Abby Lee Miller Proves Once Again Why She Is The Best In The Business

July 28, 2015 08:03:11 by Lisa Princ


Abby Lee Miller is definitely one of the more controversial reality stars these days, as some of her teaching tactics don’t sit well with viewers. But whether you love her or hate her, one thing is certain – Abby knows how to win (and get her way). And tonight, on Dance Moms Miller proved once again why she is the best in the business – even if it means being a tad bit manipulative.

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Face Off Premiere Slays Fans With Nightmare-Inducing Puppet (PHOTOS)

July 28, 2015 08:00:26 by Ryan Haidet


If the intro tease to this season is any sign of things to come, Face Off 9 should be really good! The fast flash of finished makeups within the opening sequence showcased impressive work — potentially some of the best I’ve ever seen from this reality TV monster mash makeup bash. But there was one makeup at the end of this premiere that seriously made me giggle like a 5-year-old boy before the debut hour ended on a dull, lame note. Seriously, you have to see this ridiculous alien creature.

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Tori Spelling’s Latest Shopping Spree Sparks Concern About Her Rumored Overspending

July 28, 2015 04:00:28 by Stephanie Gustafson

Tori Spelling films at 'Extra'

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are believed to be in the midst of some major financial drama, as evidenced by their regular yard sales and their decision to once again downsize their home. Dean is usually to blame for the marital problems featured on True Tori, but the family’s current financial issues appear to be fueled, in part, by Tori’s inability to cut back on her excessive spending.

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Chelsea Houska Joins The Teen Mom Waist Training Craze

July 28, 2015 03:00:16 by Stephanie Gustafson


Waist training is all the rage these days, with nearly the entire cast from Keeping Up With The Kardashians promoting trainers on Facebook and Instagram. The ladies from Teen Mom are also huge fans of waist training. Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry have all attempted to whittle down their waists with the help of various trainers, and now, Chelsea Houska has also joined the craze!

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Face Off 9: Meet The 16 New Contestants

July 28, 2015 01:06:43 by Ryan Haidet


It’s a milestone season for Face Off as the reality competition enters its ninth edition. This summer, the hit SyFy monster makeup battle will air its 100th episode — with a deadly love fest! It all starts when the first of 14 fresh episodes unleashes Tuesday, July 28 with 16 newbies vying for the title. We’ve got full bios, loads of images and more preview details about Face Off 9 inside!

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Kim Richards Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Is A Complete Phony

July 28, 2015 01:00:11 by Stephanie Gustafson


Lisa Vanderpump may be the queen bee of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but she still manages to attract her fair share of criticism. If anything, her status as queen bee guarantees that she will be constantly attacked by the housewives who refuse to suck up to her. For example, Kim Richards — who has mostly been quiet about the Real Housewives in the aftermath of her post-reunion meltdown — recently accused Lisa of being a big fat phony.

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Not Fake! Khloe Kardashian Quiets Her Haters With Unretouched Photo

July 28, 2015 10:00:55 by Stephanie Gustafson


Excessive photo retouching is par for the course these days, with plenty of already beautiful celebrities distorted whenever they pose for magazine photo shoots. As such, it was only natural for Khloe Kardashian’s haters to assume that a recent seductive shot featured in the August issue of Complex was altered. Turns out, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star really does look that good in real life!

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Andi Dorfman Sounds Off On Nick Viall’s Second Bachelorette Rejection

July 28, 2015 07:57:10 by Stephanie Gustafson


Nick Viall is one of the least-liked guys in the history of The Bachelorette, and yet, viewers couldn’t help but feel at least a little bit bad for the dude when he was rejected for a second time on national television. Even Andi Dorfman (who, upon seeing Nick once again on TV, advised Kaitlyn to “run fast”) appeared to have an ounce of sympathy for Nick, although she still made a point of congratulating Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth on their engagement.

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The Bachelorette After The Final Rose Recap: Looking For Closure

July 27, 2015 08:40:53 by Lisa Princ


Earlier tonight on The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe decided that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Shawn Booth, leaving Nick Viall with nothing but a broken heart. Would Nick finally get his closure on the After The Final Rose special? And would he and Shawn be able to hug and make amends?

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So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Nice Package!

July 27, 2015 08:26:44 by Stephanie Gustafson


The best thing about So You Think You Can Dance is seeing contestants expand beyond their comfort zone and excel. The worst thing is listening to Nigel Lythgoe drone on about growth while defending his decision to allow less than stellar dancers to stick around while better contestants go home. Suffice to say, tonight’s episode exemplified both the best and the worst of the show.

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