Michelle Obama’s Dress Choice For Election Night

November 8, 2012 11:00:47 by Donna W. Martin

First Lady and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition guest star, Michelle Obama is hitting the news not because her husband, President Barack Obama won the election last night, but because she wore an outfit that she’d already worn previously in public. Are you kidding me? Do the American people not think there are more important issues surrounding the President and First Lady than her choice of dress on election night?

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Octomom’s Son’s Restraining Order: Ex-Nanny Fights Back

November 5, 2012 04:04:31 by Stephanie Gustafson

As if the current drama taking place in the Suleman family wasn’t bad enough, now Nadya Suleman’s son has filed a restraining order against Gina Bryson, his former nanny. As you can guess, Gina Bryson’s response was every bit as nasty as the original allegation. We’re not sure who to believe.

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Octomom’s Son Gets Restraining Order Against Ex-Nanny

November 5, 2012 02:08:43 by Donna W. Martin

Every time we turn around it’s some kind of new drama surrounding Octomom, Nayda Suleman and her brood of 14 children. This time, the family is having trouble with an ex-nanny. Octomom’s 11-year-old son, Elijah Solomon is accusing his ex-nanny, Gina Bryson of harassment and has gone to court for a restraining order to put a stop to it.

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Octomom In Rehab: Is Nadya Suleman Really Suffering From Addiction?

November 3, 2012 10:00:34 by Stephanie Gustafson

When news broke out of Nadya Suleman entering rehab, it was widely assumed that the famous mom of 14 was seeking treatment for an addiction to Xanax. But is Octomom really in rehab for addiction treatment? Or is there something else at play?

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Say Hello To The Winners Of The 2012 CMA’s!

November 2, 2012 04:38:02 by Christine McDow

A lot of stars won big at the CMA’s last night! Did you happen to watch? If not, don’t worry about it. We have all the big winners in this short, one minute video recap from The Buzz!

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5 Most Memorable CMA Moments

November 1, 2012 03:56:59 by Christine McDow

As we gear up for the 2012 CMA Awards we have to think back to some of our favorite moments from past awards. Watch the video below of our top five most memorable moments from the CMA’s and let us know if you agree! If not, what is your favorite?

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Fashion Flops From Past CMA’s!

November 1, 2012 02:52:56 by Christine McDow

Everybody has off days, even country stars at big award ceremonies (including Carrie Underwood!) The Buzz has a round up in the video below of some of the worst fashion mistakes from previous CMA’s. Do you think anyone from this years shows will top these?

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2012 CMA Performers

November 1, 2012 01:12:41 by Christine McDow

Which big performers will be appearing this year at the 2012 CMA’s? If you have missed all the gossip, we have the list ready for you now, in this video below! Are you excited about the big country music award show? Let us know below!

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Octomom’s Son Watched Mom’s Porn!

November 1, 2012 08:00:28 by Megan Wilson

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later.  Frankly, we all thought the kids would stumble upon it when they were older, but a report just released states that one of Octomom’s kids was using her phone and saw a clip of her sex tape!  Also, one of her babysitters supposedly made a call to Orange County CPS while Nadya checked into rehab!  Read more below!

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Octomom In Rehab: Babysitters Rejoice!

October 30, 2012 06:00:35 by Stephanie Gustafson

We have long suspected there was something seriously wrong with Nadya Suleman (aka Octomom). Now it’s finally confirmed — Octomom has entered rehab to deal with a drug addiction. While she’s gone, her flock of kids is being cared for by their usual babysitters. And according to said babysitters, childcare is a hell of a lot easier when Octomom is out of the way! Not that we’re particularly surprised to hear that…

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