Survivor: Cagayan Recap — It’s Tough Throwing A Challenge

March 12, 2014 07:16:49 by Ryan Haidet


I’ve never ever liked the idea of a tribe purposely losing a challenge on Survivor.  It’s never a good idea, in my opinion, because it causes a shift in momentum and morale.  If you’re on a roll, keep it strong.  No need to drop the ball.  But several members of the Brawn tribe, who admitted in tonight’s episode of Survivor: Cagayan that throwing a challenge is a bad idea, wanted to send themselves to Tribal Council with a desire to oust one of their own.  *Forehead slap*  But the Brains tribe, which has become notoriously weak in challenges because they chose to keep rice-dumper J’Tia, really made any attempt by another tribe to throw a challenge a hopeless wish.  It really was an on-the-edge-of-your seat hour of television that took lots of twists and turns — proof that Survivor is still a powerhouse 28 seasons deep.

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Survivor: Cagayan Interview With Brice Johnston — “Jeremiah Wood Is A Cockroach”

March 6, 2014 01:59:04 by Ryan Haidet


The self-described “fabulous” Brice Johnston found himself on the ugly end of the vote as the Beauty tribe sent him packing on the latest episode of Survivor: Cagayan.  During my interview with Brice, he didn’t hold anything back as he fired off hilarious comments about his fellow castaways — mostly without referencing any of them by name.  He weighed in on why the tribe targeted him so early and also explained his very funny story about how he actually applied to be on the show.  You’re gonna dig this one, folks.  Dive in and enjoy!  Oh yeah, follow me on Twitter, too, @RyanSurvivor for loads more exclusive Survivor updates.

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Survivor: Cagayan Recap — Let It Rain!

March 5, 2014 07:41:59 by Ryan Haidet


Survivor: Cagayan kicked off its latest episode with one of the worst storms we’ve seen on the show in years.  The wicked winds whipped the three tribes who struggled to stay warm, dry and happy as Mother Nature peppered them with pelting rain.  It was hardcore Survivor in every way.  ”This is what Survivor is all about, baby,” Woo said.  Tony described the experience in a much different way.  ”This is what I envisioned hell to be like,” he declared.  It really was intense — and the weather was just the beginning.  The bigger question?  Would the Brains tribe be able to weather each other and avoid going to their third Tribal Council in a row?

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Survivor: Cagayan Interview — Garrett Adelstein Explains What Happened To His Hidden Idol

February 27, 2014 05:00:11 by Ryan Haidet


Garrett Adelstein had all the qualities of a great Survivor player: Smart, strong and sly.  But those elements of his personality quickly fizzled out as he was the second person voted off Survivor: Cagayan — Brains Vs. Brawn Vs. Beauty.  The professional poker player, who came across very arrogantly on the premiere episode, admitted his mistakes when I spoke with him today.  More interestingly, however, he dished all the details regarding the future of his hidden Immunity Idol, which he left back at the Brains camp.  Where is it?  Could another castaway possibly find it?

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Survivor: Cagayan Interview — David Samson Says J’Tia Taylor Was Useless

February 27, 2014 04:41:04 by Ryan Haidet


David Samson, president of the Florida Marlins, took a crack at Survivor — and struck out after three days.  The big-time sports decision maker quickly found himself as the first person voted out of Survivor: Cagayan — Brains Vs. Brawn Vs. Beauty.  In our interview with David, he predicted his tribe’s future success, gave his opinion on which team he felt would have been a better fit for him and unleashed his feelings on J’Tia.

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Survivor: Cagayan Recap — Brains Tribe? How About Dumbass Tribe?

February 26, 2014 08:43:17 by Ryan Haidet


Wow! What a start! Although it’s been a tad more than two months since the Survivor: Blood Vs. Water finale, it seems like it took forever for Survivor: Cagayan to debut. Like reuniting with a long-lost friend, I’m thrilled to welcome Survivor back into my living room! For the first time, I ripped off @JeffProbst and live tweeted the entire show. Check me out @RyanSurvivor to see my live breakdown of the epic two-hour premiere (plus, I’m new to Twitter and need some followers). I promise, I have some fun stuff to tweet — and will do so throughout this season and live from the finale in May… OK, self promotion done. Let’s get to the goods. How awesome was that debut? I loved every second of it! Two blindsides?!?!?!

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Survivor: Cagayan Cast Revealed — Meet The 18 New Players!

January 22, 2014 02:30:37 by Ryan Haidet

Who would prevail in a battle of brains vs. brawn vs. beauty?  We’re about to find out when Survivor: Cagayan is unleashed with a two-hour debut on Wednesday, Feb. 26!  CBS has just unveiled the 18 all-new castaways from the show’s 28th cycle.  The cast includes a former NBA star, president of the Miami Marlins, a high-stakes poker player, a former NFL cheerleader and a woman who loves to shake her booty (seriously).  The major twist?  The contestants will be divided into three tribes based on their smarts, strength and stunning bods.  Want to know more about the newbies?  Jump inside the article for full bios and videos with each of the castaways!

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Survivor: Cagayan — Premiere Comes Later Than Usual

January 15, 2014 02:30:45 by Ryan Haidet

It’s the question fans have been asking for weeks…  When will Survivor: Cagayan premiere?  CBS has finally released details, and it turns out, the show is getting a two-hour debut — but it comes later than usual.

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VIDEO Exclusive Survivor Interview: Hayden Moss Won’t Discuss Kat Edorsson’s Apparent Boob Job

December 18, 2013 03:30:13 by Ryan Haidet

After winning Big Brother a few years back, Hayden Moss suddenly found himself in the Philippines competing on Survivor: Blood Vs. Water with his girlfriend, Kat Edorsson.  While he was a strong physical factor throughout the season and a charismatically brutal strategist who convinced Ciera Eastin to flip, Hayden’s appearance during the live reunion show will also go down in infamy.  As Kat was answering a simple question asked by Jeff Probst on finale night, she alluded to getting breast implants so she could improve herself for Hayden.  The live studio audience was a mix of stunned silence and awkward laughter as Probst tried to figure out what the hell she was talking about.  Naturally (and sadly), that moment became the hottest topic for Hayden at every single interview on the red carpet in Hollywood.  When I asked him about it, well, jump in the article to see how he answered.

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VIDEO Exclusive Survivor Interview: Laura Morett Ignores Any Mention Of Russell Hantz

December 18, 2013 02:30:28 by Ryan Haidet

Russell Hantz…  Ummm…  No.  His name is one Laura Morett wouldn’t even acknowledge when our own Ryan Haidet interviewed her at the Survivor: Blood Vs. Water finale.  Each time his name was uttered or anything about him was hinted, Laura asked, “Who?” as if she never met the infamous Survivor villain.  That was just the tip of the interview iceberg.  One name she didn’t ignore, however, was that of her own daughter — Ciera Eastin.  Laura couldn’t stop gushing her love and admiration for her daughter who actually voted against her.  On top of that, Laura explained how this season of Survivor was actually incredibly easy as far as the elements were concerned.  For all that and more, watch the full interview inside this article!

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