The Biggest Loser 9: Migdalia and Miggy

the-biggest-loser-9-migdalia-miggyRelationship: Mother/Daughter

Status: Active
Age: 48
Height: 5’9″
Hometown: Pemberton, NJ
Occupation: Chef

Miggy was raised in New York and was relocated by her mother and stepfather to Puerto Rico as a teen. She was married and divorced by the age of 17. She tried her best to “never cry for the kids or for myself.” Miggy’s weight has fluctuated as much as her career changes. Her previous occupations have been a farmer, ceramic technician, hairdresser, and most recently, a police officer — and she was rewarded “Police Officer Woman of the Year” four times. More than anything, Miggy wants to show and prove to the Hispanic community that they can lose weight and be healthy.

Status: Active
Age: 28
Height: 5’9″
Hometown: Sanford, NC
Occupation: Homemaker

Migdalia is a mother’s daughter. She is quick-tempered and says exactly what is on her mind, which can lead to disagreements. Nevertheless, they are best friends who have overcome a lot in life. She and her family grew up in poor conditions and never consistently had food or electricity. One of the toughest obstacles in her life was moving from Puerto Rico to the U.S. and having to adjust to the language barrier. Migdalia has not always been overweight. With the stresses of being a military wife whose husband recently came back from deployment in Iraq and may be sent back in early fall, Migdalia has overindulged in non-healthy food choices, leading to rapid weight gain. She also recently had her second child.

The Team: Miggy and Migdalia are a lively Puerto Rican mother/daughter team. They are strong willed and add a competitive edge to everything in life. “Migdalia” means “Indian Warrior Leader and Flower.” Miggy has made sure that the name and its meaning are passed on to her children and grandkids. The lessons learned on the show would not only be incorporated into their daily lives and passed on to their family members, but also save them from worsening medical problems.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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