Wife Swap: The Glamazon vs. Colonel Mommy

February 20, 2008 09:31:23 by Jennifer_Brown

Wife-Swap-Courtesy-ABCWhen it comes to being a rocker glamazon, former Hooters girl Glori Blankenship is one proud mama! This sexy South Carolina rocker mom loves being her hubby’s arm candy and isn’t afraid to admit that being beautiful is her most important job, even if she’s had to have some augmentation to get that way. Glori’s husband Tim, who calls himself “The High Priest of the Church of the Poisoned Mind,” is a rocker who likes to party and loves having doting Glori wait on him hand and foot. Their 12-year old son, Justin, lives to play video games and complains that his mom dresses too provocatively.

In tonight’s episode of Wife Swap, Glori swaps lives with Maryland mom, retired Army Colonel Jill Phillips, who believes that hard work is the foundation of a good life. Jill runs a petting zoo, is a corporate executive, anda nurse practitioner. To this mom, structure is the underlying force of herteenagedtwin daughters’ lives, as they’re expected to meet high homework demands and a heavy chore list. Jill’s husband John, also a former military man, takes over the lion’s share of the housework, supporting his hardworking wife.

For Wife Swap, it’s a pretty mild night. Glori and John seem to coexist fairly peacefully. After Glori gets over the shock of having to take off all her makeup, that is. But she finds filling Jill’s software company and nurse practitioner shoes “fun,” although she could do with a little less poop-scooping at the petting zoo.

Jill, Justin, and Tim, however, are not such a happy little family. Justin finds Jill to be “boring, annoying, and very, very crappy.” Jill finds Glori’s chores to be…well, pretty much what Justin just said. She also finds Glori’s promotional model gig (involving skimpy clothes and jumping around on the side of the road), along with her service to hubby Tim to be “demeaning.”

After the first week, the wives get to change the rules. Glori asserts, “Real men allow women to serve them,” while over at the Blankenship house, Jill exclaims, “This house needs a commander!”

Jill’s first order of business is to get long-haired Tim a nice buzz-cut. But Tim refuses, cussing out the hairdresser and kicking him out of the house. Jill turns her sights to Justin then, getting rid of all of his video games. “You torturous spawn of Satan,” Justin growls at her, but she’s undeterred. She has Justin join a high school debate program, where he must debate why video games are good for kids. Meanwhile, she sends Tim to a sorority house, bare-chested and in leather, to clean. Then she takes them both to a petting zoo to scoop poop.

At the Phillips house, John tries to get used to being waited on by his new wife. Glori scores points with the girls by hiring some hot cowboy-types to take off their shirts and take over the girls’ chores at the petting zoo, and then takes the girls out to a busy street corner tocollect guys’ phone numbers, which doesn’t please John in the least. “That’s what prostitutes do,” he says. “That’s totally inappropriate.” But he barely gets a good rantgoing when daughter Marlena comes in and takes up for Glori,a move thatcompletely impresses Dad. Still, Glori doesn’t help matters by taking John to a biker bar and partying down, doing body shots with strange men and embarrassing him once again.

After the second week, the couples reunite and sit down together for a little chat. Right away Jill starts in on Glori, calling her clothing demeaning. John joins in, ratting out the biker-bar-body-shot incident, which angers Tim. He storms out on Glori, calling what she did a “graphic misrepresentation of what goes on between us.”

Eventually Tim comes back to the reunion and he sullenly agrees to start doing more around the house to help Glori.

Since the Swap, Tim and Justin help out more at the Blankenship house. Justin reads more and plays video games less, and now has an interest in debate.

The Phillips daughters have a little more freedom and are allowed to go out with their friends on the weekends.

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Wife Swap: Do You Wanna Rock? Sir, yes, Sir!

February 17, 2008 12:00:02 by Jennifer_Brown

Wife-Swap-Logo-Courtesy-ABCWife Swap must havedone this season’s casting calls on military bases. This weekwe’ve got yetanother Colonel Wife,this time swapping with arocker mommy who snaps to it every time her hubby bellows an order over the baby monitor.

Guys, this is one Wife Swap you won’t want to miss — rock and roll mama, Glori Blankenship, isn’t just any rocker. She’s a former Hooter’s girl who isn’t afraid to prance around the housewearing next to nothin’, cooking, cleaning, and being a trophy wife for her husband, Tim.

Glori will be swapping with former Army Colonel Jill Phillips, whoruns twin teen daughters, three jobs, and a very tight ship, including a hubby who does all of the housework.

Wife Swap airs Wednesdays 8:00 PM (ET), on ABC.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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Wife Swap: The Battle of the Bible

February 13, 2008 09:52:48 by Jennifer_Brown

Childs-Courtesy-ABCFor Lee-Ann Childs, preparing for an appearance on Wife Swap is nothing compared to the tireless preparation she puts into eternity. A born-again Christian with a devout belief in a literal translation of the Bible, Lee-Ann and her husband Christopher put all of their effort in bringing up their six children according to their religious standards.

Believing that the Bible is clear about the wife’s role in the family, Lee-Ann is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys being her husband’s “help-mate.” Moreover, Lee-Ann and Christopher believe in raising their children to live traditional “biblical” roles – the girls being trained to be housewives and the boy working to become man of the house. The Childs’ teenage daughters are not allowed to date, but are to “pray for a husband,” abiding by the deep belief that God will bring a man into their lives when the time is right.

Lee-Ann is about to swap with Kim Beckman-Heskett, an educated, driven career-woman. Kim’s husband, Randall is a theologian, too, yet he couldn’t be more different from Lee-Ann. Raised in a conservative religious upbringing, Randall claims to have seen and been victim of much religious abuse, and says he doesn’t trust “Bible-thumpers.” Randall, who has three masters degrees and a doctorate in theology, treats religion in a tongue-and-cheek manner, believing conservative religiousness is something to be mocked.

Randall is a stay-at-home dad, leaving Kim to go out and earn the family’s income, and together they teach their daughters to think for themselves, to believe that they can be anything they want to be, and that dating as teenagers is expected and acceptable.

It doesn’t take long at all for sparks to fly between the switched couples. Kim gets on Christopher’s bad side right away, asking controversial questions of the kids at dinner. Young daughter Columbia (billed as “the rebellious one” because she wants to be a doctor and not a stay-at-home mom) rushes to her room and prays for God to help misguided Kim and help her, Columbia, “be meek and teachable.” Kim accuses Christopher of brainwashing his children, an accusation to which he ardently agrees. “They are, and I have purposefully done that,” he says. Later, when Kim tells the kids that he’s said this, they confront him and he backpedals, calling a “family meeting,” where he explains himself until “everyone’s heart’s good.”

At the Beckman-Heskett house, Randall and Lee-Ann are not seeing eye-to-eye over Lee-Ann’s stringent Bible interpretations. “I’ve studied the Bible more hours than you will in your whole life,” Randall erupts. Later, Lee-Ann finds him curled up on his bed in tears over having “lost the peace” in his house. “You’ve really hurt me,” he cries. Yet it has to be hard to stay mad at Lee-Ann, who also begins crying, apologizing, asking for forgiveness, and offering hugs and a hearty, “I love you!”

Each of the wives attempts some rule changes, mostly surrounding the girls and dating. Kim wants the Childs girls to go “speed dating,” and Lee-Ann wants Kim’s daughters to write chaste “dating vows.” Neither plan goes well. The Childs daughters want nothing to do with speed dating, and the Beckman-Heskett daughters write “forced” vows that they don’t believe in. In a fit of anger, Christopher busts in on some “power thought time” (time set aside for the girls to think about famous strong women) after the older children tattle thatthey think Kim is taking advantage of Columbia’s rebelliousness. Christopher whisks Columbia away from the house and forbids Kim from talking to her again.

Kim tries some outreach with Christopher, sitting him down and claiming, “I feel like a leper in this house.” But Christopher’s not interested in discussing what he thinks is Kim’s attempt at leading his children off track and he walks away from her.

The couples reunite and Randall tries to debate religion with the Childs couple. He accuses Christopher of not being as secure in his religion as he claims to be, because he reacted to Kim’s changes with fear and insecurity. Christopher disagrees, declaring himself “Head of Household, Watcher on the Wall, and Gatekeeper” of his family, period.

Since the Swap:

The Childs family is as rooted in their religious beliefs as ever before; however, Christopher now cooks for the family.

There are no real changes for Kim’s family, except they now include Columbia Childs in their prayers.

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Wife Swap: Praying for Some Understanding

February 12, 2008 10:03:28 by Jennifer_Brown

Wife-Swap-Logo-Courtesy-ABCWhat exactly are men good for? The wives of Wife Swap plan to duke out an answer to that question on this week’s episode of Wife Swap.

Colorado-native Kim Beckman-Heskett is a high-powered corporate mom whose husband Randall is a stay-at-home dad. Randall, a former preacher, does all of the housework and child-rearing while Kim heads out to bring home the bacon. A brainiac-type with multiple theologydegrees under his belt, Randall is skeptical of what he calls “Bible-thumpers” and believes religion and humor go well together. A devout Christian with a dose of cynicism, Randall just might see some sparks flywhen he meetshis “new wife,” Lee-Ann Childs.

Lee-Ann is a bit more “traditional” in her beliefs. She’s a born-again Christian who uses a literal translation of the Bible as a guide to her life and the lives of her children and husband. Lee-Ann believes a woman’s place is that of supporting role for the man of the house, and not only stays at home, but home schools her 6 children. Lee-Ann’s husband Christopher is the “man of the house,” calling himself the “gatekeeper,” and Lee-Ann is more than happy to be his “help-mate.”

Expect an emotional episode as differences in religion come into play between the families and both Kim and Lee-Ann are forced to confront their core beliefs.

Wife Swap airs Wednesdays, 8:00 PM (ET), on ABC.

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Wife Swap: Caveman Meets Rocker Princess

February 6, 2008 09:56:27 by Jennifer_Brown

LaBrie-Zaring-Wife-Swap-Courtesy-ABCJake Zaring thinks he’s got a corner on truck-pulling. Truth is, his real forte is stubborn pigheadedness. Tonight he shows his rigidity in full force as he swaps wives with Indiana rock jock Tony LaBrie.

Debby LaBrie is a soft-spoken Michigan mom, who does it all. And then some. Two jobs (one at a canteen and one at a hair salon)a cattle farm, all the housework, caring for the children,not to mention waiting on hubby Jake hand and foot — all keep Debby way busy. A believer in hard work, Debby gives her children chores, jobs, and responsibilities. There’s no time in the Zaring house for vacations, time off, or even birthdays.

Rock hottie Corrie LaBrie swaps with Debby and it’s got to feel like she’s stepped into an episode of The Flintstones with caveman-like Jake to contend with after leaving her doting husband Tony behind in Indiana. Corrie is not really into the whole chore thing, and definitely not into disciplining her kids. For Corrie and Tony, life is much more about looking great and partying down. Tony treats beautiful Corrie like a queen and is a hands-off step-dad, leaving the LaBrie girls, Tuesday and Hunter, to do their own thing. The result – Tuesday is a boy-crazy, spoiled, cell phone-addicted teen with a bad attitude.

Right away, as the moms try to live by each other’s rules, Corrie clashes with Jake, who she thinks spends way too much time thinking of himself and way too little time appreciating all that Debby does for the family. She wants the kids to have a little freedom, too, and is adamant that Debby get a “vacation spot” of her own and the kids get a birthday party for once.

Debby has a much easier job, it would seem, dealing with sweet Tony and spending her days primping and pampering herself. But she notices that the kids have no discipline and attention and she wants to see Tuesday learn some responsibility.

The rules change and Corrie finds herself hitting a brick wall with Jake. He blows through Debby’s chores, calling them a “piece of cake,” and refusing to give Corrie the admission that Debby’s work is challenging, too. Corrie presses this with Jake, and his response is, “She needs to move out when she gets home then” (Aww,isn’t young love sweet,?). Corrie tries to concentrate on the birthday instead, and is greeted with stony Jordan, who doesn’t want it. Jordan confronts Corrie, sounding eerily like her father, and squashes the birthday party dream. Later, when Corrie catches Jake crossing out several rules on the rule chart, she bursts into tears. “This is too emotionally stressing for me,” she cries, and heads for a hotel. At the hotel, she makes plans to go back to the farm, if only to try to reach the kids again. What she doesn’t know is that while she’s gone, Jake builds Debby’s vacation spot per Corrie’s wishes (all the while defending his “hard” exterior. “Debbie don’t want no wuss for a husband,” he growls.). When Corrie tries to come back to the farm, she’s met with an arrogant and grouchy Jake once again. Again she cries and storms out, saying, “The only thing I have for that man is hate because he’s so nasty.” After he leaves, she tries to get the children to help her decorate Debby’s new vacation spot, but Jordan really won’t contribute at all.

A club LaBrie, Debby is taking on the raging tiger that is Tuesday. She makes Tuesday get a job, so she can feel some responsibility. Tuesday’s reaction – she wants to punch Debby in the face. Debby won’t be deterred, however. She brings Tuesday an educational baby doll, designed to teach teens the rigors of parenting, and takes away Tuesday’s keyboard and cell phone. It almost gets physical as Tuesday rages; Tuesday storms out of the house, snarling, “If I wouldn’t have left I would’ve punched her in the face” (Anyone else noticing a theme here with Tuesday and the punching in the face thing?). Tony comes home just in time for Debby to send him on a mission – to “dad up” and make Tuesday come home. He does – tired of Tuesday’s attitude, he’s more than happy to lay down the law. Later, he makes it a point to get some dad/daughter time with Tuesday over pizza.

The couples reunite and face one another for the first time. Corrie wastes no time in tattling on Jake and calling Jordan Jake’s “mouthpiece.”

“Jake I really am disappointed,” Debby chastises. She says she’s ashamed of him for not finishing what they’d started. But she sees Corrie’s caveman complaints and raises her a bratty daughter story. Tony backs up Debby’s claims, telling Corrie he thinks they need to tighten down on Tuesday’s world.

Jake begrudgingly agrees that he needs to devote more time to Debby. But don’t get used to that soft side, because as soon as Corrie gets tearful while telling Tony how much she loves him, Jake makes a snide remark under his breath. “Shut up, Jake,” Corrie snaps. “I’ve had enough of your #$%^ for the last week!” ‘Nuf said.

Back home, Debby tells Jake and the kids that she thinks the vacation spot is “romantic and sweet.”

Since the Swap, Jake and Debby take more time for themselves, going out to eat every weekend. Tony and Corrie have given the kids chores and Tony’s a much more involved step-dad than he was before.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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Wife Swap: A Truck-Puller’s Wife Swaps with a Diva

February 4, 2008 02:26:56 by Jennifer_Brown

Wife-Swap-Logo-Courtesy-ABCWhat happens when you swap the wife of a professional truck-puller with the glam wife of a DJ? This week on Wife Swap, we’ll find out.

Debby Zaring is married to a professional competitive truck-puller, who expects her to support his career, work the family cattle farm, keep up her job in the local canteen and run a hair salon, while also running his errands and doing all the housework and child-rearing herself. Meanwhile, his life revolves around truck-pulling and competition, an attitude that’s seeping into his kids’ beliefs as well.

Corrie LaBrie is not so much about truck-pulling and cattle-farming as she is about spending hours in front of the mirror donning her makeup and looking pretty. Corrie’s husband, a DJ, dotes on her and makes sure she’s the queen of the house. With neither parent being much on parenting, their two daughters must fend for themselves.

The two wives will trade places for two weeks, putting the beauty queen on the cattle farm and the truck-pulling wife in the role of Queen Bee.

Wife Swap airs Wednesdays, 8:00 PM (ET), on ABC.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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Wife Swap: A Burlesque Mamma and a Lumberjack Lady Switch Places

January 30, 2008 08:37:10 by DA Southern

WifeSwap Courtesy of ABC So, you know the drill. Two rather dull wives swap families and live peacefully in hopeful expectation of the two weeks they will be enjoying in their new environment. Well, this week is very different.

You take one Washington State mom, Sarina McDonald, who is a Real Estate agent by day and a burlesque dancer by night and swap her with an upstate New York wife, Andrea Robarge, who, with her husband Wally, is a lumberjack, and you get one zany episode of fun.

Burlesque dancer Sarina doesn’t feel the need to hide her passion from her sons, Will and Tyler, and feels that since she supported husband Dan’s musical dreams, decides it’s now her turn to build her career. Lumberjack wife Andrea, on the other hand, doesn’t consider herself a girly girl and loves the sound of chainsaws and wood chopping. Andrea is even part of the USA timber drill team and participates in chainsaw competitions with her sons and her professional lumberjack husband, Wally.

Our first visit was to upstate New York to see the raw living style of the Robarge family and how Andrea essentially waits on her family hand and foot. She even waits until they are all done eating before eating herself and spends countless hours picking up after the men in the house making them completely helpless without her. The one area that she struggles with is her relationship with her son Matt who tends to come down on the artistic side alienating him from his dad and Andrea.

In Washington State we see Sarina as she readies herself for her burlesque act, leaving Dan to fend for the family and having Grandma over to assist. The kids are completely independent and fend for themselves in lieu of an absentee mom. Sarina explains that she was once morbidly obese, and that she had the surgery and since then has “rediscovered” her body and her sexuality and shared it willingly with her kids, for better or worse.

Day of the Swap: Andrea heads to Washington to become a burlesque queen and to live by the McDonald family rules for the first week. That basically means not being a slave to her family but being completely into herself. Sarina headed to New York to become a lumberjack for the first week and to completely care for the Robarge men.

The ladies both read the manual for the first week and learned the rules. Sarina was concerned that there was no mention of sex or sexuality in front of the kids and Andrea was concerned about being, well, a girl, by doing burlesque and dressing up pretty.

The introductions proceeded with Sarina and Andrea meeting the families. Andrea was really sketchy about the whole burlesque aspect of Sarina’s life and Sarina just got right into telling the Robarge family about burlesque making Andrea’s husband, Wally, very uncomfortable. Sarina’s mother was telling Andrea that she had better get used to showing some skin as we met Andrea heading to the dance studio to learn the basics of burlesque.

Back in New York, Sarina was immediately thrust into the family chore cycle as she cooked and cleaned for Wally and the boys. Sarina was funny as she noticed that Andrea did not even have a place at the table and questioned the boys as to why they were so messy, which had the bright boys telling Sarina that their mom did everything for them, and that they liked that.

Andrea was off to burlesque class and felt very bad about leaving Dan to do everything in the home. We had our first glimpse of Andrea as she was putting on her costume and watched as she cried because she was so uncomfortable wearing the costume that actually was not revealing at all. I fully expected Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s “What Not to Wear” to jump out and convince Andrea to get a new wardrobe because she had such a hard time being a lady.

Back in New York, Sarina was trying to connect to Matt, the outcast artistic soul of the Robarge family but then was whisked off to do lumberjack stuff with Wally. In the quiet moments, Wally does finally open up to Sarina about Matt and asks how he could build that bridge with him.

Andrea was doing her first burlesque show and actually did a fairly good job at doing the routine. After the show, Andrea was seen saying that she was proud of herself for going outside of her comfort zone, even though she looked like a prostitute.

2nd Week Rules Change: The wives announced the rules change and, of course, Wally being of the dominant male persuasion, said “no” to most of the rule changes. Dan, on the other hand, seemed to be respectful but the kids, not so much, from either family. Andrea announced that there would be no more burlesque and that the kids were not to be so self-sufficient and that the family would have to spend quality time together.

Sarina said that burlesque would reign in the home for the week and that Wally would have to arrange a burlesque show for her and that he would have to MC the show. Wally said “no”, but you had a sense that he would probably relent. The one thing Wally did not give on, however, was Sarina’s insistence that Wally talk about sex with the boys and gave him a book on sex to help him with the task. Wally, in a typical open-minded way, burned the book and refused Sarina’s wishes.

Andrea ran into her own refusal when Dan stood up to her when she said that she was going to sell all of the burlesque stuff at a flea market. Dan, first cried then said “no” and that he was not going to do it. Andrea was surprised that he stood up to her and hoped that he would stand up to Sarina when it came time to talk about being with the family on a more consistent basis.

In New York, Sarina outlawed all lumberjack activities and started making the children do chores as well as Wally. Sarina also insisted that Wally build a studio in Wally’s shed for Matt, so they would have a chance to bond. Wally said “no” once again and Sarina seemed slightly frustrated with him. Uh, ya think? Andrea, on the other hand, seemed to be currying favor by actually being a mom to Dan and the boys, but this time, she actually had a seat at the table with the family.

The burlesque show was taking place in New York and Dan was actually wearing a tux for the event and he looked decent dressed up like a big boy. After the show, Wally had a heart-to-heart with Sarina about her being so selfish by not being a mom to her family. Sarina actually took it fairly well and agreed to reevaluate her schedule. Wally even had a change of heart as he actually constructed a studio for Matt and was seen drawing with him when the studio was completed.

In a touching scene, Wally was seen hugging Matt and telling him that he was proud of him and his artistic skills. Back in Washington, Andrea eventually took the family to a lumberjack competition where the kids and Dan enjoyed the family time with Andrea. The kids all got involved in the competition and older son, Will, really took to the whole axe-throwing event.

The final day showed the ladies packing and the reuniting with their respective husbands. At the judgment table, Andrea was concerned how much sexuality was being displayed to the kids and how much the family was missing their mother and the time spent together in family activities. Sarina was concerned that about the amount of time Andrea spent being a maid to the family and how important it was for the kids to step up, as well as Wally, and graciously help around the house.

In a look at family life after the families were reunited, Wally and the boys had indeed stepped up and willingly helped out with chores more and Andrea was actually getting to eat with the family. She still was not going to do burlesque dancing, except for Wally, but admitted that she was much more relaxed with her boys.

As far as Sarina, she was still doing burlesque shows, but had cut back on her Real Estate, so she could spend more time with her family. There must be some good money in the burlesque biz. Sarina became more of a mom to the children and Dan appreciated his wife’s additional time spent with the family. Son, Will, even got into axe throwing and was signed up to participate in events in the future.

Stay with RealityTVMagazine.com next week when two different women try to have an impact on each others family on ABC’s Wife Swap.

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Say the Magic Words: Wife Swap

January 23, 2008 10:14:17 by Jennifer_Brown

Wife-Swap-Logo-Courtesy-ABCFor Ohio mom, Melissa Martin-Portala, keeping a hubby and two children happy is all a bunch of hocus-pocus. Literally.

Tonight’s episode of Wife Swap featured a magical family — the Martin-Portalas — whose lives literally revolve around the business of magic. Melissa, who quit her job several years ago to do marketing work for Houdini Hubby, Andrew’s magic business, is all about the alakazam. “We eat, sleep, and breathe magic. It’s our work and it’s our play,” she says. Even Melissa’s son, Ely, is a magician, having begun at18 months, his first paid gig at age 4.

With all this magicking going around, there’s just not a lot of time for other stuff, such as chores. “Cleaning is our lowest priority,” Melissa says.

Sounds like a good time to bring in completely non-magical (in fact, the real trick with this one would be to get her to smile) Jennifer Galvan, super-mommy career woman with most excellent hygiene skillz. “No one can clean as well as I can,” she brags. Jennifer’s so into cleaning, she micromanages her children’s chores, hovering above them while they vacuum and timing their tooth-brushing. She cleans the bathroom as soon as someone’s done using it, and has no qualms about spot-checking the fam before they leave the house to make sure nobody’s leaving with a (*gasp!*) bad hair day. “We’re a beautiful family and I want to make sure we stay beautiful,” she says.

The wives swap and while Melissa (who Jennifer’s husband, Richard thinks is “plain”) seems to hit it off quite naturally with Jennifer’s family, Jennifer looks uncomfortable and squirmy on the Martin-Portala couch with all its icky confetti and nasty happiness and joy. Jennifer snarks that Andy’s job as a magician is “a career for people who have nothing better to do with their time,” but Andy has plans to “magically loosen up” Jennifer.

Really there aren’t any major temper tantrums tonight, as it’s difficult to take Andy’s grief seriously when he’s expressing it via balloon hearts and eyeballs. Plus, Richard doesn’t seem to be too bugged by Melissa, despite her attempts to let his children play outside unaccompanied by an adult.

But the wives bring it on Rule Change day. “Your career’s a magical joke,” Jennifer snarls at Andy, and adds that everything magic will be thrown into a pit and padlocked. “This house is on lock-down,” she says.

“You’re all a bunch of prisoners in a no-fun zone,” Melissa says during her rule change. She just wants the kids to get a chance to play.

Meanwhile, back at the Martin-Portala house, Andy’s not so keen on Jennifer’s rule changes. He grabs his magic case and leaves the Rule Change Ceremony behind. Later, when he returns, Jennifer makes him go for a job interview at a law firm. He doesn’t get the job, but he gets a gig for the interviewer’s 8-year old daughter’s next birthday party.

At the Galvan house, the kids have some difficulty letting go of their rigid standards of cleanliness. But eventually Melissa breaks them down and they all begin to work together to create a magic show with a vividly-painted backdrop designed by quiet daughter Elena.

Just as things are quieting down at Jennifer’s real house, life is ramping up at her new one. Andy sneaks down to The Forbidden Basement of Magic Tricks and gets caught by Jennifer, who insists that he go get a real job. Instead he goes out to his car and rams the nice, orderly fence she’s had erected in his front yard, tearing it down. “Get your crap and leave,” he says. “You’re immature, you’re childish, and you’re stupid,” she screams. “Thanks for wasting my time. Screw you, Andrew!” Seems the magician made the pretty lady disappear…to a local hotel room.

Cooling her heels in the hotel, Jennifer realizes that maybe she’s a bit too hard onher kids. “Sometimes our goals take over everything,” she sobs.

The couples reunite, and at first blush it looks like it’s going to be a feisty one. Meek Melissa gets rankled when she finds that Jennifer made Andy go on a job interview. “How disrespectful is that?!” she says, and then tells Jennifer that she lives her life in a cage.

Jumpingon the R-E-S-P-E-C-T bandwagon, Richard decides to get all up in arms when he finds out that Jennifer was sent packing by Andy. “You disrespected my wife?!” he booms. “You don’t know how to be a man?!” But even Richard has to laugh when he hears about the fence’s demise, and he gently tells Jen to lay off the chores already. Jennifer breaks down, thanking Richard for all that he does and telling him that she loves him. Hugs for everyone!

Since the Swap…

Jennifer has lightened up and backed off the chores. Rickie has gotten some freedom, and Elena gets more Mom Time.

Melissa and Andy watch the children more closely and Andy is cleaning more. And, yes, he’s still doing magic (*Poof!* I’m outa here!).

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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A Magical Episode of Wife Swap Ahead

January 22, 2008 12:09:25 by Jennifer_Brown

Wife-Swap-Logo-Courtesy-ABCI wonder…if you take a fastidious, super-driven career mom, and trade her with a magician’s wife…will she disappear?

In this week’s episode of Wife Swap, we’ll find out.

The swapping families are the Martin-Portalas and the Galvans, otherwise known as Mrs. Neat Freak and Mrs. Mind Freak (okay, yeah, I couldn’t resist).

Melissa Martin-Portala is a magician. So are her husband and children. Their lives revolve around magic — practicing their tricks and perfecting their art — and not so much about daily doldrums, such as cleaning the house or involving their children in non-magical activities.

Californian, Jennifer Galvan, is a driven, meticulous uber-mom with an eye for neatness. Galvan, a career mom with a catering/event planningbusiness is married to a Buff McStud, who works out every day and overachiever children who’re the best at…everything (sort of like me, only…not at all like me).

The wives will swap and drama will unfold. Will Jennifer make structure magically appear in the Martin-Portala house? Or will Melissa make Jennifer’s high expectations vanish into thin air?

Wife Swap airs Wednesdays, 8:00 PM (ET) on ABC.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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RTV Predicts…Our Writers’ Takes on Idol, Dance War, and More

January 20, 2008 09:21:11 by Jennifer_Brown

Carrie Ann Inaba Courtesy ABCAdmit it — you’re guilty of wondering what will happen next week on your favorite reality shows. You are a fan, after all. You may even have your own opinions on just what will happen next. Well, so do we!

We’ve asked our writers to give their reality TV predictions for the upcoming week.Idol, Dance Wars, Celebrity Apprentice… — you’re watching them, and we’re watching, too. Here’s what our writers have to say about what will happen next:

Joe on American Idol:

1. Paula Abdul will continue to agree with Randy Jackson on every performance.
2. San Diego will bring out some of the freakiest auditions yet, as contestants show up in a variety of outrageous costumes.
3. Charleston will bring out plenty of country singers that Simon Cowell will hate, but Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul will put through to Hollywood.

Mary on Dance War: Bruno vs.Carrie Ann:

Carrie Ann Inaba will wear a longer dress this week. Mary says,”Carrie Ann Inaba’s dresses couldn’t possibly get any shorter. She could barely sit down on Monday! Carrie Ann kept tugging on her glittery mini dress whenever she sat down.There was no way she could have worn ‘thigh-high’ hosiery under that cute little black number she was wearing. She cannot go shorter at all.”

Jen on Amazing Race:

The pace will be frantic, Ron & Chris will lose their foothold, Nic & Gramps will all but drop out at some point, and TK & Rachel will practically waltz across the finish line. (Read my full analysis of the final three here).

Jen on Biggest Loser Couples:

At this point, two teams are playing on borrowed time: Paul & Kelly and Jenn & Maggie. It’s doubtful that either team would survive another plunge below the yellow line, but if they end up there together, I’d say Jenn & Maggie have a better chance than the latter team (people will only fear for Paul’s life for so long before they begin to fear for their own elimination).

That being said, Jackie & Dan are due a slow weight loss week, which Paul & Kelly can only hope for, because if Jackie & Dan fall below the line, they will be O-U-T!

I’ll predict…Bette-Sue & Ali will take the top spot in the weigh-in and earn the “Biggest Loser Team of the Week” title. Paul & Kelly will be out (Bob will smile and say, “That’s such a shame. I thought they’d go all the way. Let’s meditate on this.” Jillian will respond with, “Why are you sitting down while you’re telling me this? Get up and get back to work!!!”)

Jen on WifeSwap:

We’re due a filthy mom, aren’t we? Enough of the drill-sergeant mommies, we needa good, old-fashioned dirty mom. I predict a disgusting house in this episode.

Jen on Celebrity Apprentice:

With Gene Simmons gone, Piers’ ego will grow to epic proportions. He will be unable to hold himself back and will insult (in that British way, where people end up thankful for the insult) just about everyone that he can.

Again, this week we’ll see a guy go home, only this time from Team Hydra. The ladies will enjoy their first win and the guys will, unfortunately,lose either Tito or Trace.

The Donald will wear a pink tie this week. And a blue one.

Reality TV Magazine recaps all of these shows, and more. Check back throughout the week to read our writers’ recaps after the shows and see how we did.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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