Top 10 Hottest Reality TV Showmances: Brigitte Neilsen And Flavor Flav From The Surreal Life


Brigitte Neilsen and Flavor Flav bonded on VH1 show ‘The Surreal Life’. When the series ended, the cameras followed their relationship in a spin-off show “Strange Love” … and boy was it ever. The pair screamed, yelled, and fought their way to a 2005 break-up, which promptly ended their show. In January ’08, Brigitte was a part of VH1′s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew for alcohol addiction. The following May, Brigitte had her own reality tv show Celebrity Makeover: Brigitte Nielsen in Italy, which followed her through six plastic surgeries.

# 4 Tim Urban and Nicole D’Ambrosio from The Apprentice

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