Jerseylicious Star Tracy DiMarco Epstein Announces Pregnancy

July 21, 2014 04:00:56 by Stephanie Gustafson


Jersey Shore fans are already super excited about Snooki and JWoww’s bundles of joy, but they are certainly not the only New Jersey celebrities catching baby fever! Jerseylicious star Tracy DiMarco Epstein recently informed the world of her status as expectant mother — and her official announcement is super glamorous!

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EXTRA’s Maria Menounos Talks About Her Reality Show

May 19, 2014 04:37:25 by Christine McDow

Maria Menounos is wrapping up season one of her reality show, Chasing Maria Menounos, and SheKnows sat down for an exclusive interview with the EXTRA host. Find out how Maria feels the first season went and will there be a season two? Watch the interview now!

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Details On Charlie Sheen’s Pending Reality TV Show

November 13, 2013 01:09:00 by Christine McDow

Just when you thought it was safe to watch reality TV again. Charlie Sheen is going to have his own reality show, but what is it about? Not a whole lot is out about the show yet, but we can bet it will be very entertaining. The Buzz tells you what we do know in this video below. Check it out!

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Heidi Montag Ditches Her Size F Breast Implants

November 9, 2013 03:26:47 by Christine McDow

Heidi Montag is known for her loud ways and big boobs. However, she has been staying out of the gossip magazines for the most part for a while now. Heidi Montag has also decided that having size F great implants is a little too much to handle. Recently she underwent surgery to have her size F replaced with something a tad bit smaller. The Buzz has the whole story in this video below.

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Oprah Opens Up About Paula Deen

August 7, 2013 01:25:43 by Christine McDow

Paula Deen has been making the news lately because of a racist comment she admits to making several decades again. Finally, Oprah, who has had Paula Deen on her show several times, and who has visited her home, speaks out about what is going on and how she feels about Paula now. Watch this video from The Buzz to see what Oprah has to say!

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Celebrate Shark Week With Sharknado Cupcakes

August 6, 2013 02:29:41 by Christine McDow

It is Shark Week! Many reality fans favorite week of the year. While you are getting your fill of the giant human eating water animals with sharp pointy teeth, we thought you might be getting a little hungry. If so you are in luck! Food & Cooking from has a great recipe for you to make for dessert to eat with your family in front of the TV. Sharknado Cupcakes! Sound good? Watch this video to find out how to make them for your loved ones.

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Details On Lindsay Lohan’s OWN Interview And Reality Series

July 16, 2013 03:50:36 by Christine McDow

Oprah Winfrey is giving Lindsay Lohan a second chance. Or perhaps it is her third, fourth or fifth chance? OWN has announced that Lindsay Lohan will have her own reality show on their network later this summer or early in the fall, and Oprah has recently sat down to discuss it with the Punk’d guest star. Do you think this is a good idea for Oprah, or is it just trouble in the making? The Buzz has more of this story in the video below. Will you tune in?

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Beardless Duck Dynasty Brother Joins Cast In Season Four

June 28, 2013 01:28:29 by Stephanie Gustafson

A beardless brother on Duck Dynasty? What is this world coming to? A&E recently confirmed the rumors revolving around the addition of another family member, and yes, he is clean-shaven. Any other surprises in store for the show’s fourth season?

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Octomom’s Welfare Investigation Continues

June 10, 2013 01:30:42 by Donna W. Martin

Earlier this year, we learned that Nadya Suleman, a.k.a. Octomom was under investigation for possibly defrauding the welfare system. And while we haven’t heard anything new in the case since March, the investigation is still underway. What are the next steps in the case? Take the jump for details.

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Eastwood Daughter Wedding: Alison Eastwood Marries Reality TV Star Stacy Poitras

March 18, 2013 03:00:24 by Shayla Perry

It looks like Oscar-winning actor and director Clint Eastwood is a father-in-law after daughter, Alison wed reality TV star Stacy Poitras of CMT‘s Chainsaw Gang. All the details about the intimate Calabasas ceremony after the jump.

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