The Biggest Loser 9: James and John

the-biggest-loser-9-james-johnRelationship: Twin Brothers

Status: Eliminated
Age: 30
Height: 6’5″
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Occupation: Human Resources Director

Being twins has made James and John very competitive. This began at an early age, competing for everything from better grades in grade school to who can run the faster 40-yard dash in high school football practice. James’ weight is spiraling out of control and he can no longer participate in many of the activities he once enjoyed. James would love to be able to take his wife dancing or on long walks but is unable to do so in his current condition. His number one goal is to have a family and live a long life with them.

Status: Active
Age: 30
Height: 6’5″
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Occupation: Sr. Marketing Manager

John’s family is very close and a number of deaths in the family both past and recent continue to bind his family even closer. John no longer wants to use his family tragedies as an excuse to be overweight and wants more than anything to lose weight so he can be there for his family. Just knowing what it feels like to lose family members, makes John want to try even harder so his wife and child never have to feel that pain. He has lost 160 pounds in the past but gained back nearly 200 in a short period of time. His competitive side alone makes him want to lose even more weight than before and keep it off for good! John loves to compete against his twin brother and looks forward to competing with him.

The Team: John and James are naturally very competitive, being twins and growing up in a house with four older sisters. Just to stand out in such a large family took their competition to another level. James and John no longer want to use their past family tragedies as an excuse to be overweight. They instead want to push each other to make sure they are not the cause of any more family heartache. John and James will push each other, not only to lose weight, but also to win!

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