The Biggest Loser 9: Daris and Cheryl

the-biggest-loser-9-daris-cherylRelationship: Mother/Son

Status: Active
Age: 50
Height: 54″
Hometown: Ardmore, OK
Occupation: Owner, Sears Hometown Store

Cheryl gained her largest amount of weight after having three children in three years. Her family and husband’s family believe that get-togethers should center on eating. Cheryl thinks it is her turn, her chance to be thin and think of herself, and not feel guilty anymore about herself or her son’s weight. She would like to be able to go to the ranch and return home stronger, more confident and set an example for her grandchildren.

Status: Active
Age: 25
Height: 5’10″
Hometown: Ardmore, OK
Occupation: Deliveryman/Salesman

Daris was always an athlete and was always the big guy on the team. Daris took his size as a sign of strength by being a lineman and throwing shot put and discus, but was always self-conscious about his weight. He has never had a girlfriend, even though the girls give him plenty of attention because of his big curly hair and his funny t-shirts. He loves being the center of attention and making people laugh, but he has low confidence with women due to his weight. Daris wants to lose weight and prove to himself that he deserves one of those beautiful women that keep coming up and playing with his hair. Daris wants to be healthy and raise a family and live a long, happy life.

The Team: As competitive as they are, Cheryl and Daris always find themselves cheering for others to do well. Sometimes they butt heads with each other, but they always get the job done. There is nothing that this mother and son would not do for each other. Cheryl and Daris want this opportunity to improve their health and show everyone that losing weight and getting healthy is possible, no matter what weight you are.

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Photo credit: NBC

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