Make Me A Supermodel: Heatherette

January 17, 2008 10:04:27 by Lisa Stauber

bravo-tv1-make-me-a-supermodel.jpgLast week, host Tyson Beckford deemed Dominic, Sarah, and Katy the least likely to become a supermodel. While most of the models are wishing bad tempered Dominic a quick good riddance, Frankie’s still looking out for number one. “I hope it’s Sarah, because she poses more of a threat,” he says unapologetically. “It’ll be better if she’s out early.”

America voted, and Frankie gets his wish. Sarah’s the first to leave the runway.

The girls are not pleased to see Dominic return. “He just puts stress on everyone,” Holly complains. Maybe a new look will give him a new attitude: the first challenge is a spa day.

The girls totter off to Cutler Salon, where they get new looks. Katy becomes a redhead, and Holly is divested of her signature bob. “You can’t get attached to your hair,” she’s told. Jackie’s ears are mocked, again. They seem to be a favorite flaw for the judges to pick on.

The men stay home and the day spa comes to them. They’re going to be branded like merchandise for the agency. There are no hot irons in the fire, but there’s plenty of hot wax and the men get it everywhere – butt, belly and back. Perry, still sporting crutches, gets no reprieve, but Frankie is the most dramatic, actually leaping off the table when his turn comes.

It’s time to take their new looks and move it in a new way, and the photographer has an aerial shot in mind. The contestants are harnessed up, groomed, and dressed. Some of the contestants are naturals, but not everyone flies through the air with the greatest of ease. Jay is stiff, Katy can’t quite give the right pose, and Ben lacks energy. He’s really struggling with his feet off the ground. As usual, Jackie nails it and Ronnie gets a thumbs up as well. Frankie takes advantage of the wires, flipping sidewise, but Dominic is the one who gets high praise. “His features are perfect for the camera,” the photographer gushes.

The models quickly change into their black leotards for the next challenge: measurements. Poor Katy is forced to reveal that her hormones have, indeed, caused her to go up an inch in the bust as she outs her cycle on national television. That’s embarrassing, but not as much as what happens next. Aryn’s lost three inches in one week and the room falls silent. She backpedals and defensively claims she’s just been working out really hard. She had better stop losing, or she’ll be ordered to pack the pounds back on.

Debbie Dietering reappears as the runway tutor. I don’t know what she’s been telling Dominic, but it’s not helping!

The models gather for a family style meal and some not-so-family-friendly sharing. Jackie takes Aryn to task for being too private; Dominic hears some hard words – again – about his attitude. Don’t want to beat a dead horse, Dom, but when everybody tells you to stop complaining, over and over again, maybe you should stop complaining! Of course, he whines that everyone’s picking on him. Ronnie reveals his not-so-secret crush on married prison guard Ben. Ben flirts back, but in the interview seems to need convincing that this is a good thing.

The final challenge is a catwalk, provided by Heatherette. “It’s theatrical,” designer Richie Rich explains, “Like a rock concert.” The fashions are unusual, and the makeup is dramatic. The men all have chains attached to their face and bold body glitter.

Jackie rules the runway, and Aryn struts her stuff. Jay finally shows some improvement, and Casey does better, too. Katy is less sure of herself, and judge Cory Bautista tells it like it is. “She’s just not supermodel material.”

Dominic, and his sense of entitlement, is insulted again. “He’s like a stiff, cardboard cowboy,” Tyson comments, and it’s true. Even Ben’s prison guard walk wasn’t as bad as Dom stomping around in spurs!

Niki Taylor has glowing praise for the three best models this week. “You have shown the most improvement,” she tells Aryn, who is safe to walk another day. She commends Jackie’s brilliant catwalk, and tells Ronnie “We are truly impressed.” Jackie wins this round, leaving the final four.

Jay’s minor improvements have earned him another week on the show. It’s up to us, America, to decide if Dominic, Katy, or Ben will be sent home. Dom and Katy have been through this before, but I can’t help but feel sorry for Ben, half naked in a glitter covered baseball cap, hearing that he’s on the chopping block! Vote by 3 am Friday, Jan. 18 at for your favorite!

Photo courtesy Bravo TV

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Make Me a Supermodel: Welcome to New York

January 10, 2008 10:18:45 by Lisa Stauber

Bravo TVBravo’s new reality show, Make Me a Supermodel, premiered to an America already hooked on the show. Online voters have chosen two extra contestants, bringing the total to 14 competitors: 7 guys and 7 girls who will be competing to be the next big thing on the runway. Each week, viewers get to decide who will be eliminated, until only two are left to go head to head for the big prize – a contract with New York Modeling Agency, a spread in GQ Magazine, and $100,000. Hosts Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford will be narrowing the choices down to the bottom three and then we’ll be picking them off one by one.

“We’re going to be stripping you down and seeing what you’re made of,” Tyson tells the models. He’s not kidding. They immediately set to work, shooting with photographer Lee Strickland. The catch? It’s freezing outside, and they’re modeling summer fashions in Times Square.

Lee lets us in on his thoughts. “To me, she was more of the girl next door,” he says of Sarah. He finds most of the models are not quite up to snuff, but Jay is deemed the hardest to work with due to inexperience. Jay gets the Nice award, though, confiding, “All I want to do in this world is tell my Momma she don’t have to work no more.”

Stephanie is chosen as the strongest overall, and the models are released to warm up before being taken to their new digs. They’ll be living together as roommates while they compete as rivals, and the space is amazing. It’s lavishly decorated in modern, graphic prints complete with orange shag carpeting tastefully arranged on the wall.

Sarah instantly makes herself at home. “I really feel like I’m going to be here for a while,” she says. She’s already been criticized by the judges for being “too Barbie” and “the girl next door.” Let’s hope she doesn’t have to eat her words on the first episode!

The contestants are told it’s time for a go-see, and quickly put on their best clothes. Tyson takes them down to the river, and points to a smoking 55 gallon barrel. “It’s time to leave the past behind. Take something off and throw it into the fire.” It’s not long before the guys are stripping to their boxers and watching their clothes burn. At least they kept their coats!

They arrive at the studio half naked to find judges Cory Bautista and Niki waiting for them. Time for measurements, and Cory is not pleased. Katie needs to work on her legs, Ben has lost too much weight, Jay is accused of having chicken legs, and Holly is taken to task over her haircut. Hey, it’ll grow out! Lighten up! Jackie, the strongest runway walker, is told to always cover her ears with her hair on go-sees. Measurements, we’re informed, will be taken on a weekly basis.

The third challenge is a fun one – a party with GQ style editor Adam Rapaport. The girls look fabulous, despite having only 20 minutes to get ready. Holly seems to have made quite an impression. Maybe that haircut wasn’t such a bad idea, after all! Six hours later, the exhausted contestants return to their new home.

Morning comes early, and with it, Jennifer Starr, the fourth judge and a casting director for major fashion campaigns. She’s brought along model Debbie Dietering to coach the guys and girls along on their walk. Again, Sarah is spurned. “I see her on a shampoo commercial,” Debbie says to Jennifer, who readily agrees.

After a grueling session, the models finally get to see their portfolios, taken the day before. Most are thrilled, but Aryn is brought to tears. “I’m just so disappointed,” she sniffs.

The excitement is cut short by Perry’s announcement that he has to go to the hospital to get an injured foot looked at. Frankie is quick to see an opportunity. “I hope he doesn’t get better. The better for me, you know.” Frankie, where’s the love?

Perry’s foot is broken, and despite returning on crutches he is determined not to let that get in the way of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “Sometimes you have to play ball injured,” he says as he hobbles off to bed.

The final challenge is the toughest one yet – a swimwear catwalk, and the collection includes four thongs. Tyson calls for volunteers, but when no one steps up the infamous Bravo Black Bag comes out. Jackie, Shannon, Casey and Ben are all selected for overexposure.

Jackie has a crisis of confidence. “I just think it’s tacky,” she cries. “I just don’t want to wear it.” Sure enough, on the runway she is wearing more modest bikini bottoms. The judges are appalled.

“I think there is a difference between a really beautiful girl, and one who photographs well,” Jennifer observes, but it’s not hard to see who rules the runway on this challenge. Holly rocks it out, but former prison guard Ben looks a little scary. Even Tyson was intimidated by his jailhouse stare.

After a final lineup, quirky Holly is declared the winner. Perry is given accolades as the best male walker – despite his injury. Jackie barely squeaks by the judges questioning, but is declared safe.

Katie, Sarah, and Dominic are chosen for the bottom three, and now comes the question the models dread. Who will hear Tyson’s commanding “You may leave the runway” next Thursday? You get to choose. Visit by 3 am Eastern Friday morning to put in your vote on the next Supermodel.

Photo courtesy Bravo Television Network

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Make Me a Supermodel Final 14 Revealed

January 10, 2008 06:00:23 by Jennifer_Brown

Bravo TVFinally, we get to have our say on the catwalk!

Bravo has announcedthe 14 final contestants for its new show, Make Me a Supermodel, set to air tonight, Jan. 10th, at 10PM ET. Hosted by Super-Hottie, Tyson Beckford and veteran model Niki Taylor, the show will include a first-ever audience vote.

That’s right, each week, in a public vote, WE will decide who stays and who goes, and ultimately who gets the chance to vie for that $100,000 prize and New York Model Management contract, not to mention a spread in GQ magazine.

But we will have some guidance. Print fashion casting director, Jennifer Starr (think Hilary Swank for Calvin Klein and JLo for Pirelli), and Agency Director for New York Model Management, Cory Bautista, will join Beckford and Taylorin judgingthe show.

Over a 12-week period, the following 14 supermodel wannabes will be living together and competing together for the title Supermodel and the cash prize:

Aryn Livingston – 20, Lownesboro, Ala.
Ben DiChiara – 22, Nashville, Tenn.
Casey Skinner – 19, Atlanta, Ga.
Dominic Prietto – 25, Orange County, Calif.
Frankie Godoy – 20, Miami, Fla.
Holly Kiser – 21, Coeburn, Va.
Jacki Hydock – 21, Cleveland, Ohio
Jay McGee – 22, Roswell, Ga.
Katy Caswell – 21, Auburn, Ala.
Perry Ullmann – 22, Los Angeles, Calif.
Ronnie Kroell – 24, Chicago, Ill.
Sarah Swartz – 20, Miami, Fla.
Shannon Pallay – 22, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Stephanie Bulger – 21, Plano, Texas

Make Me a Supermodel premieres Thursday, Jan. 10, 10PM ET, on Bravo.

Photo Courtesy: Bravo

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Meet the Models on Bravo’s New Make Me a Supermodel

January 2, 2008 12:42:52 by Jennifer_Brown

Bravo TV

Ready, set, pose! Bravo’s supermodels are hitting therunway andyour tv sets in a special “Meet the Models” episode of Make Me a Supermodel on Wednesday, Jan. 2at 11PM ET.

In this episode we’llget ringside seats to the open casting calls heldin Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. Then we’ll fly to New York with the top 35 finalists and watchas they compete in front of Supermodel’s hosts and representatives from New York Model Management Company — a runway walk, swimsuit photos, and partner photos.

The 35 finalists will be whittled down to the final 12. Three others were put up to vote by viewers online. Be there, when Bravo travels to the hometowns of the final 14 and breaks the good news.

The winner of Make Me a Supermodel will receive a $100,000 cash prize and a contract with New York Model Management.

Make Me a Supermodel airs Thursdays, 10PM ET, on Bravo.

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Bravo Announces 24 Finalists for Make Me a Supermodel

December 13, 2007 10:08:26 by Jennifer_Brown

Bravo TV

Watch out, Tyra! Bravo’s itchin’ for a runway smackdown with its new series, Make Me a Supermodel. With a New York Model Management contract and $100,000 on the line, both men and women will compete for the top spot in this American version of the popular UK show. Make me a Supermodel will be hosted by Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor, and will feature the following 24 finalists:

*Angelica – 18, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Angelica is a law firm receptionist and translator, and part-time babysitter.

*Aryn – 20, Lownesboro, Ala.

Aryn enjoys equestrian sports and has worked as both a Hooters girl and a fifth grade teacher.

*Ashlie – 20, Lexington, Ky.

Ashlie is a Kentucky girl who lives with her mother, sister, two dogs, four cats, and mini-turtle.

*Ben – 22, Nashville, Tenn.

Ben is married and a corrections officer, who calls his wedding day the best day of his life (insert awwwww here)

*Brandon – 24, Dowagiac, Mich.

Brandon has two sons at home and loves to play football.

*Casey – 19, Atlanta, Ga.

A skater-dude and songwriter who lives with his mother, brother’s boyfriend, and friend.

*Dominic – 25, Orange County, Calif.

Surf’s Up! This guy loves modeling and…the waves, dude.

*Frankie- 20, Miami, Fla.

Frankie studies business administration at the University of Phoenix online and works as a valet at a condo complex.

*Holly – 21, Coeburn, Va.

Holly is a survivor, who suffered third degree burns on her face as a teenager. She describes herself as “sassy.”

*Igor – 21, Chicago, Ill.

Igor is studying to be a lawyer and loves heavy metal music, and works to fulfill his childhood dream of being a professional wrestler. Having grown up in war-torn Bosnia, Igor has a tragic and triumphant history.

*Jacki – 21, Cleveland, Ohio

Jacki is a parttime cocktail waitress, animal rights activist, and sports fan.

*Jay – 22, Roswell, Ga.

Jay works at Firestone and lives with his Pit Bull, Gotti.

*Jathniel – 23, Tampa, Fla.

This family guy works retail at Armani.

*Josiah – 23, Fort Smith, Ark.

Josiah is a model and musician, and is a member of rock band, The Brotherhood.

*Karol – 20, Chicago, Ill.

Karol is a Poland immigrant and recently lost 35 pounds of muscle by eating massive amounts of sugar (is that fair?!)

*Kate – 18, New York, N.Y.

Kate attends Pace University in New York and is an animal lover. She has three horses, two dachshunds, ten parrots, three guinea pigs, and two chinchillas (and a partrige in a pear tree).

*Katy – 21, Auburn, Ala.

Katy works in data entry at a cardiologist’s office.

*Lee – 19, Orlando, Fla.

Lee describes herself as a “goofy people person.” She works part-time at a 7-Eleven.

*Perry – 22, Los Angeles, Calif.

Perry lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and is a part-time waiter.

*Ronnie – 24, Chicago, Ill.

Ronnie studies political science at the University of Illinois and is a real go-getter.

*Sarah – 20, Miami, Fla.

Raised by a single working mother, Sarah describes herself as a social butterfly.

*Shannon – 22, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Shannon recently moved to New York City and is a fan of bloody horror movies.

*Stephanie – 21, Plano, Texas

Stephanie is an artist who says normal people bore her.

*Steph – 18, Clinton, Wis.

Steph is a farm girl and biology major at Whitewhater. She’s a real family type, who goes home to visit her family often.

Don’t get too attached — 10 of these 24 will go home on the premiere show, whittling us down to the 14 finalists who will compete for the ultimate prize. Each week, Bravo viewers will vote on who stays and who catwalks right on outa here.

Make Me a Supermodel premieres Thursday, January 10, 2007, 10PM ET, on Bravo.

Photo Courtesy: Bravo

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Viewers To Choose Two Competitors For Make Me A Supermodel

November 14, 2007 11:53:34 by Joe Blackmon

It’s a common theme in reality TV for viewers to vote to decide the
winner of a competition.  However, Bravo is taking a little big
different twist by allowing viewers to vote to actually select two of
the contestants in the reality competition series Make Me A
Supermodel.  The series will be hosted by supermodels Niki Taylor and
Tyson Beckford, and is scheduled to premiere on Bravo in January 2008.

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Niki Taylor And Tyson Beckford To Host Make Me A Supermodel

October 22, 2007 11:13:45 by Joe Blackmon

Bravo recently announced the two hosts for the new reality series Make
Me A Supermodel.  The show will be hosted by supermodels Niki Taylor
and Tyson Beckford.  Make Me A Supermodel is based on the successful UK
series.  In the series, beautiful and talented men and women will
compete for a chance to launch their modeling career and win $100,000.

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Bravo Casting For Make Me A Supermodel

August 9, 2007 12:03:00 by Joe Blackmon

Bravo is kicking off a nationwide casting effort for the network’s
newest competition reality series "Make Me A Supermodel." Based on the
successful UK series, the beautiful and talented men and women selected
will compete for a chance to launch their modeling career and win
$100,000. Yahoo! will join Bravo to drive entries for casting "Make Me
A Supermodel" via promotion featured throughout the Yahoo! Network.

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