The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka


31-year-old Jake Pavelka is out to prove to the world that nice guys don’t finish last. No, they finish in love. Fasten your seatbelts and leave your relationship baggage at the door as this handsome commercial pilot from Dallas prepares to take flight as The Bachelor.

Jake Pavelka grew up in Denton, Texas and attended University of North Texas and Embry Engineering University for Aerospace Science. He discovered his passion for flying at a young age, as he started taking lessons at age 12. As an accomplished pilot, he became an airline captain flight instructor at 23. In his free time, he has fun flying acrobatic planes, taking dance lessons and woodworking at the home he owns near Dallas.

Jake longs to find that special someone who is intelligent, confident, energetic and spontaneous. He wants a best friend and soul mate. He also admits that he can’t wait for fatherhood. Hey, the family thing seems to be in his genes. Jake’s parents have had a long and happy marriage and he also has two happily married siblings, older brother Jason and younger brother Matt.

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