The Biggest Loser 9: Lance and Melissa

the-biggest-loser-9-lance-melissaRelationship: Married

Status: Active
Age: 38
Height: 6’3″
Hometown: Aspermont, TX
Occupation: LaRancher

Lance comes from a rural Texas farming and ranching family and was raised on meat and potatoes. Taught at a young age to finish everything on his plate, his conditioning as a child has followed him into adulthood and he cannot leave food on his plate, or anyone else’s. With a booming oil industry in 2004, Lance was in high demand as a commercial diver. The industry began to tighten up its standards and Lance continued to gain weight, soon finding himself out of a job. Lance’s weight has hindered his ability to earn income to support his family. Lance has the strength, stamina and determination to win the battle with his weight and begin to live a happy and healthy lifestyle, but he needs guidance on how to lose the weight.

Status: Active
Age: 39
Height: 5’6″
Hometown: Aspermont, TX
Occupation: Attorney

In her late teens and early twenties, Melissa was mostly healthy while actively involved in softball and daily workouts. Then she got married and packed on a full 40 pounds during the first three years of marriage, adding another 20 following the birth of her children. During law school, Melissa chose to eat out, rather than prepare healthy meals for her family. When it comes to her clients and the courtroom, Melissa lets nothing stand in her way. Yet, when it comes to the gym, Melissa finds every excuse not to go. Losing weight will help Melissa obtain a life-long goal and develop a new lifestyle of fitness. Melissa’s tenacity and sheer determination provide the mental capability to achieve her weight-loss goal, but she needs help making the most of her emotional and physical capabilities as well.

The Team: As the parents of two great kids, Lance and Melissa set very poor examples for their children when it comes to health and fitness. Evenings at the Morgan house consist of take-out, video games and hours of television. Lance and Melissa realize that now is the time to make the changes that will affect the lives of their family — forever.

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