sell, sell. Ben’s first outfit doesn’t suit him, and he’s sent off to change. He’s stiff in the second outfit, and has such a bad attitude Stephanie doesn’t even let him out on the floor. He seems pretty content to sit around the dressing room and pout, though. He hates the assignment, and doesn’t want to go out there and be like a used car salesman.

“Look at Casey flirting,” Stephanie says. “He’s remarkable.” She has to pull Perry aside and tell him to tone it down. He’s way over the top. She calls Ronnie “engaging” and has high praise for Shannon as well. Casey and Shannon are declared her favorites, but she says she’d be happy to hire everyone but Ben.

The Catwalk Assignment looks fun. The models are going to model two looks, with quick changes. They’re vintage elegance. “I tried to be debonair and walk out there with a purpose,” Ronnie says, but Niki thinks he looks like an English butler. Holly is breathtaking in a large white hat, and Shannon is gorgeous as usual. Ben’s still stiff, and his actions are a little weird, as he fumbles for his pocket watch but doesn’t bother to look at it.

During the runway recap, Ronnie’s asked about his walk. “His first walk?” Jennifer Starr says. “I thought it sucked.” Whoa! Don’t hold back, now! Holly gets high praise, and she’s the winner. Shannon is safe this week, as well.

Ben gets the brunt of the judges’ criticisms. “How can you be a model if you don’t want to sell clothes?” Jennifer asks. Niki adds, “If Tyson or myself had done that, our career would have been over. Bloomingdales would have written us off.” But it’s our turn to decide. Up for the vote are Ben, Casey, and Ronnie. Go to and vote for the one you think can be made into a supermodel.

Wait, there’s more! I know you’re dying to know about Perry and his wayward girlfriend, Amanda Pagel. If you recall, Perry’s previous phone calls to his girlfriend in LA have not gone so well. She hasn’t exactly kicked him to the curb, but it’s pretty obvious he’s not lighting her fire anymore. This week, there’s a message on the chalkboard for Perry to call Amanda. He’s pretty surprised, and races upstairs to touch base with his lady.

Amanda’s all business, and simply tells him, “There is a huge story about me blown up in the media.” Perry’s dumbfounded, and she continues, robotlike. “You will be affected by this. I want you to know it’s not true.” Perry presses her for more info, but she won’t stray from her script. Finally, he asks her a question from the heart. “Do you still want to be with me?” Amanda simply tells him “We’ll have to talk later.” She hangs up on him, and when he calls her again he gets the cold shoulder, voicemail style.

The story is, waitress Amanda has been seeing celeb photog Adnan Ghalib, who hasn’t actually gotten divorced from his wife yet. You might not recognize his name, but he is/was Britney Spears latest boy toy. It seems that Perry’s girlfriend broke the pop star and the paparazzo up, and the story hit the web in minutes. Amanda insists it’s not true, and a few tabloids are reporting that Brit and Adnan are still a couple. Let’s hope so, for Perry’s sake! Well, Perry, you might not be a supermodel yet, but now you are definitely living the lifestyle of an American celebrity.

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Make Me A Supermodel: Speeding Up

February 28, 2008 10:10:35 by Lisa Stauber

Bravo TVTyson Beckford gets right down to business this week on Make Me A Supermodel, sending Jackie home. Ben and Perry are safe, and that leaves only two girls left in the loft. Shannon and Holly are some of the strongest contenders, though, so watch out boys!

A note lets the models know to be ready for a winter weekend bright and early the next day. The contestants head out to Wyndham Resort for some snowy fun. First, though, they must get through the photo shoot. In a twist, the person who doesn’t shine will not be staying at the lodge, but will be sent home to the loft.

As Niki Taylor begins to explain the week’s theme – Speed and Motion – Shannon suddenly collapses. She’s hauled away by a paramedic on a snowmobile while Niki helpfully tells her to throw up.

Photographer Dennis Golonka wastes no time in letting the models in on their photo assignment – Snow Motion. The models are partnered up and given playful props.

Perry and Ronnie make a pair and are told to act like friends, but Perry is way out of his element. Raised in Phoenix, he doesn’t have a chance on the short skis he’s given. He splits his pants before a single frame is snapped. After an eternity of falling down the hill, Dennis has his shot.

Next up are Holly and Ben. They’re given a sled to stand on, and take some great shots. Dennis hands them a glass of champagne, and Holly doesn’t spill a drop. “Holly executed it flawlessly form the beginning,” Dennis says.

Shannon makes a comeback after being released from the infirmary and takes her place with Frankie and Casey. They’re told to run and slide at the camera, modeling a playful, friendly look. Poor Shannon is having a bad day, as she immediately splits open her knee. After washing the blood away, Dennis finally gets a great shot of the trio. “Shannon was beautiful in every shot,” he says, but feels quite differently about the guys. “Casey was dead in the eyes.” Ultimately, though, the photographer singles out Frankie as the worst of the bunch and sends him back to the city.

Frankie doesn’t miss much, however, as trainer Clay Burwell makes an appearance bright and early to put the models through their paces. He announces a contest, and losers have to clean the loft. Ben and the girls team up against Perry, Casey and Ronnie.

Ben’s competitive side comes out, and he starts trash talking. He even sabotages the other team’s snow tower. “I think he did cross the line,” Holly says.

Ronnie’s hurt. “Ben, you’re supposed to be my friend and now you’re making these derogatory comments about me?” Later, Ronnie and Casey confront him. “You took me to a really dark place,” Ronnie says. Ben’s apologetic, and the buddies hug and make up. My, my, all these guys sure do have a sensitive side!

Holly, Shannon and Ben are stuck cleaning the loft and it couldn’t come at a better time. “I forgot how disgusting our house was,” Holly says.

Shannon’s sick again, throwing up all night. She earns a trip to the hospital, just before the catwalk assignment. Could one of the models be eliminated due to a stomach bug?

Niki gives the contestants some instructions on how the pros handle themselves. “A model must be perfect, in all walks, at all speeds.” She’s got a surprise for the contestants. The catwalk will be a turntable, and the models must spin and pose three different ways. This week’s designer is Ben Sherman, known for his sleek, mod designs.

Shannon ditches the hospital to walk the runway, but has to go back afterward. Nobody seems to know what’s wrong, but she pulls off a great walk, and doesn’t throw up on the spinning platform.

Now that there are just seven models, the judges dispense with the compliments. They give Perry a pass, and then simply declare Holly the winner. Ronnie is safe as well.

“Shannon, we admire your perseverance and dedication,” Tyson says, “but any little thing can land you in the bottom three.” Ben is called mediocre, and Frankie is told his walk “sucked” by Cory Bautista. After some discussion, Shannon is safe and it’s an all male lineup for the vote. It’s our turn to choose Ben, Casey or Frankie – who do you think can be made into a supermodel? Go to and vote now!

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Make Me A Supermodel: Uncomfortable

February 21, 2008 09:55:26 by Lisa Stauber

Bravo TVIt’s time for another model to go home this week on Make Me A Supermodel. America has sent home another one of the girls, saving Ronnie and Frankie while getting rid of Stephanie.

Holly is pretty upset, despite Jacki’s mean digs. “I think it’s okay to make friends. It’s okay to be sad if they, like, left,” Holly says, and tears up when Stephanie doesn’t return. Holly’s sick this week, so we’ll chalk up the waterworks to feeling under the weather.

Cory arrives with stylist Anthony Barrow. “It’s week seven,” Cory announces. “Time for a trim.” Uh oh, Frankie, he’s talking to you! Frankie bravely ditches his Fabio ‘do, and ends up liking it. The other models just get a little off the top. Judge Cory Bautista is pleased that Frankie is open to change, because this episode is all about stepping outside of the comfort zone.

The photo assignment promises to push the models outside the box. They’re told to meet in an abandoned airfield early in the morning, and to dress warmly. Upon arriving, the contestants are confronted with a giant tank of water. Photographer Bill Diodato explains they’ll be taking underwater photos in extreme conditions. Another surprise awaits, as Niki introduces an extreme co-star: Lemony the albino python. “You’re paid to suck it up and get on with the shoot,” Niki tells the contestants, ever ready to give gentle, sisterly advice.

Casey finds a quiet spot to meditate. He’s deathly afraid of snakes, so he’s desperately trying to convince himself they are beautiful creatures and not man-eating beasts before it is his turn to take a dunk.

“Look as though you live in the tank,” Bill tells Frankie. Frankie takes his advice and gets a great photo. “Frankie’s body language was great,” Bill says. He’s not too pleased with Ben, though. “Nice try,” he finally says, after trying to get Ben to stop squinting. “You did your best.” Not exactly high praise!

Ronnie does better. “He was into it,” Bill says. Casey was a natural, despite visibly shaking when the snake approached him at first. Holly was sick and off her game. Jacki disappoints. Shannon, though, stands out as the worst. Finally the photographer has had it. “I don’t think you can do this,” he tells her, but manages to get one decent shot. The girls definitely struggled with this assignment!

The models gather for their catwalk assignment, and are given giant headpieces. They’re relieved, but not for long. Niki decides that simply wearing a headpiece is too easy, so she has arranged for a barnyard to come and visit. Yes, folks, this week it’s Make Me a Petting Zoo on Bravo!

Perry is assigned Elvis the pig, but poor Elvis is all shook up. Frightened by all the attention, he lets loose with his bowels on Perry’s arms and clothes. The animal handlers pull the piglet and Perry is stuck with Casey’s leftovers – a goat named Mary.

Holly handles her peacock beautifully, and redeems her poor showing at the tank. Casey and his goat have a smooth walk, and Jacki handles her trained poodle well. She’s got the easy pet but doesn’t use it to her advantage. Ben has to carry Jesse the goat, and he looks shocked? Scared? Like a prison guard? Whatever that expression is, it’s not what we want to see on a supermodel.

Frankie has just enough fun with his duck, Nigel, and Shannon manages her duck Lucy well. Ronnie’s stuck with a sheep, but finally manages a great walk. He’s relaxed and looking good. Perry’s turn with Mary the goat is atrocious. He finally resorts to a goofy little shuffle down the runway, after some arrogant grandstanding.

The judges select Casey, Frankie, and Ronnie as the best of the day. “You’ve really evolved,” Niki tells Frankie, and gives him winner status. Holly and Shannon barely miss the bottom three and are safe for another week.

Uh oh, Perry, looks like the judges are finally tired of your attitude. Ever last one of them has something to say about Perry, and they even pull some of the other models into the fray. “It’s like I’m in a dream,” Perry says, after being bludgeoned by the judges criticisms.

The judges also ask Ronnie who he thinks the bottom three should be, and he immediately chooses his BFF Ben. Ronnie, we think you’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight!

Niki has harsh words for Jacki as well. “We’re too far into this competition for mediocrity,” she says. She also states the obvious to Ben. “You were noticeably uncomfortable.”

The bottom three are Ben, Perry, and Jacki, and now it’s our turn to determine who will be made into a supermodel. Visit and vote now!

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Make Me A Supermodel: Acting Up

February 14, 2008 09:41:02 by Lisa Stauber

Bravo TVThis week, Katy, Frankie, and Ronnie were up for the vote, and America finally gave Katy the boot. Frankie and Ronnie are safe for another week.

Meanwhile, back at the loft, Jacki thinks Ronnie should be going home. “He’s 25. He’s old for a model,” she says.

For the first assignment, the models meet at the Bleeker Street Theater to be photographed by Jonathan Bookallil. The assignment: Telling a Story. The models are divided into groups of three and given a story to tell through pictures. First up are Jackie, Perry, and Ben, who will be modeling anger. Perry gets right into character, making personal remarks and insults until Jacki lets loose. She actually hits him a few times, and Ben puts his prison guard training to good use trying to break up the fight. It’s intense, but the pictures come out great.

Holly, Ronnie, and Frankie tell a story about jealousy. Ronnie whispers shocking sweet nothings in Holly’s ear as she flaunts her new love in front of a supposedly jealous Frankie. Frankie tries, and fails, to look heartbroken and hateful at the same time. Instead, he just looks depressed.

Stephanie, Shannon, and Casey also are telling a jealousy story. Shannon has stolen Stephanie’s boyfriend in the scene, but Stephanie doesn’t get too worked up over it. Everyone’s encouraging her to be angry, to yell, and to get even but all Stephanie manages is a half hearted tug of Shannon’s hair. Casey’s not very helpful, just laying underneath an enthusiastic Shannon.

“I thought Casey needed to bring more,” the photographer comments. His top picks? Perry, Shannon, and Holly.

The catwalk theme is assigned early, to give the models to work on their acts. They are paired up and given a theme. Jacki volunteers to go it alone, and everyone else finds a partner. Ben and Ronnie, of course, join up and are going to do rock and roll. Holly and Stephanie will have fun with their Heroes and Villains roles. Jacki is the loner, assigned, appropriately, Executive B,uh, Witch. Casey and Perry get High Society, and Shannon and Frankie are assigned the ever popular Hollywood Glamour.

Valentine’s Day comes early at the loft, and the boys go out to gather supplies for a meal. The models each get a surprise message from their loved ones back home – all except for Perry. He gets to call his girlfriend Amanda, who’s not entirely sure Perry’s been faithful. Perry plays her like a fiddle, reminding her it’s their one year anniversary and making her profess her love.

Meanwhile, Jackie does her best Jim Carrey impersonation, getting goofy in front of the mirror as she practices for her catwalk. I had no idea her face was so elastic!

It’s catwalk time. Frankie does his best pirate imitation in an homage to Errol Flynn while Shannon hits the runway in tophat and tails. Holly the Hero successfully vanquishes villainous Stephanie. Ben is low key, while Ronnie leaps over his head and sashays down the catwalk. Ben’s got immunity, though, so he can afford to take it down a notch to let Ronnie try to shine. Jacki’s walk is uneventful and forgettable.

The competition is tougher, and so are the judges. “I thought you were a little annoying on the catwalk,” judge Cory Bautista tells Stephanie. The judges all sigh over Frankie and Ronnie, wondering if they’ll ever show them a new look or just keep the same old walk. Niki wonders if Holly is tough enough to be a supermodel, but Jennifer Starr thinks she’s hungry enough to suck it up.

Niki is full of praise for the top three. “Holly, you were radiant.” Perry is praised for his passion and enthusiasm, even as the judges privately remind each other he is a player. Niki tells Shannon, “You showed us a rare combination of magnetism and subtlety.” She’s declared the winner. Jacki and Ben are also safe.

Stephanie, Frankie, Casey and Ronnie are left on the runway. Frankie is criticized for having only one look; Ronnie is told to bring other dimensions or he’ll be stuck as a catalog model. The judges determine that Casey has slightly more potential and send him off to safety. Now it’s our turn to vote. Go to and vote for the model you think will make the best supermodel.

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RTV Predicts…Our Writers’ Takes on the Week Ahead

February 10, 2008 12:00:45 by Jennifer_Brown

Michelle And Jeffery LampkinWho will be in and who will be out? Who will stay and who will go? Who will survive and who will live to dance another day? Who will be fired? Our writers have been watching all of your favorite shows and have made their predictions for the reality TV week ahead.

Joe, on American Idol:

1. Last year, there weren’t very many strong country or rock singers in the top twenty-four on American Idol. Because of the incredible success of Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry, American Idol will not make the same mistake again. There will be several strong country singers and rock singers in the top twenty-four this year.

2. The addition of musical instruments in the Hollywood round will definitely play to the advantage of those whocannot only sing but can also play. Look for several of the breakout performances to be from those whoare also playing an instrument.

3. When the final cuts are made look for the judges to torment some of the contestants by pretending like they didn’t make the top twenty-four when they actually did. Even though they do this every year, at least one contestant will completely fall for it. When the contestant realizes they are actually in the top twenty-four, they will let out a loud shriek “I love you, Simon!” and run over and give the British judge a kiss.

Lisa, on Make Me a Supermodel:

They can’t possibly get any more naked, so I predict next week they’ll be modeling ski wear. And possibly scuba outfits.

I also predict that Katy will finally be on her way out, after being picked on constantly this week.

Jen, on Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann:

Yep, I think Bruno pulled off a win this week. Kelsey’s super-hot rendition of These Boots, combined with Carrie Ann’s gamble of “contemporary country” will give Team Bruno the extra edge they need. Carrie Ann will be forced to send someone home, and I’m predicting that someone will be Mariel, both because her dance moves are “too small,” and her romance with Qis is distracting.

Jen, on Biggest Loser Couples:

Dan is really going to flounderafter the loss of his mom, and if he doesn’t rally, Mark & Jay will pick him off next. I think the Black Team will be bolstered by last week’s weigh-in win and will make a good run at it again this week. I think they’ll be successful and the Blue Team will find themselves in the Elimination Room again. Dan is my choice for this week’s sent-home Loser.

Jen, on Project Runway:

This week will be Sweet P’s make-or-break week for sure. Her lack of self-confidence has had her struggling throughout the entire competition, and last week’s WWE challenge has got to have been her last lucky break. This week, I predict Sweet P’s confidencewill fall short again and, like parachute pants and pleather, she will be “out.”

Jen, on American Idol:

Okay, yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say it. I think this season’s winner will be a female. Although we’re due for a guy who can take the win and make it big, I just don’t think any of the guys whohave gotten through to
Hollywood really have both the pipes and the Wow! to go all the way.

I predict that this season’s
Hollywood performances, however, will be the bomb, baby, as contestants bring out their guitars and drums and keyboards and rock out.

Jen, on Celebrity Apprentice:

Piers is a marked man. He’s managed to make nearly everyone (save for maybe Trace, who I don’t think could dislike anyone if he tried) an enemy. If the guys end up in the boardroom, Piers had better watch his back.

However, Empresario is looking pretty defeated, and I doubt they can pull off a win at this point. I think they’ll be the ones in the boardroom, and Omarosa will be fired.

And it will be a “cool color” tie-wise for The Donald this week. I predict blue, gray, or green.

Don’t forget to catch recaps of all of these shows on Reality TV Magazine, and see how we did!

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Make Me A Supermodel: Fashion Week

February 7, 2008 10:19:36 by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A Supermodel KatyLast week, Jay, Katy, and Casey were up for the vote. Surprisingly, America thinks Katy is still supermodel material, and Jay goes home.

Meanwhile, back at the loft, the other models are guessing who will stay and who will go. Katy is definitely not a favorite. “There’s not a time when I don’t see food in Katy’s hand,” Ronnie says. Stephanie has some harsh words for Casey. “He doesn’t work out, he doesn’t eat right, he’s getting a belly.”

As usual, when the two return for another round, everyone claims they are glad to see them.

This week is all about the catwalk. The models will be walking in an actual show at Bryant Park. But first, a celebration is in order. It’s Ronnie and Ben’s birthday, and everyone puts on their best for a night on the town. Ronnie and Ben make a strong team, and Ronnie’s goal is to make it into the final two with his best buddy. He spends a lot of time helping Ben get his walk down.

Walking coach Debbie Deitering is back, and she’s not pleased. “It’s week five, and most of the models are not where they should be,” she gripes. “The girls need to step it up.” She is particularly displeased with one girl. “Katy, I feel, is way behind the rest.” Ben’s hard work pays off though, and he wows the coaches. The models leave with a happy surprise – a custom selected outfit from Bloomingdales.

The next day, and the girls are up for a walk on the runway. They’ll be modeling designs for Form, by Jerry Tam. Holly is stunning in an off the shoulder red dress, and the other models hit the runway smoothly in dark colors, hoods, and head wraps. Jerry takes a liking to Holly and Stephanie, but notes that, “Stephanie was tough to work with.” He praises Holly, though. “She is perfect for any runway.” Shannon didn’t fare as well, ending up as a bottom pick for Jerry. “She’s too tall.” Katy also made the bottom of the list, but not for her walk. “She has a beachy feeling.”

Later, the models play a game to pass the time. Jacki alienates her housemates again, and seems to have a foe in Perry this week, awarding him “Least Likely To Improve.” He retaliates by choosing her as “Least Likely To Win Make Me A Supermodel.”

Morning comes and the men get their turn at Fashion week, modeling for Scott French. They’ll have three clothing changes. “Remember, it’s not about you,” Scott tells them. “It’s about the clothes you are selling.” The men strut their stuff, but Frankie and Ronnie are stiff. “I’m not sure I would cast Ronnie,” Scott says. “He’s a little too catalog.”

Now it’s time to hit the gym, and trainer Clay Burwell doesn’t pull any punches. He puts the contestants through a grueling workout, and singles out his own bottom three. Pulling a pack of cigarettes from Katy’s pocket, he tells her, “This drives me crazy. Quit.” He also calls Casey and Frankie on the carpet.

After dinner, the models hang out at the loft. Where’s Katy? “Sleeping!” Everyone knows where to find her. After picking on her lack of discipline for a while, Perry tries to stick up for her. “The girl weighs what, 125 pounds? People would kill to have her body.” Katy wakes up famished from her nap, and joins the group with a slab of cake. It’s no secret why she’s not making her measurements.

The last challenge has arrived, and Niki tells the group to rock the downtown New York look.

Holly is fabulous in a long white train. “I feel most comfortable here,” she says, and it shows. Ronnie’s not as confident. “I just don’t know what happened to my walk!” he laments. Frankie claims he’s just having fun, but he’s stiff. The judges have their own opinion.

Holly has great feedback. Jerry Tam says he’d book her again, and her catwalk was flawless. He says “Jacki was good, but maybe only for swimsuits.” Ouch! That’s got to hurt, since she was modeling high fashion! She’s not the only one whose star has dimmed. “I was a little disappointed,” Judge Cory Bautista tells Shannon.

Scott French had nothing but praise for Ben, but didn’t like Ronnie. Tyson agrees that Ronnie needs to work harder. Frankie’s catwalk is rated the poorest yet. Ben gets honors from the judges as well. “He’s proving he can do this,” Judge Jennifer Starr says.

The three best models this week are Ben, Holly, and Casey, the comeback kid. Niki is clearly pleased at Casey’s efforts this week, but it’s Ben who takes home the win. Stephanie, Perry, and Shannon are also apparently safe. The bottom four are Katy (for the fourth time in five weeks), Ronnie, Jacki and Frankie. Tyson spells it out for them. “Frankie, the real world hit you hard. Ronnie, you kinda fell back, man.” He addresses the girls, but doesn’t have any new criticism for lackluster Katy. “Jacki,” he says, “You came up short.” Jacki gets a reprieve, though, and is safe for another week. Now it’s up to us. Who do you think can be made into a supermodel? Vote now at

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Make Me a Supermodel tidbits and news. You can find more info about this show at SirLinksALot: Make Me A Supermodel.

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Make Me A Supermodel: Body Art

January 31, 2008 10:08:38 by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A Supermodel

The supermodels-in-training are back this week, and it’s time to find out who America does not want to see on the catwalk. The safe models are all back at the pad, and most seem to want Holly gone. They know competition when they see it, and it would be better to have Holly out now. Jacki snipes at Ben because he is friends with Aryn, and but he doesn’t take her flak. “Ooh, testy now!” she spits back at him.

Sorry, Aryn, we cannot make you a Supermodel! At least she is returning to a supportive boyfriend. Too bad we won’t find out if she sticks with him!

Holly and Jay are safe for this week, but their homecoming is marred by the divisive talk and hypocritical attitudes. “There’s so much fakeness in this house,” Ben says.

This is going to be a challenging week for the shy, modest ones (hello, Holly!). It’s Body Art time, and the models have a series of assignments to use their body as, well, art.

The Training Assignment is revealing, to say the least. First up: Nude Modeling.

The models will have to pose naked for ten minutes, holding their pose and keeping movements to a minimum.

Holly’s so nervous she can’t even talk. She has good concentration, though, and holds her pose. Frankie is in his element, shucking his bathrobe before he even gets to the platform. Shannon and Ben fly through their time. Jay has some trouble holding a pose, and Casey has a very difficult time. “He was shaking,” the art instructor notes.

Stephanie and Perry are stand outs. “The highlights of the evening,” the instructor says.

The next challenge is the Photo Assignment. The models will pose as a group, but fitting together as a portrait. The girls and guys will split up, but each group gets to pick one member of the opposite sex as a foil for the picture.

The men discuss briefly, and unanimously choose Shannon. One of the girls suggests Frankie, but Holly instantly dismisses him. “No, no, not Frankie.” Holly, are you still having hard feelings because he accused you of drinking on the job? Well, how about Perry, instead?

There is a caveat. Photographer Russ Flatt can dismiss any model from the shoot at any time, and take the group shot without them.

The costumes are a glamorous flapper style. Shannon really stands out – the era suits her. Something about the men’s shoot isn’t quite right, but the pics are gorgeous as soon as Russ shoos Jay and Casey out of the frame. All of the girls manage to stay in the picture, but, according to Russ, “Katy had a problem focusing.”

On to the next assignment, where the models will use their bodies to become a living sculpture and work together to create a work of art. Artists stand ready to paint them from head to toe in black, gray, and rhinestones. Stephanie is chosen as the leading lady, the centerpiece of the work, after walking in impossibly high heels. Again, Katy seemed unfocused, and Ben looked uncomfortable.

The boys have a chat, bonding together as they compliment each other. “We’re like a fraternity,” one says, and another adds, “Except better looking.”

The final challenge is the catwalk. The models are instructed to use the fashion as sculpture, and strike artful poses on the runway. Stephanie, an art major, is in her element and really wows the judges. Holly’s pose is exquisite, and Shannon, of course, is at the top. “She could do Paris couture right now,” judge Jennifer Starr says.

Frankie, God’s gift to women, is assigned a man-dress on the runway but he totally works it. “I think I made it masculine,” he says and the judges have no complaints. They notice that Katy is distracted again, not quite posing correctly at the end. “Here we are again, week four!” Judge Niki Taylor complains.

The models are brought out, and the top three are Holly, Stephanie, and Shannon. Stephanie is the winner; Jacki, Frankie, and Ronnie are also safe. A big surprise this week is that the judges’ favorite, Jacki, placed squarely in the middle. She didn’t stand out at all this week in any of the challenges.

The bottom four are Ben, Katy, Casey and Jay.

Ben, is safe for tonight! It’s Katy’s third time coming up for the vote. Does she have what it takes? Now it’s time for us to choose who we want to be a supermodel. Go to and vote for the contestant you want to stay.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Make Me A Supermodel News. For other great Reality TV News, please feel free to check out SirLinksALot: Make Me A Supermodel.

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Make Me a Supermodel: Chemistry

January 24, 2008 10:03:04 by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelLast week, supermodel wannabes Ben, Katy, and Dominic were up for the vote. Dominic was angry, but Katy got to the heart of the matter. “It’s Make Me a Supermodel, not I am a supermodel,” she grouses while packing. Suitcases ready, the trio say tearful goodbyes and head out to the catwalk to hear the verdict. America has chosen, and Dominic is going home. Characteristically, he blames everyone but himself. “I was given faulty coaching,” he whines. “Just give some shoes, maybe, that fit.”

With the complaint department on his way out, the models are given a fresh assignment: chemistry. It’s time to see how well they can work with each other.

Frankie doesn’t hide his feelings. “What I feel is that a lot of people in this house are backstabbers,” he says with a flip of his hair. “I’m sick of all these people. We need to have two eliminations at a time.” Way to be a team player, Frankie!

The girls all think Frankie has too much to say. “He thinks he’s God’s gift to women,” Katy says. “But he’s not.” They call him Fabio behind his back.

Now the models are sent off to a casting call and the photo shoot. It’s a steamy hotel scene shot by Deanna Scheunnamen, who is famed in Europe for her intimate shots. The models are paired up and sent to styling. Poor Holly ends up with Frankie; Casey and Perry are put together as are superstar Jacki and Stephanie. Can the contestants put their personal lives aside and turn up the heat for the camera?

First up are Katy and Ben. You’d never know he was a married man, and they have a great time. Katy is starting to lose some of her girl-next-door look and we see a new side of her. Jay and Aryn are next, and photographer Deanna notes that they struggle with posing. Jay is too passive – a complaint we’ve heard before.

Stephanie and Jacki rock the shoot, letting loose and getting some great shots. Holly and Frankie aren’t so lucky. “My fiancÃe and I are saving ourselves,” Holly reveals. “And now, to have to share that,with Frankie!” Their shoot is awkward, and Deanna ranks it at the bottom of the pile. Casey and Perry fare better, uninhibited and relaxed. Finally, Ronnie and Shannon do an awesome job. Deanna puts their photos at the top of the list.

The models return to their apartment, and a heated dispute breaks out between Frankie and Holly. He accuses her of being drunk during the shoot, and she breaks down in tears. “He is such a trash talker,” Holly cries. She isn’t sad for long – everyone soon heads off to the gym.

Trainer Clay Burnell is tough. “You must stay in perfect shape,” he barks. “Every day! Every minute!” He puts the models through the paces, getting into the men’s faces like they are at boot camp. Physically exhausted, the models return home to find they are allowed to make a personal phone call.

Ben calls his wife April, who is missing her man. “She really misses me. I’m here having this amazing time,” he pauses. “It really puts it into perspective.” Aryn dreads talking to boyfriend Landon. She starts crying almost as soon as she picks up the phone. “I want to marry you so bad!” he tells her, but Aryn isn’t ready to commit. She snuggles with Ronnie for comfort. You’re not trying to make Ben jealous, now, are you Ronnie?

Time for the catwalk. Niki instructs the models to keep the heat going. “Think big. Take chances.” She uncovers a tray of fetish instruments, whips, and crops. “Outshine the other couples.”

The photos were steamy, and the catwalk is electric. Ronnie hams it up, prancing like a horse until Shannon whips him back into line. Stephanie and Jacki share a kiss. Perry and Casey have amazing energy, but Holly and Frankie turn in a lackluster performance.

Perry rules the day, crowned the winner. Shannon is told she is “once again, a top performer.” Ronnie was hot, and Casey managed to redeem himself and surprise the judges.

Judges Cory Bautista and Jennifer Starr help Niki and Tyson narrow it down to the bottom four, the same ones the photographer pegged as problems: Aryn, Jay, Holly and Frankie.

“Holly, you couldn’t put your personal situation aside, and you brought Frankie down with you.” The judges are harsh, and Frankie is safe for another week. Now it’s time for us to decide. Who do you like best, good girl and photogenic Holly? Jay, who still hasn’t found his inner, expressive model? Or Aryn, unsure of what the future holds? Vote for your favorite at by Friday at 4 AM Eastern.

Photo Courtesy Bravo TV

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