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Growing up in Los Angeles, Lisa Kline has always had an interest in fashion. She knew from a young age that she wanted to have her own clothing boutique and followed fashion, joking that she was most likely one of the youngest subscribers ever to Vogue magazine.

Kline headed east to study fashion design at Syracuse University. Upon graduation she returned to Los Angeles and went back to retail while saving money and scouring the city to find the perfect location to launch her first boutique. At the time, Robertson Boulevard was not known for retail, but Kline had a hunch about it. Following her instinct, she opened her flagship Lisa Kline boutique there in 1995 and never looked back.

Since its opening, the Lisa Kline boutique has had a cult celebrity following, known for discovering new designers and featuring the latest trends well before anyone else. Building on this success the Lisa Kline Men store opened in 1999, followed by Lisa Kline Kids in 2003, both on chic Robertson Blvd., made popular by Lisa’s original namesake boutique.

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