True Life Features Anger Management, Refugee Resettlement, And Armed Forces Life

February 2, 2008 01:01:17 by Joe Reality

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Three back-to-back episodes of True Life are set to air on MTV on Saturday, February 2, 2008. The three new episodes will focus on anger management, coping with a loved one in the Armed Forces being away overseas, and people from other countries adjusting to life in America. The episodes are entitled “I Have a Husband In Iraq,” “I Need Anger Management” and “I’m Coming to America.”

True Life kicks off at 1 PM ET with “True Life: I Need Anger Management.” This episode tells the story of three young people who have trouble controlling their tempers. Twenty-three year old John’s blow ups at work have him at risk of being fired. Twenty-one year old Anna is in danger of losing her boyfriend because she flips out over every little thing. Twenty-one year old Madison could lose her relationship with her family because she fights with her mother and sisters.

Next up is “True Life: I’m Coming to America” at 2 PM ET. This episode tells the story of two young people who are moving to America in order to start new lives. Nineteen year old Bara is aCzech Republic women’s basketball player who wants to compete in a Division college program in America. Twenty-one year old Thimonthy fled Burma after ten years in a camp and is resettling in Texas.

The final episode is “True Life: I Have A Husband in Iraq” at 3 PM ET. The episode tells the story of three young women named Mindi, Ketsy and Crystal who are married to men fighting overseas. The three women are doing their best to cope with loneliness, fear, and responsibility.

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True Life Episodes Focuses On Panic Attacks, Family Standards, And Alcoholism

January 5, 2008 01:01:56 by Joe Reality

True Life is coming back to MTV. True Life tells stories through first person accounts that provide an inside look into the lives of other people. New episodes to air on January 5, 2008 focus on panic attacks, conforming to a family’s standards, and overcoming alcoholism. The episodes are entitled “True Life: I’m The Black Sheep,” True Life: I Panic” and “True Life: I’m An Alcoholic.”

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New Episodes Of True Life On MTV

November 4, 2007 12:02:00 by Joe Blackmon

True Life, the award-winning documentary series from MTV is back with
five new episodes.  True Life covers topics that are relevant to young
people by telling their stories through first-person accounts.  The
show tackles issues on cultural trends including matters relating to
lifestyle subjects such as health, sex, drugs, spirituality, money and
more.  The new True Life episodes will air on Sunday, November 4, 2007
starting at 2PM ET/PT.

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