Momma’s Boys: 32 Girls, 3 Bachelors And Their Moms

December 17, 2008 04:00:05 by DA Southern


NBC’s Momma’s Boys is a dating show like none other and hails from the fertile mind of Ryan Seacrest, the most prolific man in tinsel town these days. The premise you probably know. Mix in 32 beautiful women and match them with three eligible bachelors, Michael Sarysz, Robert Kluge and JoJo Bojanowski who want to hookup, I mean, marry them and the girls must run through various challenges to test their mettle. Typical stuff, right? Momma’s Boys throws in the boy’s mothers, Lorraine Sarysz-Nichols, Esther Kluge and Khalood Bojanowski who will have a great amount of say as to the kind of girl that is right for their sons and you now have an interesting premise. Heck, I never wanted my mom even knowing my girlfriends, much less picking them out for me.

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Momma’s Boys Premieres On NBC

December 16, 2008 09:00:44 by Joe Reality

Momma's Boys Cast

Ryan Seacrest, who is best known as host of American Idol, is also a reality TV producer. He runs a production company called what else but Ryan Seacrest Productions. Ryan’s production company teamed up with Glassman media in order to bring a new reality show called Momma’s Boys to NBC.

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The Biggest Loser 6 Season Finale Airs Tonight

December 16, 2008 07:00:46 by Joe Reality

The sixth season of The Biggest Loser is coming to an end. On tonight’s season finale, all of the families from season six return for a special reunion, where they have a chance to weigh in one last time to show how much weight they’ve lost since leaving the show.

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Seacrest and NBC Join Up to Find a True Momma’s Boy…

May 13, 2008 05:55:41 by Allison_Yagesh

NBC-LogoIt’s hard to think about reality TV without thinking about our favorite lovable Idol host, Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest’s got his finger in more reality pies these days than you could even count. Yesterday NBC announced yet another Seacrest-produced reality show in the works.

Momma’s Boys, executive produced by Seacrest and Andrew Glassman (Average Joe), will pose the time-worn question: “Who is really the most important woman in every man’s life?”

Yep, it’s another dating/marriage show, but this time with a twist–the hopeful women must first woo Mom in order to score the lucky bachelor. Not so scary, you think? Aha! There’s a twist (isn’t there always in reality TV?)! Mom and son… and bride-to-be must all live together in the same house while Mom whittles down the marriage pool for her little boy.

“This series throws Mom right in the middle of all the drama,” said Seacrest. “It’s loud, it’s wild and it’s real.”

Glassman concurs: “Momma’s Boys is going to be a loud, wild ride of emotions and drama, designed to answer the question – ‘Who is really the most important woman, in a man’s life?’ For our moms and for our guys, the stakes couldn’t be higher,” he said.

Expect lots of drama as the moms must choose between “nice girls” and temptresses and as alliances are formed and enemies made.

So… is Seacrest a momma’s boy?

“Anytime I make a decision either personally or professionally, I have to ask myself…what would my mother say? Like it or not, I am a true Momma’s Boy. She is the most important woman in my life and she is never short of opinions,” he said [insert "Ahhh" here].

A premiere date and time have yet to be announced for Momma’s Boys, but word has it the show will air on the heels of NBC’s All-American summer. Check back with Reality TV Magazine for more information as it is released.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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