Selena Gomez: Dating Justin Bieber Was Stressful

July 23, 2013 09:02:17 by Stephanie Gustafson

The eternal question keeps popping up: are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez still dating? Based on a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest, the answer is a definite no. In fact, Selena says that dating the X Factor mentor and teen idol was way too stressful for her to try it again.

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Miley Cyrus’ Weirdest Outfits And Fashion Trends

July 22, 2013 12:00:10 by Christine McDow

Miley Cyrus has definitely had a lot of odd clothing choices over the years. Some have started trends, others we hope to never see again! The Buzz takes a look at some of her weirdest outfits and fashion trends over the years in this video below. Check it out and then let us know, which do you think is the weirdest?

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Justin Bieber Seen With Selena Gomez…And Beer

July 18, 2013 02:13:25 by Stephanie Gustafson

He might claim to be happy with the single life, but every other sign points to Justin Bieber trying his best to win back Selena Gomez. A recent shot revealed the former X Factor mentor cozying up to his ex-girlfriend and enjoying some booze.

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Taylor Swift Fans Angry Over Ex-Shirt

July 18, 2013 01:36:11 by Christine McDow

Punk’d guest star Taylor Swift is known for her very public relationships, and very public breakups. Recently however her fans seem to be turning on her after she wears a sweatshit that details all of her celebrity ex’s. Is she bragging, or simply trying to start a new fashion trend? The Buzz has the story, and the fallout for Taylor Swift in this video. Would you ever parade all your ex’s on your clothing?

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Details On Lindsay Lohan’s OWN Interview And Reality Series

July 16, 2013 03:50:36 by Christine McDow

Oprah Winfrey is giving Lindsay Lohan a second chance. Or perhaps it is her third, fourth or fifth chance? OWN has announced that Lindsay Lohan will have her own reality show on their network later this summer or early in the fall, and Oprah has recently sat down to discuss it with the Punk’d guest star. Do you think this is a good idea for Oprah, or is it just trouble in the making? The Buzz has more of this story in the video below. Will you tune in?

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Justin Bieber Apologizes To Bill Clinton For Mop Bucket Incident

July 12, 2013 06:08:34 by Stephanie Gustafson

Justin Bieber’s behavior just keeps getting more and more erratic. And it’s not some twisted version of Punk’d — J Biebs did, in fact, pee in a bucket and then proceed to trash former president Bill Clinton. But the singer’s ready to make amends and get on the right track…maybe…

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Justin Bieber Pees In Public?!?!

July 10, 2013 01:47:23 by Christine McDow

Justin Bieber, once loved boy superstar, is falling further and further off the tracks. The Punk’d stars latest act though might just put all the rest to shame. What over the top thing did Justin Bieber supposedly do this time? According to this video from The Buzz, Justin Bieber was caught peeing in public! Could it be true or just a shameful set up? Watch the video and then you decide!

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Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Tie The Knot

July 10, 2013 06:50:46 by Stephanie Gustafson

It looks like the drama between Amber Rose and Kanye West has finally drawn to a close. Kanye and his Keeping Up With The Kardashians beau recently had a baby, and fellow new parents Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are now husband and wife!

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Does Selena Gomez Have A New Boyfriend?

June 28, 2013 12:26:59 by Christine McDow

Punk’s guest star Selena Gomez is in the news a lot, but normally because of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. However, she is now making news for herself! It looks like Selena Gomez might finally be getting past her relationship with Justin Bieber and might have actually found herself a new boyfriend. Who is he and will this one last? The Buzz tells you all about it in this video. Let us know what you think!

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Canine Version Of Miley Cyrus’ We Can’t Stop Goes Viral

June 28, 2013 10:25:19 by Stephanie Gustafson

If you thought the new Miley Cyrus music video for We Can’t Stop was weird, you’re in for a surprise — a new parody of the American Idol guest’s hit single is, if possible, even stranger! But hey, it features cute dogs, so we can’t complain!

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