So You Think You Can Dance: Kathryn McCormick


All-Star Season 6 Top 3
Kathryn McCormick

While training in her home state of Georgia, Kathryn McCormick began to show from a young age that she had potential to dance at a professional level. Early on, she competed with Augusta West, her home studio, at national dance conventions. After she finished high school, she was invited to join Tremaine Dance Convention’s Apprentice Company, which provided her with opportunities to dance with established choreographers in many different styles. McCormick had the privilege of joining Tremaine for their Jazz Fest event in San Jose, Costa Rica, in 2008. There she was able to assist in workshop classes and to perform. Also while in Costa Rica, she had the opportunity to aid in mission work with Boy With a Ball ministries in Santo Domingo.

In late 2008, she won her first professional role as a supporting dancer in the “Fame” remake and moved to Los Angeles. After concluding filming for “Fame,” she went right back to training, focusing on a variety of dance styles.

Soon she performing with such noted choreographers as Doug Caldwell, Joelle Martinec, Nichelle Bane, Lillian Manansala, Mecca Vazie Andrews, and most recently, Tessandra Chavez. McCormick also joined the Urban Poets, a performing arts company based out of her church, Mosaic. With the Urban Poets, McCormick traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland, to dance in the production of “Scribble,” for the city’s acclaimed Fringe Festival. In addition to dancing, she has worked as a model for StagewearLA’s costume catalog.

In the latter part of 2009, Kathryn made her way onto the 6th season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. She won the honor of top female dancer for that season.

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